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Welcome to my thread of of oneshots! I'll be posting scribbles of stories I've written right here, below this post. Please do not reply directly to any of the stories or DNR posts.


There will be fanfictions, originals and weird stories. Enjoy!


Dragonblood ~ Whovian ~ HTTYD Fan ~ Writer ~ 17 ~ Artist ~ Whittler ~ Procrastinator ~ Chicken keeper ~ Imaginator

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Some of my favourite films and shows: HTTYD, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Good Omens, Dragons series, Avatar, Doctor Strange, Maleficent.

Some of my favourite books: Eragon, Talon saga, The Last Dragon Chronicles, The Erth Dragons, any Terry Pratchett book (Good Omens!), any Diana Wynne Jones book, Lionboy, Halo, and many more.

Favourite colours: sunset orange and dark green.

Favourite bands/singers: Coldplay, 2CELLOS, Queen, Mumford and Sons, P!nk, random songs...

Favourite Dragons: Flightmares, Deathgrippers, Titan Woolly Howls, Hobgobblers, Stormcutters, Furies, Skrillknappers.

Hobbies: writing, drawing, listening to music, wood carving, daydreaming, procrastinating.

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Pearl and Twitch, and Pyxis and Thumper, by Moonfyre! Tysm!

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The Goremare, Quamarang, Zippledeath and Woollyder by Chamieshida! Ty!

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Ryx! By Silver Phantom. Tysm!          My yet to be named Ikran-Fury! By Toothless0602. Tysm!

Grown up Wholight, edit done by Era! Ty!


Wholight, edited by Inky! Tysm!!

Paradox the paradox causing Terrible Terror! Created by Senate! Ty!

Ængel, my hyman OC, drawn brilliantly by Tosi! Tysm!!     Dr. Lupin! My brilliant secret santa gift from Maz. tysm!

Link for Flitt by CrystalGuitars1214

Uhhh, what have you done, Paradox?! Done by Era! Ty!!          Link and Alexandrine, both by Dyl. Tysm!Alexandrine for Flitt by CrystalGuitars1214


                                                                 Windfall, by Chame! Ty!

This Pixel flighty is by, Alpha! Tysm :D                     Aureole, by Slargvarg! Ty!

Flickering, by Era! tysm!


I take art commissions and art trades! 

I can do digital and traditional drawings. Dragons from HTTYD, Dragonvale and Flight Rising are all good, and so are hybrids. Be warned though, I will not draw boulder class, nadders, scuttleclaws, deathgrippes or groncicles. I can't get their heads right. BUT, I can always have a go at them in an art trade if you want to practice something you're not too good at yet (but you will be! You will always be amazing! :D)

I CAN have a go at drawing humans, even though I'm not particularly good.

Examples can be found on my DeviantArt page.

PM me if you would like art, or I can be found on Discord at Flitt Locke#7968

I may be slow due to rl stuff, but I WILL get it done. If you want to know where you are on the list, then you can find a request list here.

"Don't be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others" -Unknown


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Extra post, just in case.


Feel free to ask questions!

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The Dealer of Luck

(Xreader without romance. This is an original story of mine)


They came on an overcast day, when the sky was grey with clouds and the air was promising the threat of rain. The dusty dirt road along which they had travelled was bone dry from the month long drought, and the grass on the verges yearned for a drop of water. Thin sheep and cows gazed blatantly at you from their pastures, chewing on what little green blades were left. Bony chickens ran from your steps, clucking and calling in a halfhearted fashion, as if the heat had sucked the life from them. The feet with which you stepped were dirty from the road, but, no matter how much you were told to wear shoes, you would not, preferring to feel the earth beneath your soles.

    You were on your way to collect the water rations you'd been assigned for that day when they passed you, face hidden beneath a hood and hands shoved deep into pockets. You thought it odd that they'd be wearing a dark, woollen coat in the humid atmosphere, but what they whispered as they passed stopped you in your tracks.

     ‘Y/N,’ you heard them mutter. ‘F/L.’

     You turned to them as they turned to you, their face still hidden in shadow. ‘How do you know my name?’ You asked.

     ‘I know many things,’ they said, their voice suggesting male and female tones, yet neither at the same time. ‘I could know your future, but then again I may not.’

     intrigued now, you studied the shadow under the hood. You could vaguely see a face, but you could not distinguish what their features were. They seemed to be flicking from one person to another, forever changing, yet still the same. Every size, every shape, every colour all at once. Everybody and nobody 

     ‘Who are you?’ You said, wary of this stranger yet drawn to find out more about them.

     ‘I am no one,’ they said, their voice a confusing fusion of every voice you'd ever heard. ‘And everyone. Come,’ they produced fan of cards from their pocket, the old style of them seeming to shift to new and back again without you really noticing. ‘Take one. You may be lucky.’

     Even though your brain was yelling at you to decline, you reached out and slipped a card from the pack. It was yellowed with age and the corners were dog eared and fraying, the bottom corner even looked like it had been burned. The design printed on it swirled in a way that suggested chaos, twisting around the almost smothered joker, who's eyes of reddish brown glared out as if he could see into your very soul. You shivered and tried to hand the card back, but found yourself unable to.

     ‘Ohh, what luck. Or lack of,’ the strange cloaked person said, whisking the rest of the cards out of sight. ‘Not many people get the jokers, which I suppose is good, being as it's one of the cards with the worst luck.’

     You forced your hand towards the person, but it would not move no matter how much you tried. 

     ‘It's yours now,’ the Dealer of Luck said. ‘I don't know how long a joker's luck lasts, it can be pretty unpredictable. Farewell!’

     ‘What?’ You asked as the person turned away. ‘What do you mean? Come back!’

