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So, I have recently discovered that eel sushi is one of the most delicious things ever. The huge httyd nerd. Loves eels. I just find it comical and ironic that most of the dragons in the franchise universe would be repulsed by me XD. But, I suppose Typhoomerangs would still appreciate me XD. And supposedly (according to the fandom wiki website) Skrills eat electric eels and Deathsongs eat eels. The Skrill one makes sense, although I have no clue where the Deathsong fact comes from, or if it's even accurate. But, if I was making an oc accurate to my own personality and likes, I wonder which dragon I would befriend?


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I've never tried eel sushi before, I'll have to one day. I did not know that about Skrills, but it does make sense. I think the Deathsong fact comes from the Call of the Deathsong expansion, but I don't know if it is canon in the rest of the series.

I think Typhoomerang would be a good choice, you could becoem friends through your shared love of eels! 


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Yeesssss!!! Eel is actually

Yeesssss!!! Eel is actually sooo amazing! Ok, that makes sense that the Deathsong fact is from an expansion which is probably why I couldn't remember where it came from since there are so many non canon things in SoD. Typhoomerangs are great! And I really like the forest typhoomerangs from titan uprising because they are my favorite color and according to their description are super friendly!

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Yess! Eels in Japanese dish

Yess! Eels in Japanese dish are to di,e for.  I didn't have them often only because they're more pricy than other fish. You should check out Unagidon as well (Eel on rice)

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Ooh yes that looks amazing!!!

Ooh yes that looks amazing!!! (:0

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Oh, I wish swedish sushi was good, I would love to try the eel one (*)


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