This game really needs new features! Any ideas?

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Guys ive been thinking the past few days.. the gam could be SOOO much better if it had more features and mini games!


Like for example in Dragon tactics, if we could play against other players that would be incredible!

People would be more invested in that mini game as well!


In fireball frenzie, you could also have a place where you spawn in the arena with like 3 other players in your team where you verse each other head on somehow and win, any of you got specific ideas for that?


In Dragon Racing, we could have special races for non flying dragons too, or obstacle races with them or just for vikings running in general! Your weapons equipped can also give you an advantage somehow, like on the track there are enemy dragons or warlords you have to dodge!


I love socializing properly in games too, a better chat filter would make things so much smoother! 

Its always traumatizing typing anything, even a sentence like "Hey whats up" or "how many gems did you get today?"


Another imrpovement could be special abilities for every dragon! Like when were wandering in the school or any island, they have an action they could do or something! Or when theyre flying they could have something special like the nightlights can dissapear! And the flamewhipper could climb on walls!


The ability to go invisible on ur dragon is amazing, but if others could SEE you invisible too would be another level of awesome!! Roleplays would be amazing, and if your riding a tiny dragon it would be so satisfying !!


Customizing your nightlights is a great idea too, it would be even more unique! If you could name them as well that would be out of this world! So many oc's would come to life!!!


A way we could use tidal dragons under water! Like a whole under water biome where you can roleplay tidal class dragons underwater! And if they need to breathe you would need to surface again! Underwater caves too!


Another idea is a mini game that would be fun! A place where you can spawn with some other viking friends with your chosen weapon and armour, and run around and fend of warlords with your dragons! You could just swing your weapons at them, it would be so fun!!


Since a lot of people worry about getting sc.ammed with a gift function, we can have a trades function where you can only trade whats worth it. Like if someone is giving a stormcutter egg, you can't give a small amount of gems or coins in return!


Or maybe you could put items in a store for reasonable limited price (specific for each item, and less then how it was originally bought ot earned bcuz it was tecahnically "used")


Those are a few of my ideas, if you have some please put them down below, or improvements to my ideas! We need some new fun features to make the game more engaging and worth playing!





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I love these ideas, Aeora! I'll put some of mine in (tho you pretty much covered everything XD) next morning. I'm too sleepy to think of anything good :P



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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P


ill put ideas later even though you already put them all 




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Came up with some more to make the hideout more interactive


Yes the hideout is a forgotten thing.. like literally NO one needs it.. its just there to look pretty i guess?


But i have some ideas for its improevement 

I was thinking maybe the furniture can be USEFUL, like it can store food items (the cuboard thing) When you click it it shows u all the items/ingerdients you have


You would need specific kitchen items and ingredients to make a specific dish in our recipe book

Everytime we make a dish (common, rare, ultra rare, exclusive edition or whatever) You get a specific amount of coins/trophies/gems whetever works for how hard/expensive/rare the dish is to make.


The ingredients will be found around different places (they are fish, plants idk what else just lots of different things)

Some are hard to find, some are everywhere, Some are located in different places and you have to do different things to collect them


Like reaping them, pulling them, collecting them, climbing for them, flying for them, using some item to get them etc.


And the food is used as an energy source for all the mini games, like when we spawn into my made up mini game we could eat it for more health/energy,


Different food would give you different amount of aneregy.


(A note if forgot to add was how each weapon has different abilities etc)

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

using wood for like building and stuff 


and maybe if you could change the colour of your clothes 



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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

an online only with your frineds or clan option 

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

Better lighing please 


a way to give your billions of dragon eggs from your back pack to thee store for gems (i have loooots of extra eggs)

(exchanging things back to the store for gems/coins)

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Agreeing here, just keep scrolling..

Agreed, better visuals for ipads or mobile would be a lot better!

People who play on PC or computers get a lot more advantages....

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

Something fun like a new mini game ur somthing

Cause im getting tired of events 

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I love these threads.

Water:The ability to give your dragons water. 

Gronkles: In the wilderness there could be large sparkling rocks and when you walk up to the rock the little axe button will appear. After you axe the rock some small pieces will break off. Thennyou could gove the rocks to your gronkle to temporaraly increase it's shot limit and increase it's happiness.



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   I have ideas-


Interactive furniture (Already been said)

using wood to expand the hideout and give it a second story (idea was already mentioned via forum thread)

Windows and fireplaces (seen in Snoggletog Log)

Rooms in the hideout (Seen in concept art of the Haddock home)

Being able to cook (Already been said)



Different body shapes

Different facial expressions (We have angry eyes- why not an angry frown?)

Being able to eat, sit, and play around with our dragons

Fixing vikings eyes- Compared to the Warlord's we look ridiculous



Special abilities (Already been said)

Changing old dragons models and animations

Fixing Toothless's model and animations

Allowing us to buy Tail wings for Toothless or use the Hideout ones

Allowing our dragons to play around and interact with other dragons

Letting us see wild dragons all over the islands on the map

More emotions for the dragons (like when they eat something they don't like- They make a face)



Putting a moveable Hideout inside the farm (I need this added- I would love to have a hideout that I can move around in my sunset farm- So serene!)

More decorations

More farm expansions (different and diverse ones!)


The Map

Adding more islands from the series and movies! (Breakneck bog, Outcast island, Beserker island, Defenders of the wing island, Wingmaiden island, Fireworm island, Itchy Armpit, ect.)