     The Dealer of Luck did not look back, continuing on their way down the path. Soon they were out of sight, vanishing over the rise in the path and leaving only footprints in their wake.

     you looked down at the card and tried to drop it, but instead of your hand opening and releasing the card it slipped it into your pocket, almost as if someone else was controlling it. You began to walk in the direction you had been heading before, a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach.

     You knew this road well, so why you tripped over nothing you would never know, but you suspected it was the card's doing. You grazed your hands on the pebbles that made up the road's surface, the pain shooting up your arms as if I'm punishment for something. 

     Somehow you knew this was only the start.

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One Step

(Xreader without romance. Fanfic of The Long Earth. If you like multiverse stuff then I highly recommend that book)


You gaze at the dusty, burned remains of the land that was once the western end of Wales. You can remember how it used to be; wet, green, cloudy and sometimes blanketed with fog. Now all you could see was the blackened charcoal of long dead trees and the charred rocks that used to be a hill.

     You wander through this desolation, the dry air scratching at the back of your throat and an itch nagging in the back of your mind. You know there was something you should be doing, something important, but you can't remember what it was. 

     You jerk your head up at a sudden sound, your eyes wide. Was there someone, or something, there?

     ‘Y/N?’ A voice calls softly, somewhere off to your left. ‘Y/N?’

     You stumbled towards the noise, your boots crunching through broken and burned gravel. 


    You clambered up a slope, hands becoming raw from the sharp stoned ground. You knew the voice calling you, but somehow you couldn't figure out who it was. You tried to call back, yet your voice, which was usually strong, would not come forth.

     ‘Y/N? We're about to Step over to the Datum. Do you want to come and see?’

     With a silent cry you slipped and fell, the gravel beneath you vanishing into a dark void. A scream jammed in your throat, choking you as you flailed your arms desperately. This felt like every nightmare you'd had, falling, endlessly falling.




     ‘Y/N! Are you alright?’

     You gasped and snapped your eyes open, your hearing ringing and your head fuzzy. A face swam into your blurry vision, concern edged into its lined skin, and you laughed shakily. A dream, the falling had only been a dream.

     ‘Bad dream?’ The person the face belonged to sat back, his joints cracking. 

     You nodded, struggling out from the blanket that had tied itself around you. The forty ish man watched you with blue eyes from beneath grey, bushy eyebrows, a frown on his thin lips. ‘It was just a dream,’ you said, smiling at him to show him everything was ok.

     ‘Hmm,’ he replied, his mind already wandering away.

     You sighed and sat on the sofa you had been taking a nap on before you rolled off. You were used to him drifting off like this. Ever since he had picked you up from the burning Datum Earth and whisked you away in a stolen Twain, you had watched him as he drifted away into whatever dreamland he disappeared to. A couple of times you had had to take over the steering before he crashed the the airship, not entirely knowing what you were doing but still managing to keep it on course. Being a xenobiologist, he had (eventually) created a humanoid creature, a kind of mutant, that now steered the ship. You hadn't agreed with this action at the time, but there was nothing you could do.

     Since that time you had been travelling through the Long Earth, Stepping from parallel world to parallel world, seeing the sights that were to be seen and avoiding official Twains. Once you had had to make a pit stop at a small farming encampment on Earth West 75,048 because a fan had packed up. The people had been kind and welcoming, even keeping Chade's, the xenobiologist's, airship as hidden as possible. You never knew when the Officials could appear.

     Then you had heard that the Datum, the home Earth, had been consumed by fire, and you and Chade had rushed back the way you'd come. It had taken a month to get to Earth West 1, due to the airship being an older make and therefore slower, and anxiety had been building all that time.

     Now you were finally here. Just one Step away.

     You stood and made your way to the cabin, where the controls for the Twain were, leaving Chade kneeling on the floor. You slipped in through the door and greeted T1, the short humanoid mutant who could almost be a story book goblin if it weren't for the fact he was wearing a smart waistcoat and khaki shorts.

     The xenobiologist came in after you. ‘Ready, Y/N? T1?’

     You and T1 nodded, you slightly nervously. The mutant flicked a switch so that a light on the control panel lit from red to green. The green, forest encrusted view outside of the airship blurred and and changed, shifting to a dull, smoky sky. You peered down at the land below and your heart skipped. The ground was dark with ash and small fires still burned here and there, flickering brightly in the dusky light. It looked just like your dream, even smelled like the scent you could faintly remember from it.

     Tears crept to your eyes, but you blinked them back quickly. Chade and T1 weren't crying, so why should you?

     But they came, eventually, to all of you. Silent tears tracked down cheeks at the sight of your home Earth, all burned like a log in a fireplace. None of you could believe it, even though it was right there in front of you, blistering away.

     Your home.


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Tracking! You're an excellent

Tracking! You're an excellent author, Flitt ^^



I'm Lissa, a follower of Jesus ^^ I've been part of SoD for around 4 years; the forum for 3.

My hobbies include: 

Watching Movies

Arting, and Admiring other people's art :D

Using emoticons in every sentence xD

Writing historical fiction, Children's, and Fantasy



Art by thoughtful and talented artiste, Flittington!



Pround memeber Of





Bohemian Critic






By Ecliptic Eight Thx she is so cute!

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Welcome! And thank you :'3 I think those were the first xreader stories I've done O.o

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Tracking! Both of those were really good, Flitt! :D



(Siggy Under Construction)


I know my name is a bit confusing, so let me explain. I am Ginger. I have a sister whose main Viking is named Jaxomis. Originally we shared this forum account, but my sister recently made her own account as Fuzzy Kitten, so this is now only mine. So please, just call me Ginger! ^-^



In Order:

​Ginger's Viking Section

​Blackout The Night Fury's Section

Some Random Stuff!


Ginger's Viking Section!

​First off... My Vikings!

My main Viking is

Ginger Selson:


Extras about appearance: Ginger has a small, faint scar on the far left side of her jaw. She also wears a short necklace with a Peridot in the shape of an Eruptodon.

