Game loads on computer app... But controls don't

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I am recently playing again after a long hiatus and was super excited about it! Unforunately, every time I log on, I end up in an area with a cursor and nothing else. No control buttons, no icon of myself up above showing energy, etc. I can't move, can't click, can't do anything.


I have tried appearing in different locations and I am fine if I start in the nest, but the second I walk outside, same issue. Has anyone had these same issues/can they fix it? It's really frustrating because everything else seems to be fine!



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This issue has happened to me many times before, no worries, you aren't alone!
I have only ever played this game's computer version since 2017.
Now there can be many factors at play here that are the cause of this slow down.
As I shall list below:
- The newest update is bringing a halt to loading majority of the time, in which you cannot control much unless you tinker with your game's graphic settings to the lowest option possible. (Less details for your computer to focus on.) You can achieve this before entering the game by clicking on the gear shown on the front page, bottom right side. I've tested this tactic myself and had a 50/50 chance of speeding up.
- Too many "stuck" friend requests (requests that refuse to delete upon declining) and they overload the chat box. If you ever need assistance in knowing how to permanently delete them all (this can imply to anyone) - simply click Ignore (the yellow button), then delete the request in the Ignored Friends category (viking/envelope with red cross out), done.
- The browser download of the game is more prone to bugs/gitches than the Steam version. Now I'm not saying you must immediately create an account on Steam, then redownload the game that way. But majority of my current gameplay is done over Steam anymore due to less run-ins with problems. This is merely only a recommendation, you do not have to do this option.
Or all my estimated diagnosis above are not the case at all and you're just dealing with a rut the game has personally thrown your way. At times, hold-ups just happen at random, some can even last for days. Possibly it could be best to wait it out. Best of luck to you, hope it resolves soon!

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