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Whether you’re a long-time dragon trainer or a Viking just beginning their journey, we welcome you to the start of an epic adventure! Join us for what lies ahead in the legendary Dreadfall event!
First things first, this year’s Dreadfall will be extremely different from previous ones. This one will far exceed Vikings’ expectations due to its many rewards and surprises. Dreadfall will put every Vikings’ skill to the test as they will have to brave determination, focus, and hard work. Above all, Vikings will have to leave fear behind to achieve this never-before seen adventures! 
Vikings will have the chance to take part in all-new daily and storyline quests, Thunder Run Races, and daily battles in hopes of earning candy. Candy will be awarded each time an activity is completed, but warning, different activities will give you a different amount of candies. Once a Viking has collected a certain amount of candies, they can check if it’s enough to exchange them for a sweet Dreadfall reward! This can be done by clicking on the icon on the left side of the screen, Vikings will be able to keep track of rewards and trade in their candy. Rewards will be awarded in a tier-like basis meaning the more candy a Viking earns, the more valuable the prize!
So, for those Vikings setting out to earn every reward out there, well they’re in luck. Every quest, battle, and race can be completed an unlimited amount of times. That means putting in work for the top prizes!
Some rewards that Vikings can expect are:
1. Dragons
2. Flight Suits
3. Swords
4. Shields
5. Masks
6. Statues
7. Glow Potions
AND possibly look forward to a few more surprises along the way!
Viking will be able to earn candy starting today,  October 10th, and ending on October 31st, but Vikings will still have the chance to exchange those sweets for some last-minute Dreadfall items until November 3rd. So, don’t let time run out because the end will come sooner than you think! Head down to campus to fulfill the ultimate Dreadfall experience! 
Best of Luck!
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Kinda unfair..

Um.. this is a great idea.. but what about the people who have to wait for the update. it seems unfair that other people can get a headstart on this, some vikings might not be able to get the update for a few days.


Leaving the forums for a while. I'll only come online to read a PM if I got one.

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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

Okay, I am so hyped for this new update! I think you really outdone yourself this time and I predict I'm going to have a lot of candy gathering in the next days!
Although, I have an issue with the dreadfall exchange tab. Or I'm most likely doing something wrong, because somehow I'm unable to drag my items anywhere. Could you please help me figuring out what am I missing?


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^This is what happened when I was stuck in the Speedstingers maze in the latest expansion.^

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I discovered that it seems you have to click and hold for a short while before it will start dragging.  Try that. :)


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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!

you my friend, are officially one of my new favourite people!

thank you for your help!

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What is it with all the subject-stealing dragons around here?

Aw, thanks.  And you're welcome! ^_^

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Happy Halloween!

Will be tracking this for references.



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I don't mean to come across as sounding like a spoiled brat or anything but I'm not exactly fond of the fact that gems have been removed from the daily bonus. I know you can get gems from battles and stable quests but you're not guaranteed to get gems from battles and I've been consistently doing stable quests ever since the max dragon level was raised to 50 to level up my 100+ dragons which means I can't trash my stable quests several times a day looking for gem stable quests. The daily bonus was my most heavily relied on way of collecting gems right now and I'm sure I'm not the only one like this. Newer players who don't have a lot of dragons to complete stable quests and people who don't spend money on the game rely on the daily bonus as well. It really helps out if you're having an unlucky streak getting gems from battles and stable quests. If you guys do this event again next year, please consider having 2 daily bonuses- the regular one and the Dreadfall one.


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Tracking for reference! It seems the creators have really outdone themselves with thus dreadfall's update!








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Can somebody tell me how I

Can somebody tell me how I can access the new Dreadfall Battle Tactics levels? I don't know how to unlock them. :( It says I need to complete a tutorial but not sure where and how.