Personality: Ginger Selson is very shy around humans. She absolutely loves dragons, and has learned Dragonese. She has two sides to her personality. The side most people see is quiet, gentle, and would never start a fight. Her other side, the one only her dragons and her best (human) friend, Jaxomis, see, is strong-willed, brave, and will face danger to protect her friends.

History: Ginger Selson is the daughter of two Defenders of the Wing. However, at one point, her parents were going to get some supplies for the Defenders and they took her with them. Unfortunately, their ship was attacked by pirates, and the only survivor was Ginger. Ginger's mother, upon seeing that the ship was going to be taken by the pirates, placed Ginger in a water-tight basket and set her afloat. Ginger drifted to Berk, where she was found by Mulch and Bucket during one of their fishing trips. She acquired her scar while in the basket. A sharp strand of the weave scratched her jaw while she was being buffeted by the waves. She was only 13 months old at the time, so she was taken in by a Berkian woman who had just had Jaxomis 5 months before. Ginger grew up as Jax's sibling, and they have grown to be very close friends. When she was 10 years old, she began attending the School of Dragons. In the 6 years since then, she has become a talented Dragon Trainer. She is currently 16 years old.

​Game Information: ​UDT Star!(big platinum star), 1850+ Trophies, 60 Dragons.

Clan: ​The Messengers

(Now Leader)


Main Dragon: Skyfrost

​-Breed: Woolly Howl

-Gender: Male

​-Level: 32

​-Personality: Protective, loyal, brave, and makes a good companion. Sky likes being with Ginger, and flying with her is his favorite thing. He can be a bit bossy and stuck-up, but he has a good heart and intentions.

Other Dragons:

Silverlight- Adult male Monsterous Nightmare, Ginger's first dragon~~~Tsunami- Adult female Thunderdrum~~~Galaxy- Adult female Typhoomerang~~~Jungle- Adult male Sweet Death~~~Firewing- Adult female Moldruffle~~~Illusion- Adult female Changewing~~~Flare- Adult male Moldruffle~~~Firestorm- Adult male Typhoomerang~~~Scythetail- Adult female Devilish Dervish~~~Vortex- Adult female Devilish Dervish, not tame~~~Spinstrike- Adult male Whispering Death~~~Iceheart- Adult male Groncicle~~~Seafoam- Adult male Thunderdrum~~~Bramblethorn- Adult female Deadly Nadder~~~Wavecrash- Adult female Sand Wraith, Ginger's second favorite dragon~~~Twist & Turn- Adult female Hideous Zippleback~~~Copper- Adult male Razorwhip~~~Sunset- Adult female Death Song, not tame~~~Obsidian- Titan female Razorwhip, not ​tame!~~~Snowflurry- Titan female Woolly Howl, not tame~~~Magnet- Adult male Armorwing~~~Chaos- Adult male Screaming Death~~~Spottedleaf- Adult female Hobblegrunt/Threadtail~~~Cindertail- Adult male Singetail~~~Goldriver- Adult female Eruptodon~~~Emberspark- Adult female Flame Whipper~~~Echo- Adult male Mudraker~~~Nettle- Adult male Triple Stryke~~~Springcoil- Adult male Grapple Grounder~~~Cloudcutter- Adult male Timberjack~~~Mischief- Titan female Terrible Terror~~~Lava- Adult female Gronkle~~~Starspirit- Adult male Silver Phantom~~~Flash- Adult male Speed Stinger, not tame~~~Fire, Water, Earth, and Air (The Gang)- Adult male Snaptrapper~~~Anemone- Adult female Shockjaw~~~Whiteout- Adult female Snow Wraith, not tame~~~​Tumbleweed- Adult female Buffalord~~~Dawnblaze- Adult female Fireworm Queen~~~Blizzardchaser- Titan male Woolly Howl, not tame~~~Vigilant- Adult male Elder Sentinel~~~Thunderclap- Adult male Skrill~~~Puddlesplash​- Adult female Windwalker~~~Waterwake- Adult male Scauldron~~~​Thistlebush- Adult female Prickleboggle~~~Dartfang- Adult male Grim Gnasher~~~Ravenwing- Adult female Night Terror~~~Bullcharge- Adult male Rumblehorn~~~Tigerstrike- Adult male Deathgripper~~~Winddancer- Adult female Stormcutter~~~Vex- Adult male Smitten Hobgobbler~~~Jet (Ruffrunner)- Male Night Light~~~Volcano- Adult male Fire Terror~~~Earthquake- Adult male Crimson Goregutter~~~Frostbite- Adult male Shivertooth~~~Pebblescale- Adult female Raincutter~~~Jadeshimmer- Adult female Scuttleclaw~~~Glade & Grove- Teen male Ghastly Zapplejack~~~Crestrider- Baby male Tide Glider

Other Vikings: 

*Quicksilver Catspaw​- Goldleaf's brother. He has the ability to change from a human(Quicksilver/Silver) to a cat(Quicksilver/Quick). He also has an amulet that allows him to morph into a Razorwhip(Mercury).

​-Dragons: Oceanmotion: Adult male Shockjaw~~~Chaos and Confusion: Adult male Hideous Zippleback~~~Mossfire: Adult female Eruptodon~~~White Bitetight: Adult male Smitten Hobgobbler~~~Mercury: Adult male Razorwhip (Stand-in for Quick's morph)~~~Deadly Medley: Baby female Death Song

*Caracal Pounce​- Cara, for short, is a undeveloped female character.

​-Dragons: Mistlight: Adult female Flightmare~~~Flashfire: Adult female Deadly Nadder~~~Quickstrike: Adult female Deathgripper (Main dragon)

*Finn Howler​- A underdeveloped male Berserker.