Maybe add caves around the map we can explore! (Like the Whispering death hole)

Adding a day and night cycle!


Daily Quests

Make different Daily quests we can do. Not repeating the same ones.

Making them give certain amounts of gems!


I know I repeated some ideas but I honestly love all these ideas! Would absolutely love to see them in game! 






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Aloha Lola

I've been advocating these for MONTHS, and I'll still do so:


• More customization options. We could have limited at first since it's like "starting the game", but we could unlock certain facial expressions or other stuff along the way.

• Expressions, actions and I think it'd be cool if you could add places of origin for your character. You know, which tribe/clan they belonged in before going to the School. 



• Special abilities and models.

• A "first-person-point-of-view" of our dragons when flying. I think it'd be brilliant to see that.



• I'd love see places like Nepenthe Island in SoD! Have mini quests or expansions there would be awesome. And seeing as they're ways away from the School, we could have the same layout as the "Timberjack Taxi" traveling sequence to head to the longer-distance islands.


• A purchasable tailor station so the players could have the ability to create their own outfits. It'd require items like sheep wool, spider silk and others so that it encourages players to farm even more. Plus, it'd give a valid reason to buy animals, buy resources, etc.

• A trade-in section. THIS. NEEDS. TO. BE. DONE. Sell back items/eggs/skins to the store at 25-50% the prize.



• Have been asking for this as Aeora has, but a PvP option in Dragon Tactis as another method to earn trophies!

• Seasonal minigames would be cool too! I get that it is "School of Dragons" but I think it'd be fun if we had at least one minigame that isn't entirely focused on dragons. Anyone who had the CD for the first movie might've watched the "Bobsledding" featurette, and I think it would be an amazing Snoggletog Seasonal Minigame. From there, I think the devs could come up with new seasonal minigames.



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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ *send huge virtual glitter and potato explosion*

I read all of these you guys said and a lot of them are ones i listed + new ones i 100% agree with!

School of dragons needs a huge update that'll make the game much more fun to play

Sooner or later a lot of us will get sick of doing the same things over and over

pretty much our only reason to play is getting trophies, gems and getting new dragons and items we will eventually forget abt!


The game needs to be something we look foreward to playing, i think it really needs an improvement!

Im kinda tired of waititng for things to change honestly 

The creators need to see this and actually consider our ideas, itll make the game so much better!


Itd be nice getting someone telling us theyve seen this and they will at leats work to put our ideas in!

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Un used eggs

I have several eggs from battle events that I don't use because i already have the dragons (some even in titan forms)

Altough giving them away or trading for other eggs with other players sounds amazing, i don't think the developers would do something like that so...

Maybe an option to "donate them to the school" or something (you get let's say 25% of the egg's cost in gems and it disappears) would be a good idea 

Because I don't need another triple strike, but I could use 250 gems to get a different dragon (like the titan timberjack bundle, i need exactly 200 gems to get it lol, hopefully i make it, there's 4 days left) 
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Return the training grounds to their original lighting

I remember that the training grounds had a blue sky, and the lighting there was the most "natural", the dragons looked pretty and the colors were amazing,


More areas of the World should have that nice daylight lighting, it feels like 90% of the World is in perpetua dusk/dawn

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Agreeing here, just keep scrolling..

Yea ive been thinking about changing the lighting in the training grounds to be less dark, it gets annoying sometimes!


I also would like if during the events the school would decorate more because literally just the training grounds and school area is decorated not the lookout or the wilderness!


I would love if they put some work into that.

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Though I do agree, I feel like we shouldn't be asking so much. I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, but it's probably quite hard to make a game like this. Dragons, stats, animations, UDT etc. The devs do add new features slowly. Like Battle Events, they weren't originally in the game. I'm not sure if even TRR was originally in game. I just feel like it wouldn't be right to just keep putting out suggestions. The crew have their own lives, and have to deal with all our complaints and issues too. I'm quite new here, but I guess it would be cool to see and experience new things, but we can't really expect the devs to do everything we want. They do listen to us. That's why these types or posts slightly annoy me. Again, I'm not trying to make assumptions or sound rude and directing, but this is just my opinion, I hope I don't start an argument. I'm probably going to regret sending this but here goes.


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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

ofcourse, these are only suggestions :)

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Thats true, im not asking for

Thats true, im not asking for it to all be done in an instant or really quick. Over time would be great, i just want conformation that they are listening to our ideas and considering as well!

And if something wont work maybe they can explain it to us!

In the end these are just suggestions to make the game better, theres always room for improevement!

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My dramillion became a Dreadfall dramillion

Ok, after this post, nearly everyone will hate me, but, I DON'T CARE!!

I'm basically going to point out flaws in most the ideas...


1) That is a good idea, but they should add something so if the other person loses connection, the game stops or something (so your not just waiting forever for their turn)

2) Maybe, but, personally, I think they should be focusing on other aspects of the game, rather than FF, because it's alright the way it is

3) Yep, not gonna argue with that one, but there are other places that need more attention

4) YEP. Definitely

5) Possibly, but, then again, other areas of the game need prioritizing over this one

6) I thought you disappeared to other people as well already?

