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Okay so probably not revalant but I went to change my current profile picture but when I saved the changes it was still the first pic, not the one I had just selected. So I deleted that one and then selected a new picture, saved changes, but it was still the first picture -.- How do I fix this..?


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Press ctrl+f5. It's a local thing.



















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Not all the spam?

I expected this post to be about this

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Not all the spam?

[Edit: Sorry about the double post, don't know how that happened.]

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What I do is I trick it. Replace it with a narrow picture (your pick, horizontal or verticle), save it— That would get the forum to realize that it is a different picture— And then I go back, delete the current picture, and choose whatever picture I want. Always works for me.


Also what causes double posting is when you enter your captcha, the second you click "Save" your post is already up, its just loading the page. If you click it twice there may be an attack issue detected and will tell you to enter your captcha again. Don't do that, your page is already up (If you see the thread at the top of the Active Forum Topics, that normally means its up)

That also goes with refreshing the page when it is saving. It only takes a minute at tops for it to load.


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Oh thanks evryone, this helped :D