Game loads... But controls don't

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I am recently playing again after a long hiatus and was super excited about it! Unforunately, every time I log on, I end up in an area with a cursor and nothing else. No control buttons, no icon of myself up above showing energy, etc. I can't move, can't click, can't do anything.


I have tried appearing in different locations and I am fine if I start in the nest, but the second I walk outside, same issue. Has anyone had these same issues/can they fix it? It's really frustrating because everything else seems to be fine!



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To be honest, I haven't and

To be honest, I haven't and this is due to the fact I can't even play the game anymore.....anytime I try to go into the game through any of my avatars I get server timed out each time and this started about 2-3 days ago and I haven't been able to play the game because of this.