Fury's Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Your Game

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Early on, I made the mistake of pretty much rushing through all the quests this game offers, not really taking the time to properly appreciate the characters, the story, my dragon flock, anything.  Since running out of quests quite some time ago (expansions included), I have changed my ways, but I do regret not slowing down sooner.  So, so no one else makes my mistake, here (in no particular order) are some of my tips to get the most out of the game:

  1. Turn off the Quest Arrow.  It takes a lot longer, yes; it's much more difficult, yes; but it's so much more fulfilling to have to find what you're looking for for yourself without being told exactly where to go most of the time.  Now I admit, it can get frustrating when you sometimes absolutely cannot locate <insert quest item here>.  When that happens, first check the Quest page of your journal, to make sure you're on the right island, and see if the quest text gives you any hints.  Maybe ask in chat if anyone knows where <insert quest item here> is.  If you still can't find <insert quest item here>, then just turn on the Quest Arrow long enough to get the direction to <insert quest item here>, turn it off again, and continue the search.  Only as an absolute last resort, turn on and follow the Quest Arrow to the objective.  Not only does doing this add an extra challenge (and an extra feeling of accomplishment when you finally succeed), it also allows you to spend more time with your dragons.  That actually leads nicely into the next tip:
  2. Actually, really roleplay.  Maybe most people already do this and I'm an odd one, but a lot of the time I was just "playing the game", not actually trying to be part of the game world.  This might sound strange, but when you're doing stuff like flying around looking for <insert quest item here> or whatever, try actually talking to your dragon as your character (either just in your head or out loud).  For instance, something like: "Hm, don't see anything on that sea-stack.  Come on, let's check that one over there," imagine your dragon's response, and then steer for the other sea-stack.  Another example of this, I joined the game back when The Trading Post was Johann's Trading post, so when I go to the Trading Post to buy chicken feed or whatever, I'll actually in my head dialogue my character and Johann speaking as we would.  Believe it or not, by doing that, I actually one time managed to talk myself into buying a bunch of stuff I really didn't need (though thankfully, most of it was for coins, not gems).   It was amazing; I'd have never made those purchases if I wasn't roleplaying Johann talking with my character.  Evidently, I'm a better Trader Johann than I gave myself credit for. XD
    Anyway, going along with that...
  3. Don't take impossible/illogical shortcuts.  E.G., if you're feeding your legion of chickens and you run out of feed, don't click the Store button in the corner of the screen.  Instead, walk out of your farm, across The Lookout, into the School Grounds, and to the Trading Post by the entry to the Training Grounds.  Then buy your feed there, and actually travel back to your farm to finish feeding your animals. 
    Likewise, if you are on the School Grounds, for instance, and you accept a quest where the objective is at the Berk Docks, don't pull up the map and warp there.  Instead, pull up the map if you need to, note the direction to the Berk Docks (due southeast from the Training Grounds, in this case), then act on that. Travel to the Training Grounds on foot or on dragonback, pull up the compass, and fly due southeast from there until the game presents you with the map.  Even then, don't warp to the Berk Docks.  Rather, warp to the first island in your path of travel (Berk), then fly due northwest from there (since that is where you'd be approaching from) until the game again presents you with the map, cancel out, and then proceed southeast, land at Berk, make your way down toward the docks, and only then warp to the Berk Docks.  If your dragon gets sad somewhere along the way, then again, "Actually, really roleplay".  Stop at a fishing hole, catch a few fish, feed your dragon, give him some words of encouragement, maybe rest a few minutes.  (This could even be [and sometimes was by me] taken a step further back before the ability to "Play" with your dragon was removed; you could use play to drop your dragon's energy after a particularly long flight between two far-apart islands.)  Again, you'll spend more time with your dragons and actually grow a real appreciation for them. :)
  4. This is also part of "Actually, really roleplay", but I never claimed to be organized. :P  Converse with the NPCs.  Don't just run up to a character with an exclamation point/question mark over his head, click/tap, read the text, and carry on.  Before clicking, say "Hi", describe what you're doing/what you want.  Again, this sounds really weird, but you'll get so much more out of the game if you do.  Even if there's a character you don't have to talk to, do so anyway!  As an example, I pretend my character lives on the Edge, where you can find all of the Riders.  So I'll often start myself there, and before flying off, inform Hiccup or Astrid where I'm going/what I'm doing, because we know they'd appreciate that.