-Dragons: Ghostlight​: Adult male Flightmare~~~Screech and Howl​: Teen male Hideous Zippleback

*Jayla the Ranger​- Jay is my Ranger's Apprentice inspired character. She is a new character.

-Dragons: Oakleaf: Adult female Sand Wraith~~~Bullseye​: Teen male Deadly Nadder


Blackout the Night Fury

​Blackout is Ginger's Night Fury OC. Blackout is a wild Night Fury who lives where Night Furies are more common. He is fierce, proud, and never backs down from a fight. He looks more or less like Toothless, but he has blue eyes and a lighter birthmark on the left side of his forehead. He's really just for RPs and art.


*Edit by me*

*Base by MagaboltPhoenix, filled by me*


Random Stuff!

Things I like: Dragons, cats, dogs, equines, HTTYD 1, 2, and The Hidden World, RttE, Riders/Defenders of Berk, Tuffnut, Hiccup, Toothless, Trollhunters, 3 Below, most animals, hanging out with my sister, watching movies and shows with my sister, Warriors, The Ranger's Apprentice, Wings of Fire, The Dragon Prince, reading, drawing, playing SoD, browsing through things online, being with animals, DRAGONS, Survivors, The Inheritance books, Rick Riordan's books, being around animals, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and did I mention reading?

Also, in case you were wondering, my Hogwarts house is Slytherin!

   Image result for Ranger's apprentice          Image result for warrior cats

Image result for dreamworks trollhunters sign




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Welcome! I'll posting more today sometimes :)

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The Gryphon and the Manticore



(These Gryphons and Manticores are both Speedyleaf's creations. Thank you so much for these two lovelies! It's about time there was a story with them both.)


Birdêrê Teyrê had had a good life, but she longed for more. Her family was rather fond of their mountain and hadn't moved for generations. There were tunnels that they lived in, streams they drank from and the plain down below held as many rabbits as they desired. Predators were at a minimum, not many dragons venturing far into the cold peaks. There were many things to do, climb the side of the mountain, race each other in the plains, splash in the streams and leap between trees. To anyone watching the Gryphons they would have thought this the best life.

    But not for Bird.

    She was bored. The others had taken to pretending she wasn't thereI and this annoyed her greatly. Many a time she had joined in with their games, only to be ignored. They just laughed at her when she growled and glared at them, willing them with her gaze to let her join them. They laughed even more when she turned and sulked away into the bushes or a cave, it was as if she was a joke to them, just a little cub who didn't understand.

    She so wanted adventure, she so wanted to explore. But she wanted to explore with someone​​​​​, not alone.

    And that chance came in a snowstorm.

    While her family was curled up snuggly in the warmth of a deep cave, Bird decided to head out into the swirling, stinging snow to see what it was like. The bitter cold snatched at her as soon as she stepped out of the shelter of a tunnel, biting her like a rabid giraffe beetle. She shivered and flattened her fur and feathers against her skin, trying to block out the harsh wind. She almost turned and headed back in, but her curiosity got the better of her and she forged on into the blinding white storm.

    It was so cold and she couldn't see far at all. She began to wonder why she had come out into such weather when the ice beneath her feet gave way, forcing her to scramble at the ground. Even her sharp talons couldn't grip the slippery ground, though, and she tumbled down a small slope.

    Lying dazed at the bottom in a nest of broken ice, bruises already forming all over her body, she gazed at a wall of grey moss. It looked so soft and welcoming. She scrabbled towards it and pressed her back against it, sheltered from the howling snowstorm. It was indeed warm, and surprisingly soft and furry. She could almost imagine it was one of her family when they let her snuggle in with them on a cold night. She closed her eyes to stop them from freezing. Why in the world has she come out in this?.

    The warm furry wall rumbled. At first, she thought it was just the wind catching rock at a different angle, but then the wall rolled away and left her in a pile of snow. She unburied her face from the cold white stuff and looked up, squinting. Green eyes met her yellow-green ones, one of them, the right one, foggy. She leapt back and snarled, crouching into a defensive position. The creature the eyes belonged to sat down and swept its tail in front of it, smattering her with freezing water. It was catlike, resembling an enormous grey and black snow leopard without the spots. Wings spread from its back, the dark midnight blue membranes spattered with white dots. It looked down at her calmly, a deep purr rumbling in its throat. 

    Bird backed away, snow swirling between them, but she came up against a solid wall of ice. The thing before her was huge and intimidating, and coming towards her. She hunched down and shut her eyes, waiting for the claws or teeth to find her. 


    Snow and wind diminished to nothing, leaving her shivering in the almost still air. Warm breath brushed over her and she flattened her ears. Why hasn't it gone for her yet? She cracked an eye open and saw grey fur right in front of her beak. The beast, the Manticore, she thought it was, smiled down at her. It had its wings tented and was sheltering her from the wild storm. ‘Hello,’ he said, a strange lilt of an accent tinging his voice. ‘I'm Bryn.’

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The Wanderer From Abyssal

(This is set in a world of mine which was inspired by the Queen of Chaos on Quotev.)


She was always the weird one, the one who didn't listen, the one who went her own way. She was sent to school, but never stayed, as soon as the teacher's back was turned she was away, vanishing out of sight but not quite out of mind. They complained at her, her parents did, yelled and threatened her with the prospect of having to work in the Tower at a young age, but she shrugged it off, not caring about jobs, money or people.

     She knew this life that everyone expected her to lead was not for her. It was too monotone, too boring, too mundane. She knew there was more out there, especially when she looked up at the night sky and saw the three planets so close to her home, the clouds swirling across their surface. They were so close, yet so, so far away. In early morning, when most people were deep in sleep, she watched Cryo set as the golden sunlight crept over the land. The pale blue of the planet always made her feel cold, yet it made her feel at peace too, as if this was what was meant to be. Then in the evening, when the golden light faded to the other side of the world, Pyro rose, so named for its red colouring and the fires that could occasionally be seen burning on its surface. And then, in the depths of midnight, Twylo appeared. This dark bluish, purplish planet seemed to fade into view from the night sky, as if it was being unveiled from beneath a cloth. It stayed into the early hours and then vanished as quickly as it came, a dark light switching on and off.