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Interesting new update. AND ERMERGERSH THE DERGONS I WANT THEM but chances are I'll run out of time before I can get them o( ̄┰ ̄*)ゞ


Question. I went to do the Dreadfall Tactics, but it won't let me, even after I have thoroughly completed the tutorial. Do we have to start a quest first in order to actually access the Dreadfall Tactics? I'm pretty sure I do... but just checking. 



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How do I throw objects I own into a potion thing to convert it to candy? It tells me to drag the item but I can't click on anything....


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Click+hold = item will let

Click+hold = item will let you drag it. :)

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Nope. It just scrolls the screen down a bit...


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150,000 is a lot of

150,000 is a lot of candies...

I hope it's doable! But I'll try my best!





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I thought it was doable

I thought it was doable because of how many candies were given out on the first days due to the main story quests

but as we've all realized since, it's actually NOT doable

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Ready to Ignite the Dark Skies

Candies in trade, woohooo! I am excited for this new adventure and hopefully the app store may soon have the Update for SoD available. I can't wait and I am filled with determination!



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Patty (Baby Shockjaw) -Lvl 9. || Darigh (Baby SandWraith) -Lvl 10. Rescued.

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Feral (Adult Crimson Goregutter) -Lvl 50. || Ziggy (Adult Speed Stinger) -Lvl 18.

Gecko (Adult Flame Whipper) -Lvl 11. Quest. || Puggy (Adult HotBurple) -Lvl 12. Rescued.

Shinsharp (Adult Razorwhip) -Lvl 23. || Evanescent (Adult Sentinel) -Lvl 50.

Terrador (Adult Screaming Death) -Lvl 50. || Gisby (Adult Hobgobbler) -Lvl 13. Quest.

Fridson (Adult Silver Phantom) -Lvl 21. || Helios (Adult ScuttleClaw) -Lvl 30.

Breeze (Adult Deatchsong) -Lvl 16. Quest. || Scound (Adult Triple Strike) -Lvl 11. Quest.

Toothless (Adult Night Fury) -Lvl 50. || Pouncer (Baby Nightlight) -Lvl 50.

Ruffrunner (Baby Nightlight) -Lvl 50. || Lightfury (Adult Llightfury) -Lvl 50.

Tungor (Teen Speed Stinger) -Lvl 9. || Sprint (Baby Skirill) -Lvl 6. Rescued.

Dark Cleanse. (Teen Typhoomerang) -Lvl 14. Rescued. || Boomba (Baby Screaming Death) -Lvl 3. Rescued.

Lime (Baby ScuttleClaw) -Lvl 5. Rescued. || Crest (Adult RumbleHorn) -Lvl 10.

Mound (Adult Changewing) -Lvl 11. Rescued. || Deprave (Adult StormCutter) -Lvl 34.

Zale (Adult Shivertooth) -Lvl 12. || Ensconced (Adult Timberjack) -Lvl 21.

Karlile (Adult Windwalker) -Lvl 12. || Finak (Adult Buffalord) -Lvl 11.

Reek (Adult Dramillion) -Lvl 11. || External (Adult ShovelHelm) -Lvl 10.

Challenger (Adult Grim Gnasher) -Lvl 10. || Shray (Adult Moldruffle) -Lvl 10.

Money Grabber (Titan Terrible Terror) -Lvl 20. || Rythm (Adult Smothering Smokebreath) -Lvl 10.

FennekinAlpha (Adult SnowWraith) -Lvl 10. || Melyboat (Teen Slithersong) -Lvl 6.

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Sh. 2020-04-18 by TheMysticFlight



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No raid notification, boat got away. Great job, mods!!

Hey great job taking the notification feature away


for the dreadfall events, mods, SUCH a great





If you can't tell, I'm a bit salty XD I waited FOREVER at the stupid training grounds for a boat raid and figured Id go do a few quests (Without entering races or tatics, so that I could get the notification of when a raid starts)

and BIG SURPRISE, once I got a quest done, I went to the training grounds just to double check and the boat raid had already started, with only 3 people there, and it was almost gone. Great. Got 10 candies. Woo hoo.

