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Welcome to General Suggestions 3.0! There won't be many for this one since the ones I was thinking about literally just popped into my head.


1. Mystery dragon egg chest; I think most people can agree with me on this one. Earlier today, I opened my (monthly?) mystery dragon egg chest and couldn't wait to see what I got! I picked the card I felt most drawn to, but, guess what. Surprise surprise, it was a dragon I already have. I felt genuinely disappointed, no joke. It was heartbreaking to see an egg go to waste. But this is where the dragon releasing and egg selling comes in handy!!!


Sorry for such the short suggestion list but this was all I could really come up with. Cya! 


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We will rise, charged as the storms we were birthed from. We will obliterate our enemies, just as they obliterated us.

-The Horizon Storm



In my fury, I am still merciful. In my serenity, I am still as deadly as a midnight storm. 





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Proud Strike fan!



Related image



Proud Fury fan!



A few NF pics for your satisfaction :D


Image result for wild night fury








Image result for wild night fury




Image result for wild night fury




Image result for night fury



(None of which are mine, of course)






Favorite dragons



Strike Class- all of them!

Tidal Class- scauldron, tide glider, sand wraith, sea shocker, thunderdrum

Stoker Class- night terror, singetail, typhoomerang, flame whipper, silver phantom, hobblegrunt

Sharp Class- timberjack, stormcutter, razorwhip, prickleboggle

Mystery Class- smothering smokebreath, armorwing, boneknapper, flightmare, death song

Tracker Class- all of them!

Boulder Class- eruptodon, groncicle, hotburple



My dragons (main account)



SunFire- male sand wraith (rescue dragon)

Lightning Storm- male skrill (main/hatchery dragon)

Toothless- male night fury

Levyna- female flame whipper

Alpha- male singetail

Guardian- male eruptodon

Nightstorm- male night terror

Cavalier- male razorwhip

Orchestra- female death song

Glacier Moon- male groncicle

Knight- male armorwing

Protector- male prickleboggle

Ghost Rider- male boneknapper

Mistletoe- female shivertooth



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Can't wait for this amazing dragon!

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I mostly enjoy writing originals instead of fanfics (mostly because I'm working on my third one in my entire life).

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I can sort of relate to this.

I can sort of relate to this. I was on one of my other vikings when I noticed I had run out of stable space. Since it's not my main viking, I'm not really thrilled with the idea of having to spend gems for another stable. There are at least two dragons I found myself wishing I could release for coins or something, anything for the extra room!


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(License made by AniuRavenwolf) 


 Viking Name: DragonQueenofBerk

Level: 35

Main Dragon: Zinc

Species: Male Titan Razorwhip

Clan: The Dragon Guard

Position: Leader


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Dragons from the Expansion

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