Ghost Ship Glitches

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Joined: 08/21/2016

So far my experience with the new Ghost ships is very poor.


I've fought them about 7 times, and all of which glitched and did not take any damage.


Some wouldnt take any at all. and would freeze in place forever.

And then others would get so far down in its health bar and then just randomly stop taking damage, and freeze in place?

I've even got so far as getting one down to 4 health for it just to stop working...


The ship will appear to get damaged physically. But it is impossible to destroy it once it glitches.


This had made it very difficult to get the new candies.


Here is a screenshot I took the other day.

You can see its been hit by the -9 damage. And yet, its health bar is full.

Computer: PC (Laptop)

Operating System: Windows 10

Web Browser:Google Chrome

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: Just shooting the ship.

When did the error happen?

Since the update for dreadfall started.



Me and xeno!