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I know exactly what you're thinking; ANOTHER ONE ALREADY?! Yes, another one. I made this particular list at midnight last night (right after the first one ;D). Enjoy!


1. Toothless tail changeout; maybe, along with Toothless' tail decor in the Hideout at the Edge, we can change his tail based on those tails for the "perks," such as agility, etc.

2. Special egg discounts; now this is one of those where I expect the developers to halt completely in their tracks and screech a blatant no. Well, I may have been overreacting a bit. But I think we all (especially non-members) can agree that egg prices are CRAZY high. 750 gems for ONE egg?! For a non-member, they'd either have to save it up with daily gems for like, several weeks, or purchase $10.00 worth of gems. The problem with saving gems is that you'll have to save an additional 240-300 gems to get a stable. So, with the special egg discounts, it puts less stress on everyone. (special egg discounts should not be daily, but could last for a few days to give everyone a chance).

3. We go on Stable quests WITH our dragons; this may sound stupid because Stable quests are specifically for our dragons. Well, what if the occasional quest popped up that needed both dragon and rider? Those quests could give rewards of a dragon egg, a stable, or gems. AND they could be non-member. It could be an extra way to get a few more gems, another stable, and a new dragon (that we may or may not already have).

4. Toothless Alpha Mode 24/7; okay, so I watched HTTYD 2 yesterday because I hadn't seen it in a while and I noticed that when Toothless was getting angry at the Bewilderbeast, the blue on his back glowed brighter with each moment. And after the Bewilderbeast plunged back into the ocean, his glow disappeared because he wasn't angry anymore. What I'm trying to say is, in the game, is Toothless mad all the time? It sounds crazy, but just think about it for a few minutes . . .

5. Underwater dragon races; this is very similar to the outrage for speedstinger races. Underwater dragon races could be specifically for Tidal class dragons (especially since Tidal class dragons, and Boulder class, aren't a popular class, other than the sand wraith). Thornado's Flight Club things remind me of this.

6. Tidal class dragons can come WITH you underwater; in the area Explore the Sea, I find it weird that we're only exploring the surface of the water. Why can't we go under with a diving helmet (like the one in Secret of the Leviathan) and be able to swim around with our Tidal class dragons? 

7. Once you get an egg for gems, it costs coins to get another one; yes, I'm comparing this idea to Animal Jam. When I used to play Animal Jam, you could buy an animal in the Diamond Shop and get another one for coins (in their case, their version of coins are called gems). This could go for the Stables too. 


Thanks for taking your time to read (yet another) list of my suggestion ideas! Comment what you think!




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8. A tab on Thunder Run Racing to join a friend's racing room.






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I really like these ideas! Especially 1 and 3 (I just love the flying and the exploring =3).


I agree with 2. Like with the Skrill egg discount: I had 500 gems from my membership and I used all of them to Titan-up my Flightmare, and one day later there was that discount... If I was one day later I'd use the gems to buy the Skrill egg and Titan-up my dragon in the second month of my membership, but well.... it wasn't one day later and now I don't have the gems and now the discount has also expired and... yeah... nevermind.... XD

I'm not so sure about 7. I'd like to have cheaper eggs, but if they would cost like 3000-4000 coins (like the UDT-dragon eggs) it would be quite easy to get an egg, and perhaps a little too easy. Maybe it sounds weird, but I kinda like the challenge to get enough gems to buy a dragon egg (although 750 gems is quite expensive).

I think that if you already have a dragon it costs like 200-400 gems to buy another one. It's much cheaper, but you still need to save gems to get one.


Suggestion 3 is my favourite. Going on adventures with your dragon and getting awesome rewards and being able to do the same quests again and again (instead of dragon&viking quests you can only do once)? I'd definitely say yes!! I think that if this suggestion will be added to the game these quests will be quite rare, because the rewards are not really cheap and easy to get without buying stuff with real money.


But like I said: great suggestions! I hope some of these will be added to the game!




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