     This was what she liked, the planets and the stars, the peace and quiet of the night time and the freedom and space of being away from people. No one she knew could understand that feeling, they all thought she would be lonely when alone, bored when in the quiet, but it was not like that and never had been. If they could just understand...

     But they wouldn't, she knew. People were too stubborn and stuck to change their views. That was why she stayed away from them. They brought her down, made her feel stuck, too.

     She wandered through the streets of Fathom, her short white hair ruffling in a breeze. There was a storm coming, she could smell it in the wind, the tang of rain faint but definitely there. Luckily in this town there were a lot of shelters, many marketplaces and walless buildings scattered across the mountainside, providing a place to hide when there was one of the many rain showers that the planet, Abyssal, boasted.

     ‘Morning, Flitt!’ Someone called. She looked up from the cobbled road she was walking on and met eyes with her language and literacy teacher, Miss Teagan Vowles. Miss Vowles was the only teacher she really liked, mostly because she didn't pester Flitt to come to class, instead giving her workbooks to work on in her own time. She didn't completely understand the fifteen year old, that was for sure, but she could identify with the need to be alone and in the quiet.

     ‘Morning,’ Flitt said.

     ‘How are you on this drizzly day?’ Miss Vowles asked, leaning on the black painted railings enclosing a small patch of grass around her house. She could talk for hours if you let her, so it was wise not to stick around too long.

     ‘I'm good,’ Flitt replied, only slowing slightly. Her white hair fell into her green eyes and she flicked it back, huffing in annoyance.

     Miss Vowles gave a half smile, the corners of her grey eyes crinkling. Even though she was thirty one, everyone thought of her as the grandma of the school, possibly because of the few grey hairs threading their way through the rich brown. ‘You sure?’


     The teacher put her head to one side. ‘Come here,’ she said.

     Flitt reluctantly changed her course and approached her. She had stuff she wanted to do before it poured down. 

     ‘You always say you're good, or fine,’ Miss Vowles said. ‘But I can see in your eyes that you're not. What's troubling you? You can tell me, I won't say to anyone else.’

     The girl shrugged. How could she tell when she didn't know herself? She felt frustrated at everything, at people, at rules. Sort of trapped even though she wasn't. ‘I just... Feel this life isn't for me,’ she said, hoping the teacher wouldn't ask any more. 

     ‘There has to be more to it than that,’ Teagan said. Flitt groaned inwardly. ‘I know the trapped feeling, I sometimes feel it myself. But there's usually a reason attached to it.’

     But there isn't, she thought. I'm just... Weird.

     ‘Go to Bathyal,’ Teagan said, surprising her. 


     Miss Vowles flapped a hand as if waving away a fly. ‘Get out of here for a bit. I see you around a lot, perhaps you need a change.’

     Flitt thought about it. It would be nice to go somewhere new, but she didn't feel she wanted to go to another town, especially one that could only be reached by climbing thousands of steps. She could try, she supposed. It was still early morning and she could probably be back before nightfall.

     Mind made up, she smiled at Teagan and turned to go.

     ‘Ahem,’ the teacher coughed. Flitt turned around to see her with a hand held out. ‘Workbook?’

     She smiled and fished a small book out of the pocket of her dark blue coat, the cover of it red with pen drawings spidering across it. She handed it over to Miss Vowles, avoiding touching hands. 

     ‘You always have to draw on them,’ Teagan smiled, leafing through the pages of Abyssalian script interspersed with English. ‘I have to say, your handle of languages is superb.’

     ‘Thanks,’ Flitt said, standing uncertainly on the cobbled road.

     Teagan looked up at her. ‘Go on, before there are too many people about.’

     Flitt gave a little wave and dashed off along the streets, heading for the stone steps that led to a town half a mile above Fathom.

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Aw, that's a cute story! ^^ I'm glad Bird found a new friend who can protect her!


And the second one has me wondering what happens after that! 

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Yeas. Young Bird has found a pretty large furry friend :3


It's got me wondering, too! XD

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Meeting a Hunter


(This is a story of Xenon and Pat when they first met. Both these Night Light were created by Andy, thank you for them! :D)


She had been stalking the deer for fifteen minutes, if her timekeeping was accurate. It seemed unaware that a dull pink Night Light was following it, even though the bright blue stripes running along her body flashed in the patches of morning sunlight. She slipped through bushes and around trees like a ghost, her paws making hardly a sound on the damp, muddy ground. Her breathing came slowly, softly, quietly. She knew that if she made the slightest noise her prey would vanish.

It wasn’t often that she hunted deer or large animals. Usually she would make do with the rabbits who were foolishly near her cave or the fish down at the edge of the beach. But she was sick of them, there was only so long before rabbit and fish became as boring as grass. 

The deer gave a sharp alarm call and for a moment she was confused. She hadn’t made a sound and she was hidden behind a large bush, and the breeze was coming towards her. How had she been spotted? Her ears pricked up at a sharp chink above her. She glanced up with her dark cyan eyes and saw a rope, attached to a metal hoop, snaking through its ring. In a rattle of clinks she was thrown from her feet, a chainmail net springing from the dead leaves as the ground had come alive. She yelped and struggled around, only succeeding in turning herself upside down, her head pointing to ground only three foot away. The net closed tightly around her, pinning her wings and legs.