7) Customizing Night Lights? Well, if it's in the way of colours, then, no, you shouldn't be able to customize them, as if they were different colours apart from black and white, then they wouldn't be Night Lights any more (because a Night Light is the offspring of a Night Fury and a Light Fury, and since toothless is the only living Night Fury, having different colours would be weird), but if you mean making different parts black and white, then that would be A) Outside the games mechanics B) too difficult to adapt to mobile, it would be too large C) Again, a Night Light is the offspring of a Night Fury and Light Fury, and as Toothless is the only living Night Fury, a second litter would be unlikely D) I, personally, think that they've done Night Lights just enough so that there is joy around them, but if they include them in another expansion, then it would be like, oh, Night Lights...

8) There are underwater levels, so it'll just be the case of adding some more, and making your dragon follow you

9) Again, this would make the game too big for mobile and that is just like multiplayer DT, only with moving

10) I think you should be able to put it on the 'used' market, where people will buy it, however, it MUST be hatched and named, coloured etc... as selling eggs would deter people from buying the eggs that the game sells, meaning less income for the game


One of my ideas is first person view, but, I would like to see the Devs fix bugs before they implement this.


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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ *send huge virtual glitter and potato explosion*

I actually think your right, its really helpful when someone adds their opinion even if its opposing or against whatever it was.


The bugs definitely need to be fixed first for sure! 

And your actually right about the nightlights thing, ig we wouldnt need them to be even more customizable. Makes sense *thumbs up*

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Tracking! Hopefully if enough people bump it the devs may actually take notice XD



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At this point I feel like the

At this point I feel like the only thing I really truly want is the ability to release unwanted dragons or eggs or at least use the duplicate to upgrade or level up the exist dragon of the same species simply because it's a very basic feature that I buffle me everytime why it isn't impliment in this sort of game when the all the other httyd games do


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Joined: 07/25/2021
The only thing I would want

The only thing I would want the SOD team to add, is flight shows.

I know it would be a hard feature to add, but it would be awesome, because you can do it with your clan or friends, and compete against other Vikings and clans.

And you could make designs with your Zippleback, like on the episode on Race to the Edge where they did the flight show for Berk's birthday.

I would mostly be cool to do like barrel rolls, loops, formations, and making fire designs.

You can also win stuff like dragon eggs, trophies, and gems. And cool saddles and armor.




(Words of wisdom by Trainsanddragons!)



Hello. I'm Rosemeralda!


In game:


I have probably seventy-ish dragons, including all three Night Lights.

Dart is my favorite Night Light.

I love all of the dragons, but my top favorites are: Sand Wraiths (My first dragon, named BlackBird), Stormcutters (Looks like my cat, Hermione), Night Fury, Light Fury, Night Lights, Triple Stykes, Deathsongs, and Skrills.

Proud leader of the clan Copycat Hiccup! 
(Clan is closed off from requests, sorry.)

I mostly am seen with either a Night Light adult, purple Fireworm Queen (named Purple Magic), Deathsong, Hambanger, Triple Stryke, Stormcutter or Stormcutter Titan.

I ride whichever dragon I want to be on, at the moment.


A small list of my favorite dragon names I (mostly) came up with:


Firesong - Deathsong


Firefighter - Fire Terror


Purple Magic - Fireworm Queen


Raxtus - Razorwhip


Zoom Twist - Deadly Nadder


Spike - Deadly Nadder


Black Bird - Sand Wraith


Imagine - Titan Sand Wraith


Gobbles - Hobgobbler 


Hobbles - Hambanger


Schmich - Titan Stormcutter


Poothless - Woolly Howl


The Stig - Speed Stinger


Rock Crusher - Gronckle


Imoola (Pronounced eM-U-la. The double "Os" pronounced like "You" and the "I" is silent, making you say the "M") 

- Thunderdrum




I have a pet betta that is black, blue, and has a little red on his tail, so I named him Toothless. Toothless is a crazy little fish! He never stops moving.

He also tore his fin, so he's even more like Toothless the dragon! 

Though I wasn't thrilled when I discovered his torn fin...


More about me: I love cars! They are my most favorite thing on the planet! Especially the E36 318i!
I know a 318i with a manual transmission! (#savethemanuals)
My favorite car company would be MINI, and BMW second. Though I love E36s more than anything!


Probably out cleaning a car when you are reading this. 

I prefer car cleaning over almost everything.

I also have Build-A-Bear Light Fury and the First Release Toothless.


I am against hacking. 
I like to draw cars and sometimes dragons. 
I'm a bookworm. I love Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, and Harry Potter.

Other things I do: I computer code a little, I crochet, and I like math.

I'm on PixilArt (send me a message if you're on there and want to follow me!).



My car model list:


Over probably 100 MINI/Mini Coopers list

Cooper S, lots of those, Countryman, Hardtops, Convertible, Paceman, Classics, Stuffed MINI

Probably around 30-ish BMWs

First BMW: I think was my little Z8 named Bloodcell.

Two Z4s, two Z8s, one Z3, three E92 ///M3s, E39 530i TWO DOOR Coupe, E39 four door saloon, Two 502 classics (one is a tin toy), 

two E30 POLZEIs, ten E36s (maybe more, because I keep sewing/crocheting them) a stuffed E90, a 2002ti, three i3s, two i8s, an ///M8, a very pathetic 850i (I got it because it was such a pathetic excuse of an 8 Series, I loved it even though I disliked it!) two M4s, and probably more I'm forgetting.

Tons of vintage cars I find at thrift stores, and tons of Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars.

Some huge cars, some smaller.

I have two of the same Mustangs, though I modified one, and had to repaint the stipes on the other.

I mostly modify or restore some cars. Most of them though I keep stock. 
I modified a Ford (probably F150) into being my mum's truck as a gift for her.
I did paint flames on my weird but well loved Dodge wagon.