Thanks mods.


you suck dragon dung



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Swoopin' In!

While this update is great, Kiki's got a point: This isn't really fair for players who can't get the update due to their app store not providing it (most notoriously Google Play but maybe there's other app stores with a similar issue that I'm not aware of yet). And with the weekend nearing and the update still nowhere in sight for many, I fear Android players will have to wait until Monday to start earning candies. . .hopefully I'm wrong on that because I miss doing battle events (they're now waaay too laggy to do on the PC version of the game, at least for me). xD Not to mention, even if you are fortunate enough to play the game on a different platform, there's quite a few issues like "your progress can't be synced with our server" error showing up during the Dreadfall event quests and one of the Dreadfall DT levels freezing (I haven't gotten that far in it myself but seeing the issue floating around makes me not want to risk it), meaning less [reliable] candy methods at the moment. Hopefully this can all get fixed in a reasonable timeframe. ^^; That all being said. . .


I wonder if the Skrillknapper and Dreadstrider (maybe other potential hybrids will come along the way? I'm liking the TU route things are taking so far) will be available in the stores [again]? Or if they'll ever be acquireable outside of Dreadfall, let alone if more than one of each species could be obtained. Ah, the mysteries of Dreadfall. . .ooo, I wonder if Snoggletog will bring in some festive hybrids of their own now. :o Maybe even the appearance of the long-awaited Snoggletog Wraith (might be a bit of a stretch but we've seen things from Ludia in the game and I think vice versa)? Hmm. . .


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"How are you all holding up over there?"


Zzzzzzz. . .


"eme [this is a face by the way] Is this where you've been this whole time?" (He came swimming up to me while I was at the Training Grounds)



Raito and Doctor Alex, both drawn by me!



Sorry Dagur but I don't think the General agress with that "clever as a Skrill" statement. . .



. . .it's a bit difficult watching for danger when you can't get near the telescope.


He checked on the gigantic Hobblegrunt babies a billion times before finally moving forward. -_- Those Hobblegrunt parents were NOT happy.


A very happy General Moonlight. . .or angry. No one can say for sure.


Papa no, don't--aaannd it's too late.




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"*Banshee screech* You look so cute!" - Comet Burst

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Than you kasane
Thank you kasane... You just pretty much every issue I have!! My side viking can do the valka quest.. but not my main viking (which I have been putting alot of effort on) I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice now.. second you guys switched the start stable quest and replace button.  I keep losing good quests by accidentally hitting the wrong button.
I know there's bigs in games.. but it seems like this is..crazy. I hope you guys look into this before the weekend. I play on the Kindle and I keep getting process not saved on my valka dreadfall quest for the tactics

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Leaving with love and warmth in my heart

Thanks for the memories  


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Indeed, No Update Yet

It's true, I have been waiting for the update for about a day and a half so I may get the game up and running again. I do hope that the app store and google play provide it soon, unless it's the mods that haven't yet taken part or are still in the making. It is unfair that others have already recieved countless candies and prizes while the ones in waiting are slightly abashed as to why we haven't been able to update it yet. Rn, for most ios devices, the app store or google play is still nonexistent for this update.

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Oh man I feel really guilty

Oh man I feel really guilty playing(non sarcastic btw),  I really hope this get fixed quick and doesn't draw out like other updates.. I mean a whole lot of players are on Android, ergo money lost to them. I hope they at least compensate you guys. ರ╭╮ರ  

Fingers crossed tomorrow for the ones that can't play that comes through tomorrow

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Okaay. One fourth of the

Okaay. One fourth of the event time has already passed and there's still no update. Are you kidding? Of course the main players are kid, they don't even suspect, that in this case developers have to apologize and somehow compensate almost a week without update, nah. Couldn't they just hold the timer until all platforms finally receive update.