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These are a few suggestions I listed on my phone (sorry if you can't do this or if it's overwhelming)



1. Fly upside down; sounds weird, I know, but it would make the dragons slightly more agile. If this can't happen, that's 100% OK.

2. More rescued dragon options; I am a "veteran" player. I have been on this game since it came out (but my original account was lost unfortunately). I have seen an unnatural incline of sand wraiths, rumblehorns, and shockjaws. Especially sand wraiths. No hate toward the tidal class dragons, but for me, I now hardly see ANY dragon besides a sand wraith (I have a sand wraith myself, but I mainly use my Hatchery dragon; a skrill). Some dragons I have NEVER seen be used by players except for myself (the night terror, for instance). There are even a few dragons I have never seen that I don't have (for example, the catastrophic quaken, the sweet death, the buffalord, the moldruffle, the mudraker, etc.). 

3. Maybe two more options for Hatchery dragons? For non-members, of course, to keep diversity in the game.

4. Bigger Berk? Sounds crazy, but in one of the Flight Club Toothless things (I can't remember which one), Berk seemed a whole lot bigger. A WHOLE LOT. Sorry if this is a too much to ask for suggestion, I just think it would be cool to see how big Berk really is.

5. Toothless' saddle; okay, to be honest, I just came up with this one a few minutes ago, but now that I think about it, it has started driving me crazy how the game makes it seem that Toothless can fly without his saddle. The Defenders saddle may totally intercept this idea, I get it, but last time I checked, Toothless cannot fly without his saddle. Another thing about it . . . does the game make his saddle seem ornamental? Like it's supposed to be a decoration? I'm not trying to slap you guys in the face about this, but what I mean is what about all the mechanisms that attach the stirrup of the saddle to his tail that actually ALLOW him to fly? They aren't even on the saddle! Once again, not trying to make this a hard-hitter, I'm just trying to point this out. 

6. Maybe, like Toothless' saddle, there can be Stormfly's saddle, or Meatlug's saddle; this also sounds pretty weird, but it would also be really cool.

7. This may sound like a rhetorical question, but maybe a Bewilderbeast quest? Although it kind of seems hard to do (with the storyline hinting HTTYD 3 spoilers), so this is one of the suggestions that can be a blatant no.



Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope that the admins consider this! More may come in the furture (depending on the toleration of my absurd ideas :D).




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I think that those are very good suggestions and i would like to see them in the game. And with your first one, maybe they ca add dragon tricks for each different dragon or something ;)











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