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Okay, this doesn't exactly have to do with playing the game, but I'm not sure where else to post this.


I was just reading the forum rules, and had a thought when I came to the rule about not re-posting a topic if one already exists.  Now, I've noticed that some very vague names have been given to threads.  If I have a suggestion about farms or Thunderrun Racing (of which there are already many of those!), I have to search through each one individually.  This can take some time, going from page after page after page.  So I suggest that when one mouses over the title, a little descriptive box shows up next to the mouse that contains a portion of the post, or a condensed description that the writer makes.  A new feature like this would greatly cut on time sifting through similarly titled posts, especially if someone has a very specific suggestion (or a very specific bug - it works both ways).  (Another tip to anyone reading this - make your titles specific! this one).


Also, maybe posts that are a month old get deleted, and then if players continue to like the idea, can re-post it.  Cutting down on tons of old posts would help keep the list down, and keep fresh ideas going.  Any suggestions or constructive criticism?


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