It depends on the car with modifying though. Mainly if it needs it, or if I have an idea to make it look better.


List of modified cars:


Herbie from the Love Bug


Amber the Lambor, a Lamborghini that was once yellow and had a bent in roof (honestly, she looked like a Lego dude had a roll over in her). I made her mostly teal with yellow stripes, and cool doors that open under, instead of out or over.


Sally, my Mustang who got silver stripes and purple accent.


Grape, my Dodge wagon, got new rim color, flames, and chrome handles.


Zoe, my Countryman got stripes like a real MINI.


Moonlight, originally a Mustang, but I made into a two door E39, which is rare. She also can have her shell taken apart from her chassis.


Rosemeralda, my E36, has foil behind her headlights (didn't know my thrift store find was a rare model that was worth WAY more than I paid for.), because she looked a little creepy without it.


Dodge Viper has two different paints, blue and yellow.


Midnight, my Z4 Coupé, got a touchup of paint on her turn signals to be orange, instead of clear.


Current projects:


Fast and Furious Dodge Challenger (I never wanted to watch the movies, because I've seen enough ads to know they are horrible to the cars) because its paint was more like a wrap, and coming off so easily, I pulled it off. My debate is whether I repaint it purple, blue, or make it into a police car, or a Taxicab. Or art car. 


Dodge Viper. Possibly two. Depending on if I wanted to do my other one.


MINI Cooper Hardtop will be getting a British Flag rooftop. Maybe a Black Jack or Silver Jack. (or both)


1966 Chevy Side-Step Three on a tree.


Two Lamborghinis.


Alfa Romeo race car.


Probably more I'm forgetting.


Future project cars


E36 3 Series to look like my cartoon car.


BMW i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition.


BMW M4s in Heritage Edition.


BMW M8 in Golden Thunder.


BMW M3, M4, M5, or M8 Taxicab.


MINI Cooper Paddy Hopkirk Edition.


Paddy Hopkirk's Original Mini Rally car.


My Mum's MINI.


Biplane truck with a Dodge Ram model. 


Art Car, Moonlight.


Art Car, MINI.


Art Car, various BMWs.


I have even more cars, but it would make my signature way too long.


Breyer horse collector!


I have a mix of vintage and newer models.

My favorites of my Traditional models is probably my Mare, Sundancer, and Warrior, my Morgen, and Snowman!


Favorites of Classic/Freedom Series: Cantering Mare named Winny, and show name is Hocus Pocus. She's a beautiful horse! I also have Spirit, who is one of my other favorites, along with Mercedes and Poseidon. I love all my Classics/Freedom horses.


Favorites of my Stablemates:

I have a lot, so hard to choose, but I love my Palomino Mare named Rose, Totilas, Painted Magic, and their foal Fifinella, Esmeralda my vintage mare, Renzo my Morgen, my trotting mare that's a strawberry Appaloosa, Cupcake the Highland pony, and finally, Midnight Cruiser.





Music lover!


Favorite bands:






Steely Dan 


Imagine Dragons


Led Zeppelin 




That's all for now. Will add more to my signature later!







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Joined: 09/10/2021
Thats a really good idea! I

Thats a really good idea! I actually used to think of this when i first started playing, it would be amazing to come to life!

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Joined: 07/25/2021
I know right? Plus having it

I know right? Plus having it have it where you can make teams, and and invite other Vikings to join would be amazing!

And naming the teams too! And having specific armor for it as well, along with better flying with flightsuits. Hiccup can glide up through the air, but everyone else has to glide down. And slowly. Plus when my dragon glides with me, I can't see it as well, unless it's my Speed Stinger (pro tip to gliding with a Speed Stinger: Fly up to the top of the mountain at New Berk, and switch to the Speed Stinger, and glide down).


Plus I would like the SOD team to make a setting where you don't get clan invitations if you don't want to.

I get them so often, because I have a little over 1,000 trophies, so people want me in their clans, but I am the leader of my clan, and don't want to switch clans.

Speaking of clan ideas, it would be cool to have them make it free to get specific clothing for your clan.

For example, my clan is Copycat Hiccup, and we had the requirements be (before we closed it off completely from public) that you had to have Hiccup's flight suit to be able to join (obviously to copy Hiccup).

So after you join, you get something like that for free, but if you switch clans, you have to return the clothing.

And it should be that you have to stay in the same clan for at least maybe six months to help them earn trophies, so that people can't just switch clans every two days (no offense to those who might do this).

Plus you can also have special weapons, and have maybe a pin or something on your Dragon saddle, or helmet that shows who the Clan leader is, and have stuff for like the elders and members to, like a rank.
And have a clan meeting place, and maybe a budget for the clan to buy cool stuff for it, or pay off for the special clothing. It could be like every member who joins has to pay like 10-50 gems, but the elders and leaders hold that money ONLY for clan stuff. And have like a clan poll for each item they will buy next.

I hope this doesn't sound like a rude rant, it is mostly just stuff I noticed.

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Joined: 06/02/2018
Tracking! As for my changes,


As for my changes, I wish they made the gift option available for everyone. I would love to give some unwanted eggs to my friends or exchange them for others.

Having a FUNCTIONAL Hideout would also be pretty cool considering we can't do anything there except decorating it. Why do we even have beds and such if we can't use them?

