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Here is a list of a few things I'd like to see in SOD

  • cashing in coins for gems: you can buy coins with gems so why not the other way around? It'd be really cool to see this happen as it's really hard to get coins unless you have the money to spend on a membership or gems, which most players in this game do not have.
  • dragon armor: in RTTE, toothless and hookfang have gronkle iron armor, so why not do something similar in SOD? It could help protect players and their dragons during battle, I think a few players might like this idea
  • getting trophies in alchemy adventure & other games: I know alchemy adventure isn't really a dragon game and has nothing to do with competing but if we could compete and win trophies, it'd be really cool (especially to those who aren't that good at TRR or FF)
  • earning gems when you play games/win competitions: i think getting gems after beating your old high score or your top friend's highscore would be a really good idea, I'd definitely play more games and spend more time on SOD if it was a little easier to get some gems without spending money I don't have. Also if you come in first in TRR or win FF, gems would be a better reward than coins as it's 1000x easier to get coins 
  • fix fireball frenzy bugs: I love FF, it's honestly the only way I've gotten my trophies but it has a lot of bugs. Whenever I get challenge messages & accept them, the game sends me immidiatly to FF and freezes. I'd like to invite friends to play me in FF but everytime I do, they don't show up even when they say they would and that's mostly to this particular bug. Also I played FF today and it was being really slow and freezed at times (the only reason I won was because I had a smart boost) and every time i aimed at a target and shot, the blast didn't come out until it was too late. 
  • dragon eggs: I've noticed that some cost a lot more than others (stormcutter is 1000 gems) and some quite less (thunderdrum is 300) and i don't like this. I think all dragons should cost the same with the exception of nadders, m. nightmares, gronkles and zipplebacks because they're the original four and you can get them for free at the begining of the game.
  • gems: ask us if we're sure we want to use them before taking them. There's been plenty of times I've lost hard earned gems because I was trying to water my crops or feed my animals and accidentally chose the option that grows them automattically. On that note, make mobile buttons bigger. It's really impossible for me to actually get anything done on my phone playing SOD bc the buttons are so much smaller than my finger tips. I'd really like to be able to play when I can't get to my computer and I'm sure other players on mobile have the same problem.
  • bring back numbers: I understand why you took them out but it's really hard to chat when you can't use so many words or numbers. You can't ask what level their dragon is, how long they've been playing, what level their adventurer is on, you can't say how many gems you've won during battle, how many trophies you have, you can't even type your friend code because so many have numbers. 
  • censor things that matter: A while back, I got banned from chat for a week after typing hello (granted it might have been a mispelling possibly, I'm not sure) but other players continued having chat privalages and were saying some things that definitely aren't allowd in SOD (curse words, calling each other names, being rude to other players etc) and I almost got banned from chat yesterday for asking someone why their dragon (Deadly nadder) looked like ice as it was really cool and I've never seen it before. 
  • Trade/sell unwanted items: It'd be really cool if we could actually trade with trader johann or even other players. Although I'd settle for just being able to sell things I don't want or need. I have 2 changewing boulder skins and no changewing, I'd really like to be able to be rid of at least one since I don't have a changewing.
  • individual chat: maybe you have more than one friend in the same place as you but you only want to talk to one of them, it'd be nice to be able to single chat with other players

    To sum up my suggestions: make gems easier to obtain, censor things that matter in chat, talk to another player where others can't see, earn trophies for the other games in SOD and not just FF & TRR, give us a way to get rid of things we don't want or have more than one of.

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I agree with all of these.

I agree with all of these.  If I could add one thing- have filters for other languages, too. I've seen some TERRIBLE words being said in German or Russian (don't know about Korean since I can't read it).

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No! Bad Tigerus and Euphrates!!! Do not eat my subject!!

I completely agree. Gems are ridiculously hard to get. I was just saying that there should be one minigame where you get like 5 gems Everytime you play it or something like that.

I also agree on the trophies. FF is next to impossible on mobile and I hate it and I am bad at TR and I hate it too.

I also wish you could trade. I have a saddle and all of the skins for the changewing but I have no changewing. I also am all set for a thunderdrum.

Also, they should kinda count how often you do battle events. Cuz I have been playing every night since November and the best thing I've ever gotten is 100 gems (and that was a miracle.)


