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Is anyone coming from germany wants to meet me in the game? Or maybe want to be my friend?


Instagram: HicksDerHune



                                          VƖKƖƝG ƝAMЄ: ӇƖƇKSƊЄƦӇUƝЄ

                                          FƦƖЄƝƊ ƇOƊЄ: 3ӇFƳX
                                          ƇLAƝ: BЄƦK AƇAƊЄMƳ ƦЄƬUƦƝЄƊ




                                             banner made by NightFuryLover


We are ready for any challenge with our flight suits on and our dragons ready.
We eagerly go headfirst into the Fireball Frenzy & the Thunder Run. We learn about SoD and Dragons themselves, because Knowledge is the key! So grab your saddle, put on your gear, and take flight with us in the...
Berk Academy Returned !!!




Instagram: @hicksderhune



                                      gifs made by Joandra

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Yasy Nihat
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Do you have Instagram??

Do you have Instagram??


TygerLily (level 16 viking)

Title:  'Berk's Power Player'


Skystorm (level 20 deadly nadder)








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Panasuang Sakkarp
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HiI'm not from germany but I


I'm not from germany but I study deutsch. Would you mind being friend with me?



Panasuang Sakkarp   

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Yes cool

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Panasuang Sakkarp
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friend code : 2K6HPfacebook :

friend code : 2K6HP

facebook : Panasuang Sakkarp

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I am from Germany./Ich bin

I am from Germany./Ich bin aus Deutschland. I should look which friend code I have...

It would be cool, if you could seek vikings, so you could see which viking is from your country.


I'm from Germany and still learning english, so... Sorry for grammar/vocabulary mistakes! :)


Viking: Stjarna

Name: Stella

Age: 14

Country: Germany

Birthday: January 20th

Dragons: Sunna, Dreki

Breed: Deadly Nadder, Whispering Death

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I'm from germany as well,

I'm from germany as well, living in Saxony/Sachsen. Isn't it great how many people from different countries you can meet here? It's a great community indeed!

So yeah, if you want to exchange friend codes and want to stay in contact, don't hesitate to send me a note!

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ich kann deutsch

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I am also german and just

I am also german and just started a guild for german players :)

if anyone is interested? there is no greater rule for the guild, just be nice to each other and have fun :)


my code: CJWCU4

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Guten tag von Deutschland 



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Heyho, ich bin auch deutsch.

Heyho, ich bin auch deutsch. Code: CRWMRN ; Name: StellaMontague

Do add me! Yey!


Join the Elementals Roleplay!

All of my adoptables! <--Click here!

Special offer for this week: Your very own Ore Fury! Limited edition!

I am a lucid dreamer!

I am german!


I am against hacking! Legends never fall!

(gif by me, don´t use)

My sister is the leader of the Stormdancers! (I am now a Forgotten Racer! Yey!)

Banner by hgsg903 (Cacie Black)


Silberstreif! My second Night Fury, adopted from OwlsBane/OwlMoonFire, a very good friend who had to stand a great loss. We found Silberstreif and her brother in the mountains near Berk.

Blade and Silberstreif immediately made friends - they romp the whole day together. Silberstreif is very curious and exited about every little stone and grasspile and so on... I mean, I really love her, but it is sometimes a little bite... well... annoying? But then I think one can´t just be annoyed by such a cute little dragon and we´re good friends, so I don´t mind anything. :D

(by me)


(gif made by me; those are Storm, Ghost, Dancer, Ocean, Wind, Expugnator, Majesty and Crystal from my fanfic)


My adopted wolf Silverstar! He is a very free soul, and often found in the woods. And not very protective about me, what I feel both glad and worried about. ;) Adopted from the amazing MidnightMare.


Majesty, Stormcutter (edit by me)

"No matter who wins, everyone will lose. This is war. Today we witness the end of the world."

Ladon, Flightmare (Edit by me)

"I am the bright in the darkness. I am the watcher on the hills. My flight will bring the dawn. My roar will wake the sleepers. My claws will defend the realms of men."


Stormdancer, Skrill

"How could one be frightened if he is a thunderborn? How could one be fearful? How could one be forlorn? How could one ever be scared if he dances in the storm? Our wings will carry us - we will carry on!"


Titan, Typhoomerang

"It´s never easy - and if it is, you´re doing it wrong."


Thor, Thunderdrum

"If they won´t listen to my words, they will listen to my roar!"


Levita and Leviatha, my first dragon, Hideous Zippleback

"Teamwork" - "Is overrated!"


Maximus, Monstrous Nightmare

"I like food."


Amber, Gronckle

"A gem doesn´t need to shine to be beautiful - beauty is in it´s taste."


