Gas Mask Crash: Can't Get Back In

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I was playing through the Return to Dragon Island quests on my newest Viking today, but I've come across a major hurdle. The game crashed as I was leaving the Club House after the first gas mask mission, and now I can't play as that Viking anymore. The game simply crashes whenever I try going in as them.


Now, I'm perfectly aware that the gas mask is bugged, but in the update stating it as such, it was said that wearing it as part of the relevent quests wouldn't yield problems. As such, I didn't think taking the gas mask off before leaving the Dragon's Edge clubhouse would be an issue, since it was still part of the quest in question. However, I can't even take the gas mask off my viking now since the game crashes when I try to so much as play as her in the first place. I simply press the 'Play' button on her when I go to select my viking and it crashes right away. I'd really hoped that I could go in quick enough to take the mask off of her but I can't even do that.


Please help me and take the gas mask off of my viking - I really want to play the rest of my favourite expansion. The name of the affected viking is GraceTheGentle and my username is GarchompQueen - I'm playing the downloaded version of the game.

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Ok, I managed to fix it - logging out then back in let me get back on that viking slot again, and I acted quick enough to take the gas mask off of her before it could crash again. Will remember that in case it happens again.


Glad I can continue on my favourite expansion again! :)

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I know that thing

Brynjolf already warned about the crash with that mask.


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Brynjolf certainly mentioned this before. He said that we need to wait for Ver. 2.8 for the problem to be fixed. Wonder when the Update in Version will become available. I'm looking forward to it. I always look forward to Updates. Hope it is released soon. 


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Another way is to join in the game to TRR. Then leave TRR.






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