A blur of movement caught her attention and she saw a human, dark skin, green, almost black hair, glowing neon green eyes, drop from a high tree. He landed like a cat, lithely and sweeping, and stood with a grace she had never seen in humankind before. She could smell he was trouble, underneath the scent of flowers he wore so proudly. Calmly, just as if he was approaching a friend he saw day to day, he strode over to her and crouched. His small face was close to hers, eyes searching. ‘Perfect,’ he muttered, a small smile twitching his lips upwards. 

Xenon growled and struggled to loosen the net around her. It only caused it to tighten, forcing her to breathe shallowly. She had to get out of this, the look in the man’s strange eyes boded nothing good. She stilled when she saw a shining silver blade in her line of vision, too close for comfort. Way too close for comfort.

Then her world turned dark.



Xenon awoke a while later, pain filling her left eye as if it was doused in lava. She tried to lift her head, but the agony in her head was too much and she stayed put, groaning. Through a tear blurred gaze she could see red on the ground and smell blood. It was close to her, and it was dark crimson, but she couldn’t tell if it was from her or if she had injured the odd human. She hoped it was the latter.

She fuzzily wondered if the human was still around. It was quiet, so quiet, only the sound of the trees and birds reaching her hearing. Surely he couldn’t stay that quiet? But then, he had caught her so easily. She glanced around without moving her head, not seeing him anywhere. Oddly, she could not see from her left eye. She supposed it had swollen shut.

She must have dozed off, because however long later it was she was roused by the sound of quiet wings. She knew the sound, she heard it often enough when she was flying herself. This time she managed to raise her head, albeit slowly and painfully. A dark and light blue Night Light with gold stripes swept down from the sky and landed nearby, a look of horror on his face. He stared at her with wide, light blue eyes, not daring to move closer.

She tried to smile at him but it turned into a grimace. This seemed to prompt him into doing something.

‘Oh gosh,’ he exclaimed. He approached her cautiously and peered at her eye, the one she couldn't see from. ‘What happened?!’

Xenon told him what had transpired, not entirely sure why she did. He seemed nice, and overly concerned for her. When she had finished her short tale she asked him how bad the injury was, hoping it wasn’t as bad as it felt.

He stuttered that it was really bad and he didn’t know what to do, all the while hopping from foot to foot. She told him to look for certain herbs and he dashed off into the trees, coming back minutes later with a mouthful of different leaves. Only two out of the seven he brought were the right ones. She told him to crush them into a paste, which he did not so expertly, and he smeared it over her wound while she hissed and tried not to bite him.

Presently, she dozed again. It must have been some instinct that made her sleep, to escape the pain. She didn’t want to sleep, in one way, because she couldn’t defend herself, but she couldn't help it. 

Yet again she woke, this time in the evening light. Pat, as she had found out his name was earlier, was sprawled on the ground fast asleep. Not wanting to disturb him she struggled to her feet and crept away, following the scent of water. She was so thirsty. She guessed she hadn’t had a drink for many hours. The pool, when she reached it, was still and calm, reflecting the trees that towered over it. She crouched at the edge of the pond and lent down to take a drink, but stopped when she saw her reflection, rippling under her breath.

Where once her eye had been, there was now a pit matted with the greenish herb paste.

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(Kinda real? Wrote it while I was outside at night.)


You wandered through the night like a phantom, a woollen blanket drawn tight around your shoulders. Frosted grass crunched under your boots, the tiny ice crystals breaking into hundreds of droplets ready to refreeze after you had moved on. You looked up at the clear, inky sky, wishing every night could be like this. Just you, the stars and the three quarter moon. Even though you had a cold and your mother had told you to stay in the warmth of the house, you had come out anyway, the peace of early night tempting you like a candle flame irresistibly attracts a moth to its death. 

You walked past apple trees that had long since lost their ripe fruit, their branches now bare except for the lichen clinging to the bark. You ran your hand over the trunk of a copper beach as you strolled past it, heading to the clump trees that called to you. As you ducked under a branch you slipped, not falling but leaving you off balance. It was lucky you had slipped and stopped when you did, for there was a step partially hidden in moonlight shadows before you. 

You stepped down onto mud and wet leaves, the squelch that came along with it making you wonder if it would seep through the hole in your shoe. You wouldn't go back, though, it was too nice a night. 

You made your way along a path, dry, wind scoured leaves brushing your head like the fingers of a long dead creature. The moonlight even reached in here, through the canopy of skeletal branches the few evergreen firs. 

The stream you halted by gurgled and whispered like a siren, your shadow, so sharp, cast itself upon the silvered water like some beast of the darkness out to dominate the world. Even though it was eerie, with the crackling of branches, the small sounds of mice and the shadows playing with your eyesight, it was still beautiful. 

You turned and looked up through a gap in the canopy, seeing the constellation of Orion shone down on you from so very far away. Many light years from now the light from those at this very moment would reach Earth, catching the inquisitive eye of some other night wanderer. 

You blew on your hands and slowly walked back the way you had come. You really wished you hadn't forgotten your gloves now. But even numb fingers couldn't take away the peace and quiet, the fantastic magicalness of the night. 

This was the best medicine for a cold, no doctor could prescribe it, no apothecary could concoct it. Only the natural turn of the planet could be the cure.

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Into Future Time

(Doctor Who fanfic poem thing)


She loved it, she couldn't deny that.

Yes, there were times when she wished she could stop,

Take a break.

But still, time and space was too intriguing to leave alone,

Too amazing to ignore.


She had travelled alone, or as much alone as one could be with a sentient blue box.

She had travelled with people, made friends, even family, if you thought about it.

She had lost so much, so many,

But gained so much, too.


In her police box she had vworped to the past, the present, the future.

She had found so many interesting things.

Seen so many places.

Met so many beings.


Today, however, she was alone.

For now, at least, anyway.

She did not want to think of her companions right now, she missed them so.

To distract herself she flew to the future, far ahead of the current time for us mortals.

Far, far, far into time.


She landed on a planet she knew not the name of.

