Geckos Of Fire

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A clan for those who have trained the Flame Whipper, and those who have braved the tasks of the leviathan. If you wish to join, and have a Flame Whipper, please do continue reading.



Of course, you must have at least one Flame Whipper. One will suffice. 

There is no set amount of needed trophies. 

Do not be rude to your clanmates, those who bad mouth their clanmates will be kicked out and not allowed to rejoin for a certain amout of time, depending on how rude they were.

No cheating or hacking is allowed, you must earn your dragons, trophies, clothing, and other objects legitametly. All cheaters and hackers will be permamently banned from the group and not allowed to join what so ever.

The "code" for joining is "Those who control the flame."


If you catch anyone breaking these rules, please do message me here.


To join, please fill out this form:


Viking name: 

Flame Whipper name:

Picture of Flame Whipper:

Code to join:

Friend code (if prefered, PM me this):

Why you would like to join:


The clan is small currently, yet I do hope it will grow, and I do hope those with a Flame Whipper, and without a clan will join.






Evan | Any Pronouns

That one furry artist that hardly ever posts on the forums.

I'm in love /w Monster Hunter and especially love Chameleos, Gore Magala, and Seltas.

I'm a self-taught artist and use Paint Tool Sai and an Intuos tablet. I honestly hardly draw, or usually just sketch.

If you ever wanna chat hmu, but I hardly play this game anymore due to finishing almost every interesting quest and losing interest in just racing 24/7.

It would be way easier just to contact me on other sites, ones that I'm usually on.


Other sites:

Tumblr: tokki-yoongi (Possible NSFW)

DeviantArt: e-lk