Get the Chance to Train the incredible Skrillnapper!

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Dreadfall treats and surprises have come a long way this season but only a few Vikings have been able to train the incredible Skrillnapper! The first of its kind and the rarest dragon Vikings will ever get the chance to train!
As Hiccup and Astrid roamed around the deep corners of New Berk searching for old scraps to use on Hiccups new armor project, they suddenly heard a shuffle behind the bush. Already spooked out during Dreadfall season, they imagined this was another a prank from their old pals Tuff and Ruff, but no one seemed to give up on the joke. Realizing it wasn’t the twins, Hiccup and Astrid cautiously walked closer when out stumbled a dragon. Unaware of its kind, they asked help from Fishlegs but he didn’t know the answer either. Eager to learn more about the dragon, Hiccup took it upon himself to train him. Fishlegs joined Hiccup and after careful studying, Fishlegs was able to determine this was a hybrid dragon between a Skrill and a Boneknapper. By being a hybrid, it holds similar traits to these two dragons, and both Dragon Riders were ecstatic at realizing they had discovered a new species!  
This dragon is highly intelligent and possesses various powers, from high electric bolts to hot fiery bursts. They have a powerful body protected by bone armor, able to create electric charges, and has high amounts of strength; this dragon combines the most impressive traits of a Skrill and a Boneknapper. They love to take flight during dark and stormy nights and can keep soaring amongst the clouds with their high amount of stamina. They have certainly been an incredible discovery for all Dragon Trainers around!
For only a limited-time Hiccup has allowed the incredible Skrillnapper to roam campus for Vikings to earn and train during the exclusive Dreadfall event. Head to School to collect enough candy to win the ultimate reward this Dreadfall season and be amongst the first Dragon Trainers to train the powerful Skrillnapper! 
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The event is fun itself but the only complaint I have is the level bug.







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I second that. I was so close to level 50. :/


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Hello when will the update

Hello when will the update come to Google Play? Anyways great dragon and an amazing update!

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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

Already got mine! I kinda rushed on things and so I have almost no gems xD

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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

Such a fitting joke yet I laughed xD *Le claps*


And das a boi, Cerbere meh boi :3

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The dragon itself is cool. But could you maybe drastically improve the stats..? Its garbage in both battle and racing. It should at least be good at something considering its limited, hard to get, and a hybrid. 


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...So it pretty much just

...So it pretty much just looks cool? Jeeze. I do like it but I highly doubt my chances of earning it, and now that I know it can't really do much, I'm not sure if it's worth buying to me. (By buying I mean spending a bunch of gems to earn it since I think that's the only way I, personally, would be able to get it in time.)

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This is from Silverwillow


This is from Silverwillow btw. She did a review on it and its trash... It just turns good and that's all it has going for it. It does 13 damage in battle and has a shot limit of 6 with garbage speed and acceleration in racing.