It was bright, with a sun close by. 

And hot and dry.

It's people were friendly, if strange to the eye.

Their two heads spoke differently, one of truth, one of lies.


Soon she was caught in a mystery, just like old times.

It was fast paced, full of danger.

She loved it, but felt alone.

Where were her friends when she needed them?


At one point, her sonic was lost.

Deep into a dark hole it fell.

She couldn't get down there, too far it went.

She thought it was lost for good, just like Rose, Donna and Bill.


Even without her screwdriver, she defeated the monster,

The thing that had threatened.

She was praised as hero, and given a huge cheer.


As she made her way to her Tardis, a cloaked figure approached.

She questioned it, but it gave no reply.

It held its hands out, which could not be identified,

They seemed to be every persons and no ones, 

Forever shifting in confusion.


In those confounding hands it held something shiny,

Something that glowed with an orange light.

She took it delightedly, not quite believing

What her eyes saw,

And her finger felt.


She asked where this strange person had found it,

In reply they held out a fan of cards, 

Saying, Take one, any one.

She knew she shouldn't, but she was a risk taker.


She picked one, an ace of hearts, and looked at the dealer.

They said it was the best of luck,

Then turned away and vanished into the murk of night.


She wondered who this odd being was,

Unidentifiable, shifting, discombobulating.

She travelled several worlds,

Still thinking,

Still wondering,

Still curious.


With a sudden impulse she turned her ship around,

Heading back to the planet of the Janus people. 

She searched for that mysterious cloaked person,

But found no trace.

No one knew anything of them, 

Neither the head of lies,

Nor the head of truth.


Then she found them.

Sitting on top of the Tardis.


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Acrostic Poems

(Just some poems)


Hunger is like a beast,

Unsatable in its wrath,

Never letting up.

Great can it be if

Ever it is the

Right hunger, the kind that drives inspiration.


Ever on the

Xenoliths are worn,

Hardy rocks weathered

Away over years to

Unveil from within the

Secrets they hide.

Time is a blessing and a curse for these monoliths,

It scours away their surface until

Only the centre is left,

New stone revealed as the exhausting elements prevail.


Perhaps you will experience something impossible,

Around in the universe it is common.

Right now there are things that should not exist,

Arranged in places that are so unexpected, so

Distant that we think they are impossible.

Of all things, a paradox fascinating, even more so that the

Xenon of galaxies so far from our own.


So bright and sharp is the blade

With its silver steel shining in the sun.

Orange light can flash on it, from flames in braziers bright.

Ready be the swordmaster, standing proud before the students.

Deadly is the blade, safe in the hands of a master.


Flying high above the clouds, they soar,

Laughing as they play in the air currents.

In joy they dive and swoop,

Glad in the knowledge they are free.

High in the sky they fly, feathered wings making effortless strokes.

They know they are free in flight, like any bird is.

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(Flipworld oneshot. I want to do more with this world)


You blinked. Hadn't you just been?... Yes, you had. You had made a wish when you threw a fifty pence piece into a well, wishing for a little excitement in your life, just enough to lighten the monotone work life you were imprisoned in and bring a rare smile to your face. If course with your luck, when you turned around to climb back up the grassy slope that circled around to form a small crater in which the well had been constructed, your foot slipped from beneath you on a pebble. With nothing to grab hold of you had fallen backwards and splashed into the dark water, the cold like an electric shock rippling through your body. You'd fought your way back to the surface but found your feet firmly planted on the ground, just as if you'd been glued to it and never fallen. 

     You pushed the wet, or what should have been wet, hair out of your eyes and blinked around you. This was absolutely not where you had been. You were on the top of a bluish grassy hill for a start, and it was night time. And cold. 

     You shivered and zipped your cardigan up, stuffing your hands in your pockets so you'd be able to feel them if the need of them arose. The well was still there, just a foot to your right, it's glassy surface reflecting a half moon that shone silver. You'd wished for excitement, but not for it to come right away. Where were you? How could you get back? Could you even get back from this strange place?

     You looked beyond where you were standing and saw a stone wall, no, a building encircling you and the well. The walls merged with the dark and only the lights from regularly spaced windows gave away what it was. You squinted at it and saw a door open, a shaft of yellowish orange light blaze out, being temporarily obscured by a silhouette. Hurried footsteps approached, crunching on gravel and getting nearer quickly.

     ‘Hello?’ Someone called, emerging into view. It was a rather tall woman who came towards you, her silver hair almost like strands moonlight and... Horns glinting on her head. ‘Oh, hello there. I wasn't expecting any visitors tonight. Are you here to meet anyone?’

     You shook your head, unable to stop staring. ‘Y... Yo... You have horns.’

     She gazed at you for a second, then her face lit up with a broad grin. ‘New here, are you?’

     You nodded, suddenly catching sight of what looked suspiciously like wings. ‘You...’

     ‘Come,’ she said, putting an arm and a feathered wing around your shoulders. ‘I'll explain.’

     ‘Where am I?’ You ask, trying not to touch the golden brown wing yet oddly comforted by its presence. ‘I was standing by the well, then I slipped and fell into it and ended up standing here...’

     ‘You've never been here before?’ The winged person said, stopping and turning you towards her so she could look at you. ‘I thought you'd just come through at the wrong Port.’

     ‘N-no,’ you stammered. This was all a lot to take in in one go. Wishing, falling, horned and winged tall woman, another world, Port... Could you ever get back to your home? A slow tear trickled from your eye and you wiped it away before she could see.

     ‘Oh dear,’ she hugged you, her scent that of pine forest and baked bread. ‘This doesn't happen often, Earthers coming over to this side.’

     ‘Where am I?’ You asked again. ‘Is this another world or something?’

     She chuckled. ‘You could say that.' She released you from the hug, taking your arm and leading you up a gravel path towards the door. ‘This is Flipworld, a world on the other side of yours. Have you ever seen one of those three D maps?’