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Appearance: black hair, Brown eyes


Weapon:sword from her father


Personality:keeps to herself and in constant mental pain 


Skills:sword play, herbal medicine and cooking






Unique traits: he always knows which way is north which is why he is called Compass






Backstory:Addi lives on berk a year after httyd 2. Life is good for Addi and her friends Shey, Robin and best friend Gustav but when they are enrolled in Dragon training their lives are turned upside down. 

When a dangerous enemy approaches berk and the dragon riders call on them for help they must learn the true meaning of friendship and see how far they will go for each other.


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Appearance: strawberry blond hair cut to shoulders, bright green eyes


Weapon: Shield like Hiccup's






Colors:Grayish turquoise with silver fins.


And lastly...






Backstory:the dragons have left many years ago and many don't believe anymore. But one girl does. When the dragons return led by an angry Toothless Naomi befriends him. Together they begin the search for Hiccup. Will they find him? (Not all the kinks worked out in this story.)


Appearance:Brown hair, eyes that appear to be changing color




Skills: understanding dragons, sword play


Dragon: ha! You may not know yet!!!!!!!!


And now, meet my newest OC!


Name:Alyssa (Aly)




Backstory: Aly's parents died when she was a baby leaving her  in her uncle's care. One  day, when she was five, her uncle took her in a fishing expedition but the boat was attacked by wild dragons. Her uncle sent  her off in a small rowboat and Aly was never sure what  happened to her uncle. After many  days  floating around(the oars had been lost to the dragons) she fell asleep. When she awoke she found  herself surrounded by dragons and a young woman. She learned that  the woman's name was Valka and she lived with and trained dragons.

Valka nursed Aly back to health and after  that the thought of leaving never entered her mind. She grew up among dragons and even bonded with a yellow  and green triple stryke which she  named Hunter. 

At the time of httyd 2 Aly was on a trip to find  more dragons wounded by Drago Bludvist and take them to the sanctuary.


Appearance: she dresses like Valka and had similar hair.


Weapon: stick thing like Valka's.


Skills: Training dragons and thankfully, cooking.


Dragon:Hunter (triple stryke)< Other:Aly speaks dragonese since she grew up with dragons. /p>



                     Dragons I hope to get


Name: Echo


appearance: (both done by The talented VexyLu. Thanks!)



Here is baby Echo by nightfuryatom4! TSYM! 



And here is my first Dragon, Skyfire! (Also by VexyLu;-)


Okay! I plan to do a lot more with this but thank you for reading my OCs!!!! So long dragon riders!!!!






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This is definitely what

This is definitely what everyone wants XD... I hope they do stuff like this.. waiting ....


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more suggestions
  • Notifications: we get some when our dragons return or when someone's replied to our message on their message board and if there's a battle but only if we're online, what if we got them when we're not in the game? Notifications for when crops are ready to harvest, there's been a new message on the clan board, we have a buddy request, our egg is done hatching, farm animals are ready for us to harvest whatever we harvest from them, etc. I'd be really greatful for just battle event notifications outside of the game tbh
  •  battle prizes: I've won gold and gotten a sheep for my prize. I've already got 10 so here's an idea, more points = better prizes. It'd also be really cool if we couldn't win things we already have (I've won 3 different skins multiple times and saddles and i don't have a place to put them or know what to do with them )
  • non members: I understand that you need money to continue to run the game but it's not that fun if you  aren't a member, there's a lot of things you can't do (like go to member only islands, experience the fun quests that are more like the dragon riders' adventures ((like return to dragon island)), complete all the flying lessons,etc). It'd be really nice if you made the game better for non members like myself so we don't feel excluded. Do things like making new quests that don't require the locked islands, releasing more mini games or bringing some back (like loki's maze and the one closed spot at the training ground that ruffnut is standing in front of ((I don't recall the name)) ).
  • viking armour: I love the armour sets that you've come out with but it upsets me that the only dragon armours out of the original 5 (toothless, stormfly, meatlug, hookfang and barf & belch) that have armour are night furies and deadly nadders. I mean you came out with skrill, screaming death, death song and even sand wraith (who haven't been introduced to the httyd world besides this and Rise of Berk) armour but there's not gronkle, m. nightmare or zipple back armour? It just doesn't make sense to me.
  • store: this doesn't really matter this much and probably doesn't mean much to those with a lot of money in the game but it'd be nice if the store could be orginized, by price (gems and gold) or type of currency (gems or gold) or something. I'm not really sure, it just came to mind.

I might add more suggestions as they come to mind.