New changes for the farm: maybe adding an option to use our products as gifts? Making actual food for our dragons/friends/ourselves that could boost XP or give us some nice buffs for Battle Events. 

New racing tracks. There used to be so many and now most of them are gone.

Bringing back Bulls Eye Lagoon. I really liked this minigame.

More customization options for our Vikings. They have the same models from the beginning and while I love getting new hairstyles from the events, body types, eyes, and faces are always the same. 

More achievements which are more complicated than gathering 5 wool from the farm or losing DT 10 times... How about reaching a certain time while racing? Putting on a scary costume during Dreadfall?

That's all from me lol


My School of Dragons channel:

Please be kind, English is not my first language(*)

Joined: 10/06/2021
Loving this thread!!!

Ok so I've been thinking about making a thread like this for agesss. In fact it's the reason I made this account so thanks so much for doing this!! I don't have many ideas and everyone else's ideas are so great so I'll just add a couple of mine


so i think it would be so fun if there could be different weather. Someone already mentioned a day and night cycle which I agree would be so cool and could be part of the weather stuff. The weather i mainly mean would be cool clouds and stuff which we could fly in coz I LOVE the bits in the films and tv shows where they are flying in the clouds. 

also I think all the hideout ideas are so great and add to what I was thinking. Maybe we could be able to colour our furniture the way we like and design things with wood and things we collect from around the map. I also think all the ideas about collecting resources which we can use are super cool and would deffo give more of a reason to play. 

character wise I think they need an upgrade like everyone else has said. I also think being able to create and colour our clothes the way we like would be so much fun and really personalise our characters. It's sort of like in the films and series's where Hiccup's colours are red and black and Snotlout's are red and orange and so on - it just makes it feel more individual and special that way. 

This is something I've wanted for agessss. First person point of view. Idk if that makes sense but basically viewing everything from your avatars eyes like in real life. It would make the game so much more emersive and flying would be out of this world!!!! I really think that would be such a fun update. 

also, ik others have mentioned this, but introducing the dragons individual abilities or special things, like they did for the dramillion by adding all the fires! That really made that dragon special and exciting to use. So for Nadders and Razorwhips obviously spines and.... all the abilities have completely flown out of my mind!! Anyway you get the idea. 


all the mini games people have mentioned sound so fun and I would totally love to see all of them. I also agree that it would be fun to have more of the islands from the films and tv shows on the map to explore. Anddd I really REALLY love all the ideas about finding things on the islands which you can use for cooking, building, clothes etc. that makes me so excited and, since I and so many others have  finished all the quests, it would give us something else to do rather than just endlessly saving up gems. 

that's all I can think of for now but my mind is gonna go crazy thinking abt this so I'll probs have others soon. Also I apologise if there are any typos here ahaha it's late where I am 


have fun brainstorming everyone! This has to be the best thread ever! Keep up the great ideas I love reading them all :))


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

The main thing I want is to be able to replay quests on a viking that has already played them. Spesificly expansions.

Replaying could have less rewards. I just want to experience them again.

Perhaps it could be setup with a diary and the in-game explanation is that your charicter is remembering their adventures.




Bumbles the candy loving Lazersight Vesperwing who likes to stalk me for my food.

Adopted from goldenfury360 who made the species.

Lineart done by NightmareRebuff




 Flint the over curious gluespit.

Adopted from chameishida.


Chelsy, the least frightening indominus rex there ever was. Color shifting joke charicter extrodinare. Art by TosiLohi.

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Game Developer
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Thank you!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for making this thread, and thanks to everyone who replied! I thought I'd let everyone here know that just before this thread was made, the team and I met together to talk about what we wanted to add to the game. While I can't talk about the specifics, I can say that there's a substantial overlap between our idea sessions and the suggestions made here. That's great, because it means we as devs and you as the players have the same goals in mind!

If there's a feature you really want added to the game, let us know! Forum posts are great because we do monitor them more now than we did, but when enough people ask for a feature through our support portal, that actually lets us know that it's worth investing time and resources into alongside maintaining and fixing bugs for the features we already have.

Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the great suggestions!


Dragon tamer and frontend dev for SoD since 1/21. I don't answer PMs, reply to me or mention me by name (GoonyBard) and I'll answer when I can.

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

XD yes!

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ *send huge virtual glitter and potato explosion*

Thanks for noticing this thread! Im so glad you responded!

And its even better knowing you guys are adding more features!

Thank you!!!

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Aloha Lola

*surprised Pikachu face*

Joined: 10/06/2021

Thank you so much for noticing us! You have no idea how happy that has made all of us and it really makes us feel like we are being heard and can have an impact which is really cool! And I'm SO excited now for whatever new features come out!!!

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Frost Shards
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Light Fury flew off with my subject

*absolutely shocked but really pleased*

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Expanding on a previous idea...

Chamieshielda, you read my mind! I've wanted to be able to release unwanted dragons/eggs for years! The idea of using them to upgrade other dragons is also a good idea. Perhaps that could be expanded upon a little bit. At least in Rise of Berk, you get something in compensation for releasing the dragon- usually some amount of fish. Perhaps when a dragon (or an egg) is released or used to upgrade another dragon, the game gives the player a smaller reward for it. Perhaps (depending on the origional cost of the dragon egg, or what would have been the cost of the origional dragon egg), you could recieve part of the origional cost of the egg back. Alternatively, you could recieve some amount of event currency, an item (this may be a good item that can be obtained elsewhere or it may be obtained exclusively through releasing/upgrading a dragon), some DT gear, or even a unique/special currency that can only be obtained through releasing/upgrading dragons.



