game crashing

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ever since this update it seems that the game seems to crash a lot more or is it just me?


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Same here

Your not the only one




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gamee crashing

what is the problem with the game why does it keep crashing all the time?

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This game though.....

Its probably because they released the update unfinished which was an unwise decision because we just keep encountering bugs and I cant even play the game without it crashing in under five minutes or the server time being called. I cant even see the battle boats! I have the game on pc btw and it seems to be the platform being hit the hardest from the update.




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Ever since the new updates, I’ve been experiencing crashes a lot when I’m on MMO. Either I have a terrible internet connection, or it’s the game. I’ve been trying to win rewards during battles events and after playing only 4 battle events, my game crashes every battle event, and I either miss out on the reward, or I get a lower score. It’s starting to get on my nerves.


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Couldn't save all of him...

I can't even get ON the game! I came back after some months of being gone and it told me to install the latest updates. I did this-- or I should say TRIED to do this-- and something happend during the updates which caused the whole thing to crash. Multiple uninstall and reinstall attempts later and I still can't get anywhere close to getting into the game. Also, I have had to reset my acct password multiple times, but everytime I try to get into the acct manager it does not recognize my username. This is ridiculous to the extreme!


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