So yeah, there are my four-ish tips to help you get the most out of the game  Hope someone finds them helpful.  Otherwise, feel free to completely disregard this. XD  You won't hurt my feelings. 

If anyone else has his/her own tips on how to get the most out of the game, feel free to add them. :)


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I'm guessing that tip with the shop will work better on a computer because you can move your mouse, hover over the items and stuff like that before buying. On mobile, it just click, click, done. 


I wouldn't suggest using the quest arrow to find the direction when your on foot. It leads you a weird way around. Instead, get on your dragon and just hover in the air (actually take off) because it then shows you the direct route. Let me explain:

If you were at the blacksmiths and needed to go to the beach under Berk, when on foot, the arrow points horizontal towards the path. But, when on your dragon, it points down. 


I don't miss the quests, I just make up my own!!


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Wow. These are some pretty good ideas. I wish I slowed down a little too.

i think these will definitely make the game more fun, and make it seem more like you're actually living and working in the HTTYD universe. I've never really been one for roleplaying (the closest i've done is probably playing a game with my sister, and instead of typing in the game we would just talk in real life) but I guess I could try it?

One thing I likes to do, when youre fishing, or just feeding your dragon fish, i like to imagine my character throwing the fish up for the dragon to catch, then after they catch it, follow it by a chin rub, or a pat, or saying what a good boy/girl they are.

Or even when i'm going to my farm or the stables, I like to walk or fly there instead of teleporting.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!


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I sometimes have conversations in my head with my dragons and the NPCs. It's actually really fun. XD I once made up my own quest where Valka and Hiccup asked me to go to Old Berk to scout out the area to see if any dragon hunters were around and if they were try to find out what they were up to. I went to Old Berk, flew all around it like I was checking things out, and then went back to New Berk to report to Valka and Hiccup, telling them all was quiet at our old home. It was actually really fun making up my own quest like that.


A tip I have: If you can, take screenshots during quests. It makes for really great memories. I started doing that around the time Rise of Stormheart came out(I believe)and I look back at my screenshots from time to time and remember what fun I had doing the quest/expansion. I wish I had started doing that sooner and I could've documented my SoD journey through screenshots of all the quests. I didn't do that for the Summarhildr quests and I really regret it. I wish I had taken the time to take screenshots during the quests because there were so many opportunities for some good screenshots.


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Flightmares are overrated-*BONK*

Same. I documented the entire Hobgobbler questline and it was beautiful. I did the whole thing while trying to level Bo, my thunderdrum to the broadwing stage. I don't even use my thunderdrum! He literally has no significance in my daily ins and outs of my gameplay but I have all these memories with him. It makes me love this dragon so much more even tho I don't use him really. Not to mention I was imagining all of this stuff in my head very vividly. So much so that I could probably paint it. Especially me marching through the fireworm queen hives with my little army of hobgobblers.


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- more dragons coming! -

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Screenshot Stories

Yes, taking screenshots is the main way that I get the most out of the game. I captured the main parts of an expansion and shared on the forum along with a personalized story about my experience. The Hidden World was my last screenshot story, but I skipped the Stormheart ones. I thoroughly enjoyed playing them, especially Wrath of Stormheart, but I delayed my playthroughs so I wouldn't run out of expansions. If you would like to read my stories click the expansion icons in my signature. I like editing the shots, which takes a long time to get around to, so nowadays I leave it at that.