Funtime Springtrap- as made by ZestyDragonWing (You can request your own synth under their thread The Synth Fury: A Crossover Species Request Thread)

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:0   Okay now that I know



Okay now that I know they read this I'm gonna get a little greedy, heehee

Dev! It's not exactly a feature but it would be great to upside a stormcutter, not NPC Cloudjumper big but just in-game Monsterous Nightmare big is enough.

- Quick switch dragon, Perhaps there's a tab or slot you can places you most uses  dragons, so when it comes to something like racing or battle event you don't have to scroll through all the dragons you have.

- Switch Dragon in the dragon Customization menu. At the moment you need to go out to switch dragon and go back into the customization menu far saddles or skin. I think it would be neat if we can simply switch dragon directly in that menu.


As for the Nightlight customization while I'm not particularly care much if they have this or not but I do have a few idea of how it could happen. When in store you'd still buy them as Ruffrunner, Dart and Pouncer notmally but you can now change their name and customize their color. The reason they're first present as Ruffrunner, Dart and Pouncer is because they all have different pattern, maybe you want Dart pattern as a based and customize to have a white nightlight with the black nose like reverse Dart.


but yeah for now they feature I actually do want is just these:

-Release Dragon/egg

-Bigger Stormcutter

-Quick switch dragon tab

- Switch dragon in customization menu


(I also do like Hypergoof's Memories/replayable quest)



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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(

I like the idea of a toggle button to have your main dragons. You could maybe have the limit of 3 main dragon slots but you could buy more slots for 150 gems. A different way is having the three main slots but you can swap your dragons out and in those 3 slots then the rest you can manually scroll through.










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Hey! I have an idea!

We should be able to do somethings with dragons!


Like how valka does with cloud jumper or something. And it should be different for every dragon.


Dragons should have some animations to show emotion to the vikings.


We have to be able to fly with tipical baby dragons too, like how Wingsmaiden does!


We need our expansion packs to be cheaper, less than 1000 cuz it's kinda unfair that only members get it for free. So there should be a week (once a year) that we can purchase a specific expansion for free except for battle for the edge and the ice storm island.


Mini adventure game! You need a trial membership/ member ship/ 500 gems to do this! There should be levels and you do stuff that you do in those festival mazes! Instead of candies or whatever, you get a dragon egg if you are lucky or gems or an expansion, or a flight suit. you can't get same things more than once, but you can play it and get UDT once you unlock it once!


Trader Johan should be more active! So what you do is that you take something that sells on the store. If you click on trader johan, you can trade in the thing, and ger something in return. E.G gems, coins, if lucky, Dragon Tactic related stuff. (Gems and Coins, you get how much you have to pay at the store.


Titan and Adult age ups should be free! But instead of paying Gems, you have to pay coins to unlock mini quest with the dragon that you want to age up and finish it. Once you finish, it turns into an adult or a titan!!!


More hairstyles (COOL) to purchase with coins!


Making your OWN Flight suit. If you pay enough gems to make a dragon flight suit, (the amount of gems that you payed  to get the egg) you get to make your own flight suits. You can color it, make it larger, add a little accesory that you buy at the store from the "Inventory" and added it to customize it.


Animations to show the great relationship of you and your dragon. (patting, mounting animation with dragon, dragon and rider cuddling, viking petting, scratching, kissing his/her dragon.



These are something that I really want sod to change or add. 



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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(

They removed johan from the main characters (except icestorm) because he died in rtte and he turned out to be a traitor and a spy among the dragon riders.

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*Nyooms from Hyperspace*

(Ok This post has finally peaked my attention XD)


I think these are all great ideas and id love to see them come into the game!!


I cant find where I posted it but I remember making a post presenting the idea of locations and the store.


What I'm saying is I find it kind of odd that someone who started the game yesterday can go into the HW at berk. Since it and many other places are so sacred and special only players who have earned enough UDT points can go to these locations. (Expansion islands would be exempt from this since you have to play them to unlock) so for example at first the player would only be able to go to The School, TG, the lookout, the wilderness, berk, new berk, explore the ocean, and snolouts sentry post. Then as their bond grows with their dragon or dragons they could eventually unlock islands like Vanaheim and THW. It would give players incintive to play and earn UDT points and progress. You dont have to be a member to unlock these places you just have to progress. :)


Another Idea I presented was the idea of multiple stores on different Islands. For example on dragon hunter island you could get villain themed clothes and weapons as well as dragons like the singetail and deathgripper that have been used by hunters in the past. Obviously wild islands like zippleback island wouldent have this but it would be cool if stettled islands (islands with buildings on them XD) would have things you could only get from that island. The admins could also islands like wingmaiden, DOFTW, beserker,outcast, ETC to add more diversity in the universe. The general store would stil be ingamebut it would have more general nessesities. (BC I REFUSE TO GO TO THE LOOKOUT MORE THEN IS STRICTLY NESSESARY) 


I now disappear again... farewell for now.... XD


Welcome to the New-ish Siggy!!

Please be advised of fire, stray blaster bolts, and Inquisitors during your stay.

(Your Safety is our priority :3)

This is Grapho the dreadfall siggy guardian! Say Hi :D



You can call me Jedi ;)

I Joined SOD in 2015

Im not really online much but I do show up to ask a question or two. :)




Petitions Im a part of:

Toothless banner by A lapse! SOD Banner by EmeraldHuntress65!



