Friendship Festival Fashion Showcase

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It's the Friendship Festival, and one of a Viking's closest friends is their faithful dragon. I thought it would be fun to dress my Viking to match my main dragon, a titan screaming death. It occurred to me it would be great to have a thread for everyone to post their screenshots of the same thing!


Which of your dragons will you color-coordinate with this Friendship Festival? Post your screenshots below!


I am having difficulty with uploading the image of mine right now, so please do NOT reply directly.





Incredible art of me and Magpie by the amzing Zikta!



This is Night Sky! He's loyal, protective, and loves helping rescue dragon from Dragon Hunters.


And here are Delilah and Samson, my blazing firemaws created and drawn by Zitka!


This is Tilly, my titanwing dramilion. She is very playful and loves to prank my other dragons, but is also protective of them and thinks she is just as big as Banshee.



This is Thunderstreak, one of Night Sky and Nova's babies, drawn by dracoeyes!


This is Hornet, a hivenger dragon created and drawn by Madness.


This is Mocha, my tricky and coffee-addicted Sinistrous Woodreaper, made by chameishida!



This is my Shrieking Nighthowler chimeragon by DefenderBryhild! Her name is Atiena.



Here is Miracle, my darling windgnasher, drawn by AndreaEaston!

Here is Gemshine, my beautiful Plumetail drawn by Embalathedragonhatcher!

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I'll just put my picture here

Here goes! First up, my titanwing s.creaming d.eath, Banshee!


Second, Magpie (aka Maggie) my sneaky smothering smokebreath!


My faithful singetail, Torchlighter!


My reclusive but kind timberjack, Gideon!


I may add more later.

Let's see your lovely Friendship Festival dragons and outfits!


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Cassian chased away my subject again…

What a fun idea! I'll post something here when I get home :D 




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Ooh fun idea :D Definitely tracking!


Hi there! username is Pending Dragon, but please call me Pending, Pendragon or Pen! I'm a major forum ghoster/stalker and have been playing the game for over two years. If you are a fellow ghoster reading this, then you should come out and join the community! It's great fun!

Have a wonderful day!

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More pictures

Here is Tilly, my titanwing dramillion!


This is my groncicle, Aniyu. I got him from Icestorm Island, and wore the matching armor from the expansion.


This is Jasper, my sand wraith...and it looks like I blinked.


This is Windsong, the d.eathsong from the expansion...


...and her "twin brother" from the same expansion, Ulfberht the razorwhip!