Game always freezes after a Battle Event

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This is.... really annoying. I play on a mix of PC and iPhone and it happens on both. After a battle event ends, when I try to look at the clan leaderboard or open the chest it always freezes. Usually it unfreezes after a while, but just now while I was using my iPhone it completely locked up and I was forced to restart, loosing the chest in the process. This is especially frustrating because it's the first time I placed gold and I don't even get a chance at something decent! Please fix you're killing me with how much this game lags and crashes come on.


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Is it really a freeze or does it just keep loading for ages? If it's really a freeze, that's weird since you're playing on two completely different devices. That really can't be good. All I can suggest is for you to clear your Unity cache. Maybe check your event log if you know your way around it.


When it comes to the chest, if your loader just keeps spinning and spinning without you actually gaining a reward, that's a common bug that has existed for a while. Many people lose their chests because of it. A workaround would be to keep your chest and open it at a much later time. It works most of the time, but not always.



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It's about half of the time

It's about half of the time loading but really slow (gears still spinning) and half the time a full freeze (music stops, all images locked in place). Even it just being slow is a problem if I'm using the iPhone though, because then my phone will go to sleep. I'll keep the chest trick in mind though, thanks.