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Idk where to put this. I have a gameboy(my first one), nintendo DSI and a PS4. Im saving my money to buy a PSV(Play Station Vita). What do you have?





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I have...

A DSI xl, a 3DS xl, a wiki, and an iPad. :)


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Well, I have a Wii,

Well, I have a Wii, Playstation (the original), a Playstation 2, and a Nexus 7 (2012). I used to have a Gameboy Advance, then I sold that so I could get a DSi (which conveniently can play Gamboy Advance games) and then I sold that to get a Nexus. I'm thinking about selling my Wii to get a Wii U. Maybe I'll save to get a 3DS...


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I played a 3DS the pokemon X

I played a 3DS the pokemon X or Y I forgot and never played wii though i really want to play one

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GameCube, wii, ds lite,

GameCube, wii, ds lite, gameboy advance, and 3ds. 


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mm yum those rabbits look

mm yum those rabbits look tasty.

Anywho I have a DS, gameboy, PS3, a laptop, Wii, 3DS and a joystick to connect to my PC so I can play Flight simulators. 


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