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Hi there. Another topic, just on New Players. You can ask questions about the forum here (how to use it) or just consider this a chat page for forum questions that anyone can answer.







Hi everyone. Welcome to my signature!


I'm DragonGirl1, but you can call me DG. :D


                                     Game name: ErikatheWise


                                        Friend code: ERQZ04


              Likes: Dragons, Video games, Movies, Books, Reptiles


               Dislikes: Dragon hunters, Caramel, Creepy insects


Personality: Brave, loyal and kind, I respect any Viking or dragon alike (even the most aggressive of dragons).


Clan: The Immortal Dragon Trainers


My dragons:




Fireclaw-Deady Nadder


Toothless-Night Fury










Hunter's Singy-Singetail





More dragons coming soon...



Main racing dragon(s):


Toothless-Night Fury












Please feel free to PM me to ask any questions or just chat.


See you later and











And check out The Immortal Dragon Trainers Sign Up page 

in General Announcements!















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Navlyn Fury
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just found out that you can't

just found out that you can't do battle while singleplayer mode is on


((Heads up for everyone. Mah siggeh will be constantly under reconstruction))

Introducing Hobbs, my fearsome Siggy Guardian! by Witcherforever


My First Viking

Clan: The Messengers

Clan Status: Elder

Clan Leader: alpha zero (Megaboltphoenix / The Messengers)

Viking Name: Rogue Wolf

Friend Code: PM me if you want it


My Second Viking

Clan: The Forgotten Racers

Clan Status: Member

Clan Leader: Knight of Fury

Viking Name: WolfStrange

Friend Code: PM me if you want it


My Third Viking

Clan: Ambassadors of the Light

Clan Status: Leader

Viking Name: WolfBruh

Friend Code: PM me if you want it


About me

Welcome to my Siggy! You can call me Nav. In real life, i am like this, but whenever it's not face-to-face, I am like this. I love to read, draw (digital drawings) and play SoD.


What i like and what i dont like

I despise bananas with all my being

I adore and practically idolize books

I am in love with anime

I highly dislike slow games (i turn slavemaster mode when i get stuck with a slow game XD)

I savor chess and checkers

I can't stand being ignored (it makes me cranky)

Dutch Blitz and Nertz are practically the same, so i love both

Quelf is just a good way to embarass yourself so i avoid that game like the plague

I love doing the Cup Song with my friends

I can't stand kids who act older than they really are (makes me wanna stuff 'em down a drain pipe)


I can be found on...

QuizUp as Navlyn Fury | Words With Friends as NavlynFury | Rise of Berk as one of those many guests | Quizlet as Navlyn Fury | MuseScore as Navlyn Fury | 

(ill have the profile pic for this forum account as the profile pic for the other accounts)


My Fav Music Artists

Toby Mac | Capital Kings | Owl City | Royal Tailor | NF | KB | Red | OBB | Theocracy | Skillet | Audiomachine | Matthew West | Josh Wilson | Nightcore | for KING & COUNTRY | 


My Fav Books/Manga Comics*

Ranger's Apprentice | Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years | Brotherband Chronicles | The Chornicles of Narnia | Lord of the Rings | The Hobbit | Keeper of the Lost Cities | Wings of Fire | Orange* | Manga Classics  series* | Shelter of Wings* | Michael Vey | The School for Good and Evil | 


My Fav Music Genres

EDM | Instrumental/Soundtrack | Christian Rap | Christian Hip Hop | Christian Rock | Dubstep | 


My Fav Animes

Your Lie in April | Glitter Force | Beyblade | SAO | Patema Inverted | Castle in the Sky |

(and yes, for all anime fans, my anime list is woefully short. Im working on lengthening it)


Random Things aka Im bored

Does it suddenly seem like I'm spamming the Forums? Then I'm sorry. Not. 

I have a habit of jogging my leg up and down constantly so don't bother telling me to stop.Cuz i will uncosciously start doing it again


One brother is one brain; two brothers is half a brain; three brothers is no brains at all

Then, if that aint' enough, throw in a Special Needs kid with ENDLESS ENERGY

Stepping on your brothers' legos while carrying a heavy basket of laundry is more trying not to trip over more legos as you navigate the small room than a small censored to the ball of your foot


The Messengers Clan

Are you interested in joining the Messengers? Then here are the clan threads! 

The Messengers~ Ultimate Clan Thread | The Messengers~ Artwork | The Messengers~ Code of Conduct | The Messengers Clan~ Newly updated thread | The Messengers: Rules and Requirements* | 

*must read the Rules and Requirements in order to join. Also, read The Messengers, signature


The Forgotten Racers Clan

Are you interested in joining The Forgotten Racers? PM Knight of Fury. if he isn't on, PM Navlyn Fury or Tamra Diamond. We will be able to notify Knight of Fury in game. (both Dia and I play often)

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Oh. Didn't know that. Thanks

Oh. Didn't know that. Thanks for the info.