By toothless0603 :D



JediMasterFury Gif by EmeraldHuntress65!
Grapho the siggy guardian by AndreaEaston!
Tempesto Pixel by Aetherna!
Profile Pic by AndreaEaston!
Dragon Headshots By TigerLi1y!
Huh You read through all that? Wow Im impressed...
I gotta say we were pretty lucky not to run into-
 annnd I spoke too soon....

*runs away screaming*

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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

got another idea:


sad dragon 'flying' animations 

i'd thing that would be so cute!

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Pouncer dive-bombed me at high-speed...



Also, tracking!


Hello and welcome to my siggy!

My forum name is Trainsanddragons but please call me Seer, Seeranna or Anna. Do not call me trainsanddragons or dragons.


Name in game: Seerannathebold (main Viking used).


Tidal- male Shockjaw level 50; TITAN

Rosepetal- female Deadly Nadder level 22; adult

Warfang- male Armourwing level 11; adult: Got from expansion

Icefang- female groncicle level 10; adult: got from expansion

Erupto- male Eruptodon; level 12; adult: Got from code Lavaeater

Thunderclap- male thunderdrum level 50; TITAN: Got from store.

Gas and Spark- male Zippleback level 15; adult: got from UDT egg

 Alphine: male Wooly Howl- level 50; TITAN, bought from store.

Venom- Speed Stinger- male- level 13; adult; bought from store

Groundshaker- male Whispering death- adult; got from a random chest at the School; level 15

Paradise- female whispering death- teen; got from Explore the Dark Depths; level 6

Wildfire- female Monsterous Nightmare- adult- again, got from a random chest at TG; level 12

Sweetsmell- male Snaptrapper- got from Thawfest chest at Lookout (how was that possible!?); adult; level 11

Seashock- male Seastormer- got from Thawfest Event (first hybrid); adult; level 21

Golden- female Deadly Nadder- got from a Thawfest Chest; teen; level 5

Treecutter- male Timberjack- bought from store; TITAN; level 24

Spruce- male Timberjack- bought from store; adult; level 11?

Shatter- male Screaming D.eath- bought from store- TITAN; level 21

Wildblaze- male Typhoomerang- got from Battle Event Chest- adult; level 11

Moijorg- male Skrill- bought from store- adult; level 13

Pouncer- male NL- got from Summarhildr Event- adult; level 15

Benshu- female Prickleboggle- bought from store; adult; level 22



Former dragons:

Toothless- 21.

Light Fury- 11?



Code: PM me.


FOUR NEW DRAGONS: (on my three other accounts in-game, not this one!)

Storm- Female Skrill level 12; adult: Bought from store

Eggroaster- Female Fireworm Queen- level 6ish; adult; got from battle event chest.

Skyheart- Female hobblegrunt- level 25; adult; got from store as well.

Earthquake- Male Eruptodon- level 1; baby; got from code Lavaeater too.



Nightscales- Male SandWraith- Level 22; Titan; got from beginning of game on other account.

Sunlight- Female M. Nightmare- level 6; baby; got from hatchery.


MORE TITANS (new dragons!):

Opal- Titan Razorwhip: female; level 20

Meleody- Titan Death Song: male: level 21

Flower- Titan Deadly Nadder: female: level 20


Number of Titans: Nine.




I was a former member of Supreme Nightriders, but I retired from it. My new Clan is. . .The NIghtlight Racers and I am one of the elders in the Clan.


Main Racing Dragons:








Main Battle Event Dragons:





Main DT Dragons:

All of them


Main Quest Dragons:

Again, all of them (except for Thunderclap, because he's at the max level.)


Things I like to do in SoD:

Battle EVENTS!

Trr (Thunder Run Racing.)


Flight Club


Looking for hackers

Hanging out with my dragons




Hackers >:(

Glitches (same thing, lol.)

Missing Battle Events :(

Getting kicked out alot




To my Clan: I will stand with you untill all of the bugs/glitches/hackers are gone.


Basically a list of my current Vikings in-game:


Emma (forgot her full name, probably left this account in the dust).

And tons more, I mostly abandoned most of them to be left in the ruins.


How many stars do I have?: One plantium star




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Frost Shards
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I think these are fairly

I think these are fairly small asks that I'm putting out into the universe, and now I know the devs are looking...hhehe:


-Often overlooked, but I think we REALLY need a toggleable way to hide the on-screen controls. You don't even need them on computer, and it would make taking cool screenies SO much easier, instead of having to manually crop and edit them out.


-The chat filter XD.


-Maybe more then just one way of immersing and RP-ing? Like as well as quests, like some others said, making your own clothes, unlocking stuff, etc.


-Releasing dragons into the wild. Sometimes, its best for them to get to live freely.


-Trading between players. Example: Player A sends trade request to Player B, who can accept or decline. Both players have a maximum of ten slots they can put items in to exchange. Once they're happy, BOTH players hit the confirm button and there is a three second cancellation preiod before the trade happens. Viola!


-Selling stuff back to the store. Non-members get 40% original price, members get 60%?


-Bugs ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


-Telling players what's possible for them to earn in that level before they enter a DT level, so that if they're looking for a specific item, they know what to play!

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A few ideas

I have a few here that I think would be great:


1) Fix the floating bits of spikes, spines, frills, etc on certain models. Some models have a strange habit of having pieces of them float, even after years of them existing. A lot of the older models need some tlc, wouldn't you agree?