Ascarthia, Scauldron (edit by me)

"The ocean is not big enough for all the fish it holds... Maybe we should eat some of them?"


Echo, Whispering Death

"Digging is art."


Young Escarbot, Rumblehorn

"Maybe I´m a bug, but I´m not buggy at all."


Nessie, Raincutter

"I´m not clumsy! I´m just... eh... Not used to walk at land!"


Bolt, Skrill

"I am electricity. Electricity is power. I am pure power!"


Ocean, Stormcutter (My main racing dragon, edit by me)

"It´s not about winning or losing. It´s about to keep trying."


Ace, Nadder

"I get every Nadder-girl I want - I am the Ace of hearts!"


Catalysm, Nadder

Sometimes all you need is a little push..."


Chess, Nadder (my main adventuring dragon, edit by me)

"Friendship isn´t about whom you´ve known the longest. It´s about who you call when you don´t know what to do."


Cinder, Boneknapper (edit by me)

"I don´t understand those humans. I´m clueless, really! All you need is a tasty fish and a wide, blue sky... Why be greedy? I have all I need."


Doux, Thunderdrum

"The big ones must be very careful to not step on the smaller ones. I told Timide (Terrible Terror) to not play beneath my feet, but he won´t listen! He once fell asleep there, and I couldn´t move for an hour!"


Icarus, Monstrous Nightmare

"We fly to high for you to see..."


Ignis, Whispering Death

"There is fire within."


Nickle, Rumblehorn

"Hope is just desire for a better future to come."


Phantom, Changewing

"We disappear... Then unite like shadows!"


Princess, Fireworm Queen

"To rule is easy... For a princess, to govern is, too."


Stardust, Smokebreath

"I disappear in dust - I become dust. The smoke of fallen stars."


Snow, Screaming Death

"Touch her once and you won´t be able to touch her again!"


Blue, Gronckle

"Yeah that Gronckle-appreciation-week-thing... I was like a topmodel. That felt good."


Galaxy, Skrill

"Do you remember that - um - That Fireworm thing? When you drew us? I mean - I´m sure Galaxy twinkled. I think she likes me... :D"


Sparktail, Thunderdrum

"I was born to fly. I was born to soar."


Caelia, Nadder

*sniff* *sniff* "Um, Sera? Was that you?"


Volcan, Smokebreath

"I swam in lava - you can´t even touch it, you softy!"


Cascade, Scauldron

"It´s beautiful down there in the reefs... Like a garden, underwater."


Raindrop, Scauldron

"And when it rains, does Odin cry?"


Buttercup, Nadder

(playing hide and seek)

"I´m a flower... You can´t see me, I´m a flower..."



Nemesis (Tide glider)

"The night is nigh and it is mine."


Herkules, Montrous Nightmare

"May I now set you on fire?"


Angel, Smokebreath

"Careful! Don´t step on that flower."


Charcoal, Gronckle

"I like it when things burn."


Chimaera, Thunderdrum

"Beeing the youngest one is hard."


Ghost, Stormcutter

"This plan is impossible. You´re insane. And I´m defintily with you."


Bubble, Hotburple (yeah, you knew it by the name. Almost every Hotburple is named Bubble. Typical.)

"You don´t need to be a fast flyer if you have other qualities."


Damian, Monstrous Nightmare

"Do you have more of this... Um, chocolate?"


Samantha, Scuttleclaw

"Sometimes I think I´m a Nadder, but then again I remember I´m a Scuttleclaw."


an amazing drawing by Snowflake!

Ninja, Sand Wraith

"I´m a ninja. I´m invisible, silent, accurate. I´m a killer."


by Snowflake, again! You are very talented, my friend! :D

Skydancer, Sand Wraith

"Wherefore the sky when not to dance?"


Aaaand my Night Fury OC Crystal (and his rider Lily), drawn by me:

Crystal edit by me:

"We will die. All of us. But not today."


My Night Fury Blade (edits by me):


(Alpha glow)

"Her name is Sera and I´m her friend. We are the night!"


I found a Night Fury with an exoskeleton, shattered and full of scars... Akira. She doesn´t trust anyone she doesn´t know well, but I was able to touch her heart. Akira is overly protective and I love her very much. <3

This is my first sketch of her.

"Beeing playful is a nice description for beeing immature."


I am a proud owner of a Night Fury! (In Flight Club...)

Do you see that his shadow falls in the direction of the torch? :D

I have all dragons in Flight club! I especially love the extra levels of the Night Fury, but also of the Nadder! I less like the Timberjack and the Whispering Death, but I´m glad I got to know them!


My Fanfiction: (all in german)

My Deviantart:

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