It has been a long time since I last posted anything on here, as I got a job as an illustrator (and nothing much was added to the game in the last few months.) Because of Summarhildr, now I have bonded with all my dragons except Grimpinch to the max level. Good to hear from familiar "forumers" like yourself.


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I remember reading your screenshot expansion stories. They were really good. I enjoyed the personalized aspect to them and thought they were really well written.


It's nice to see you again. I always enjoyed reading your comments/threads. Congrats on getting a job as an illustrator! That's really awesome! :D

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Oh I remember when I first started playing. It was so fun that I couldn't wait for the next quest! Unfortunately my sheer enjoyment was what smacked me down. After I was through with quests, I spent time on achievements (Incredible Machine is bugged btw...) and when I got done with them, I... Idk. Nothing left. I tried using the egg method to level my dragons but the play button is gone too. :( I looooved the chemistry minigame but now that's gone! I focused on gathering awesome gear in DT but I've overplayed it after months of squeezing out that last bit of enjoyment... 


Now I'm bored out of my mind. I did a little bit of RPing but I'm not hugely into it, so I get on for daily events and stable quests and I'm back off again. T-T Ugh. I would loooooove for new quests or expansions to be added!!! I just really want something to do again and RP doesn't give me the same thrill as most people. I tell ya what I would do, is spend hours asserting my dominance over other players in DT. Lol! (I'm competitive but a HORRIBLE racer!!!)


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Flightmares are overrated-*BONK*

I totally agree. I roleplayed the HECK out of this game and it was so fun. I have a million headcannons because of it. My viking and Dagur are best bros. I have a strange one sided friendship with Hiccup (Hiccup loves me as a friend and likes spending time with me while he INTIMIDATES ME). I'm REALLY close to Toothless. My viking is the same level of crazy as the twins and the other vikings get afraid when I get involved in their plans. I didn't just "open a reward for a quest and got a boneknaper while I was at Vanaheim", I "found a boneknapper egg while I was on the island and my elder sentenel let me take it off the island to live a full life". I didn't spawn my flamewhipper in for the Stormheart Dragon Tactics level, she "flew in to save me and help me fight and save the dragons!" It's these little things that make the game so much fun. This is truly the way the game was supposed to be played, especially if you actually want to have fun. Yeah, it's a little sad that you have to make your own fun, but I find the fun that you make yourself is more personalized and has more meaning than a game just being fun at a baseline.

Despite my character being just a self insert, they are such a tangable person that I literally have DREAMS about them. I have an entire narritive and arc for this viking that I play as. Roleplaying in this game is SO MUCH FUN. The best fun I've ever had in a roleplay game.

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Consider this...


These are some good tips.


Okay, funny story time.  I've actually been playing this game pretty much since he has launched, yet I still have not completed all the quests, nor the achivemnts.  I finally got around to Rise of Stormheart about two months ago.  At this pace, I won't "beat" the game until two years from now at least.


That being said, I have the opposite goal from you.  Instead of wanting to prolong this game for maximum enjoyment, I have a dream of someday speed running this game.  That's right!  I want to create a new character, and go through all of the quests as fast as I can.  Perhaps beat all of the Expansions in one day.


I know it sound scrazy, but, considering I'm doing an Expansion a year about, it sounds super fun for me.  It would be a nightmare with all the glitches and everything, but could you imagine how crazy it would be?!







(I figure you've probably already figured that out, but I thought I'd play it safe.)


    Hi, I'm Lack Lunason. I'm called that because I lack many things, and I'm a lunatic. I just put son on the end to make it sound more like a viking name. I'm also a Christ follower.


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  1. I am a procrastinator.
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My dramillion speed-ran speed running

Crazy, no, it doesn't sound crazy.


You'll need either a membership or a ton of gems, because you would have to have a membership to get all the expansions free, or buy them all with gems. 


Anyway, good luck on getting expansions, the newest ones are better than the Stormheart ones (in my opinion)