2) Fix. The. Chat filter. You know how many times I've tried to help someone, only to be muted for 24 hours? Or how many times I've seen some foul langage get past the filter because it wasn't in English? WAY too often. Either don't make the filter so strict, or start filtering bad words in other languages. Another issue with the filter is that common, harmless words are censord so I'm often forced to name my dragons in different langages. Want a name like Hawthorn? Use the German varient of this plant. It's rediculous that I can't use a bunch of words in my native language, English!


3) Update Toothless' model. You know that meme with the big, buff doge and the small crying doge next to it? Toothless is the crying doge, and his family's the big, buff doge. Toothless looks so low quality that that's probably why some people refuse to get membership. Some people really don't care for the Light Fury, or already have one of the Night Lights, so why bother with an old, outdated Toothless? He's the series mascot, for goodness sake! Perhaps take one of the Night Light models and modify it to be like Toothless?


4) More  and better gem stable quests for Non-members like there used to be. Locking THREE of FOUR behind membership will only encourage cheaters and hackers. Need I say more? 


! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !

! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !


Dragons: (Key: Pink names are female, and blue names are male. Bold names are titans and/or max level)

Monsterous Nightmare (Total: 5, Max levels: 2) Rivu (Starter) (50) ll Nasail (50) ll Fioled (41) ll Fellous (27) ll Roukera (18)

Scauldron (Total: 1, Max level: 1) Deniz (50)

Whispering Death (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Halvard (50) ll Terra (46) ll Azibo (26) ll Rosey (25) ll Snappy (18)

Groncicle (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Glacia (50) ll Icelee (49) ll Frostbite (31) ll Iceland (26) ll Tundra (18)

Deadly Nadder (Total: 4, Max level: 1) Hagedorn (50) ll Tuija (28) ll Eiche (23) ll Buckthorn (19)

Hideous Zippleback (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Rain and Cloud (50) ll Thump and Wallop (29) ll Twist and Turn (26) ll Snare and Trap (26) ll Ash and Snow (17)

Gronckle (Total: 5, Max level: 1) Solveig (50) ll Avanti (26) ll Anaru (20) ll Drusilla (20) ll Boulder (6) ll ??? (Egg)

Singetail (Total: 1) Hestia (38)

Typhoomerang (Total: 1) Corentine (36)

Eruptodon (Total: 2) Volkan (37) ll Houri (19)

Tide Glider (Total: 3, Max levels: 2) Nereus (50) ll Tethys (50) ll Dionysus (14)

Armorwing (Total: 1) Algar (20)

Deathsong (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Sigrdrifa (50) ll Nidhogg (12)

Razorwhip (Total: 1) Lagi (44)

Skrill (Total: 1) Flugurite (46)

Thunderdrum (Total: 5) Taima (39) ll Donar (18) ll Esen (15) ll Boran (15) ll Blast (6)

Boneknapper (Total: 2, Max level: 1) Morana (50) ll Undertaker (18)

Flightmare (Total: 3) Hoshi (36) ll Toshi (20) ll Akemi (13)

Flame Whipper (Total: 1) Datura (32)

Changwing (Total: 2) Yamanu (27) ll Abuto (13)

Shockjaw (Total: 2) Elysia (32) ll Zapper (10)

Hobblegrunt (Total: 2) Oseye (34) ll ??? (Egg)

Fireworm Queen (Total: 1) Sana (20)
Sweet Death (Total: 1) Beowulf (20)
Smothering Smokebreath (Total: 3) Gavina (17) ll Mack (13) ll Edge (12)

Sand Wraith (Total: 2) Horus (30) ll Bast (20)
Scuttleclaw (Total: 2) Elfriede (16) ll Ernust- (14)

Triple Stryke (Total: 2) Vilhelm (17) ll Alfdis (14)

Raincutter (Total: 2) Cahal (15) ll Yanyu (14)
Deathgripper (Total: 1) Thanatos (20)

Snafflefang (Total: 2) Cattibrie (15) ll Wulfgar (8)

Rumblehorn (Total: 4) Alois (15) ll Alvilda (16) ll Beet (12) ll Basil (11)

Stormcutter (Total: 1) Gale (15)

Moldruffle (Total: 1) Maze (10)
Hotburple (Total: 1) Bumps (10)
Woolly Howl (Total: 1) Fornost (8)
Mudraker (Total: 1) Stomp (3)
Speed Stinger (Total: 1) Flash (1)

Sliquifier (Total: 1) Arnor (1)
Windwalker (Total: 1) Gondor (1)
Seastormer (Total: 1) 
Ambarussa (1)
Snow Wraith (Total: 1) Seeker (1)
Silver Phantom (Total: 1) Droplet (1)
Night Terror (Total: 1) Moonlight (1)
Terrible Terror (Total: 1) Scout (1)
Timberjack (Total: 1) Fangorn (1)
Crimson Gorecutter (Total: 1) Thanduil (1)

Night Lights- Ruffrunner (13) ll Pouncer (14) ll Dart (1)

Variations (Expansion rewards):
Elder Sentinel (Total: 1) Gerda (18)
Smitten Hobgobbler (Total: 1) Winifred (13)

Toothless (50)
Light Fury (25)

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  I like all your ideas! But I have to say number 3 is my favorite. Not only was the explaination good but also really funny. Glad I wasn't the only one who mentioned it on this thread. :'D

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Pouncer dive-bombed me at high-speed...

Ooo, I like it!