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I currently have 113 gems, but when I logged in yesterday I had way more, around 412 if i recall correctly.  I logged in this morning and my gems drastically decreased. Im hoping there is something that I can do to fix this issue. I have tried logging out, rinstalling, and restarting my computer as a whole, as well as deleting any cache I had. Thanks in advance








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Did your gems go back to 113? That's happened to me a couple times, where my gems would be doubled/quadrupled on display. It would act as the original amount, so maybe that happened to you? Spending gems or restarting the game reverts the gems to normal.


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Yes they did! It sucks if I

Yes they did! It sucks if I never really did have the 400  gems! I hope that thats not the case. Thank you so much for the help though!