The game keeps pushing me away with the constant bugs and issues.

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Okay, so I've been playing School of Dragons since 2014, however, I really started to get into it in January of 2016. I've been using the same viking for 3 years now, and obviously I love the game, I also have a youtube channel called Grimcraze were I upload videos based on School of Dragons. However, it seems the more I try to love the game the more I hate it, and it's a shame cause there is so much potential. I'll be making a long list of bugs that I've encountered, just to show (if any staff reads this post) that maybe they should focus and fixing these bugs first and many others that I'm sure other people have encountered.


Okay so here I go:

1: Randomly on rare occasions, when I log into the game it puts me into the create-a-viking sub menu and it won't let me pick my viking acting like my account is new.

2: Dragon pictures are outdated and different to what my dragon actually looks like right now.

3: When I use my Dreadfall Axe while flying with a wing suit the Axe gets bug and it floats around my viking as I walk.

4: During a battle, at the end it says "unable to recieve rewards at this time".

5: During a battle, the ship will magically go back to full health.

6: During a battle, 2 ships spawn at the same time.

7: In Dragon Tactics, when there is a injured dragon or viking, when that downed dragon or viking is beside another team member, and that team member gets hit with an AoE attack, the downed member will go back to 3 turns left before retreating.

8: During the last Hidden World dragon tactics battle, Grimmel has the name Dagur, easily shows that devs forgot to change his name as only the model was changed as it uses Dagur's animations.

9: Sometimes, trophies do not display on other vikings when I click on them.

10: My clan name does not appears unless I open the clan menu.

11: The Dreadfall Axe does not have a sprite image in the menu, so it just appears as a default legendary image.

12: Sometimes, when I edit my farm and finish, it does not save and it reverts back to my previous layout with some overlapping objects from the current change.

13: Loading screens! I think everyone has come across this, you're playing and all of a sudden it refuses to load and you need to restart the game.

14: Couple of times this has happened, I log into my game and when I spawn I recieve a dragon saying "You have trained the Groncicle or baby deathsong" This is obviously a bug relating to the expansions.

15: Lots of quest bugs, too many to go into but I'm sure many people have encountered them.


Some of these bugs to not affect a lot, but they get annoying and it gives a bad vibe for the game when I play, thinking about all the bugs and problems. Anyways, thanks for taking your time to read this post.



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Yup, me too. Though I actually experience some pretty different bugs such as:


- Journal not closing (Which basically means I can NEVER open my journal unless I want to restart)

- 'Your process failed to sync with our server' mainly with jobs on the farm job board

- The controls freezing when I walk / teleport out of my farm

- Journal infinitly loading

- Stuck seed bags (which basically means a restart due to the previous farm bug)

- Broken quest arrow not showing me where to go

- Quests mysteriously ending / unfinished? I get the feeling this is the case because I sometimes don't get exp from them.

- Unable to interact with anything in my farm requiring me to walk out my farm and AGAIN possibly encounter the controls freezing bug

- Occassional crashing (Doesn't happen too often for me)

- 'You've been logged out'


And this is amongst many others. I reinstalled the game, cleared the cache, and hoped this would solve most of it. Guess what? IT. MADE. IT. WORSE. By giving me NEW problems I didn't have to begin with.


- When I look at my dragons or go to the customize menu, all of the icons for the dragons / accessories are gone

- Game lags twice as much when I open my journal, sometimes freezing

- I used to be able to play the game in mmo with the highest graphics enabled smoothly but now it lags


And there are probably many more I have not yet discovered due to being too fed up with this game to get into it properly. I WANT to love this game, I really do, but I can't. I don't know why I even bother coming back to it, the game is hopeless at this point unless it gets redone from the ground up, which will certainly not happen.


There is no point in telling the developers, they most likely know already. A lot of these bugs have occured since the game's release and are not going to get fixed.


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