The game doesn't know that i already have a dragon

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I'm having some serious trouble with one of my caracters/viking slots: Hikken Leon.

I have already chosen a dragon, a monstrous nightmare (see slide #2 in attached pdf). The problem is that the game for some reason can't see that it's there, so it keeps telling me to "choose an egg inside the Hatchery and hatch it" (see slide #1 in attached pdf). What should I do or is there something you can help me with? If you need to delete the caracter and open up a new one for me, then I'm all in! I would realy like to play this game and fly my fearsome monstrous nightmare dragon!

Sincerely yours,
Hikken Leon (this is the caracters name/viking slot)
aka olabskar (this is my username)

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Same Issue!

I am having the exact same problem- already hatched, customized and named my baby dragon but it won't complete the quest and move on to the next one.


I did, when I first started playing, was able to continue on. But for some reason, once I exited out for the day and came back on a day later, it showed what was stated above. I have no idea what to do...