     ‘Well, your world is on the side you can see, but this one is on the other side, on the side you don't see. Everything is the opposite here. Where there is sea on your side there is land here. Where there are mountains for you there are craters for us. Just like a reverse of a three D map.’

     ‘Right,’ you said, hardly taking any of it in.

She waves you into the building and you enter a firelit kitchen, warmth flooding through you from the roaring stove in the corner. 

     ‘Tea?’ She asked.

     You nod absently, looking around. This could be any kitchen in the world, yet it wasn't in the world, not your side anyway. Everything seemed so normal in here, apart from the tall woman, of course.

    Said tall woman handed you a mug of steaming tea. ‘I'm Azæl,’ she said, smiling. ‘Welcome to the Flipside.’

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The Doctor's Life

(Another Doctor Who one. The 13th Doc)


I've seen so many things in my time,

From supernovae to Pting,

Cybermen to Adipose,

An egg moon to giant spiders.

I've gained so, so many names along the way;

John Smith, The Destroyer of Worlds, Raggedy Man, Grandad, The Enemy of the Daleks, Interfering Idiot, Thete, Chinny, The Predator, The Bringer of Darkness, Sandshoes, Spaceman, Time Boy, War Doctor,

The Doctor.

But today I am the Oncoming Storm.

I am the man- no, woman, who hurricanes through,

Fixing, helping, defeating enemies.


No matter how hard I try, there is always blood, rain, tears.

Good times, bad times, inbetween times,

All three can make tears flow like rain.


Today is no exception.

War, battles, fights.


Hope in the midst of ruin.

Not even the enemy within the darkness can extinguish it.

Humans always have hope, 

Throughout history, at any time.

They live on, and on, and on,

Until the very last days.


I can say this because I've seen it,

I've seen them.

From the very beginning to the very end,

And all the parts in the middle.


I will tell you some of these tales,

In brief,

For some can be exceptionally long.




I once met a young lady in a shopping centre,

Just wandering around,

Practically begging to be attacked.

As I do, I saved her,

I told her to go home,

And she stayed along side me.

We travelled together for so long,

We knew each other so well.

She saw my weakness, I saw hers.

She saw me when I lived up to my name,

The Oncoming Storm,

The storm is coming.


We had fun, oh yes we did.

So many different points in time,

So many places,

So many adventures.

We battled monsters, people,

Enemies, even ourselves sometimes.

Once, we were even in a game show,

Albeit a killer one.


Then I lost her,

I didn't get to say goodbye properly,

She was swept away into a parallel world.

Never, I thought, to be seen again.


I continued to travel,

Meeting people,

New friends and companions.

One, I met in a hospital on the moon.

Another, I met when she appeared in the TARDIS,

Demanding me to take her back to her wedding.

Both were such good friends,


I don't know what I would have done without them there.


Then back came Rose,

Tearing the fabric of the universe apart to reach me,

To warn me.

I will never forget the day several of my friends were there with me,

Together around the console,

Working as one.




Then came the fiery haired,

Fiery tempered girl,

With the Roman centurion.

The ones who waited.

Oh, they were strong.

They lived through so much,

Even dreams within dreams.

I wish so much that I could have saved them,

But it was set in stone,

They would be sent back in time,

And there was nothing I could do. 




How I missed them.

I built a cloud, so to speak,

Above a Victorian town,

Where I could look down from my hidden TARDIS and watch the ants nest of humans below. 

I made alliances,

Yet again, I made friends. 

I met someone who had a passion for adventure,

But, I failed to save her. 

Or so I thought.


The Impossible Girl.

She saw me through bad times,

And the good.

She even saw me regenerate.

She would sacrifice herself for others, 

And once, she did,

And didn't come back.




The student, oh, the student one.

She asked so many questions,

Some good, some... Iffy.

She even called me grandfather at one point.

Yet again, I couldn't save her,

I lost her to the cybermen.

Why, can I not keep just one friend safe?

Save them from the evils of the universe?

I am determined to try. 




And now I'm here,

On the battlefield,

With the friends I'm trying to protect who refused to stay behind.

I am a storm coming for those who harm,

They cannot escape me, 

And I cannot escape them.

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Four Factions

(some weird Dragonblood story)


One egg. Two Dragonbloods. Twins. 

     To any normal Dragonblood couple this wouldn't have been a problem. Twins, two hatchlings from one egg, wasn't all too rare among their species. Egg twins were a little more uncommon than human born ones, the egg being a small space where the embryos couldn't always mature properly. 

     To any Dragonblood in the four factions this would have been a time to rejoice, but to the royal family it created a problem.

     If the twins had been human born, not hatched, then the heir would have been decided by who was eldest. But because they had hatched from the same egg and emerged to the world at the same time, they were both heir in equal measures. The problem: only one could rule.

     It had been strict royal tradition that only one heir could rule. In olden days the weaker or least liked twin had been executed, either by a false crime set up by the king or queen or by a supposed accident. People in the faction had begun to see through what was happening and see a pattern, deducing that the royals were not as fair as they portrayed.

     With the hatching of the two young Dragonbloods, both of them in dragon form until years later, an uproar began among the people. With no choice but to keep both heirs alive the Queen and her king decided to gift one hatchling to a faction across the river. The Maroon River, so named for its ruddy colouring, split four factions in half. Two one side, two the other. The reasoning of giving the hatchling to the other side was that then both would have a Dragonblood ruler and together they could reign in peace.

     That, however, never happened.

     As the hatchlings grew they came to learn of Shifting to human and hybrid form at a thought, both seeming to discover it at the same time. They used this to scare small passing children, laughing when the younglings ran away in fear. Their carers drummed this out of them in time, but the mischievous streak never left them.

     Then came a drought, bringing famine in its wake. Fishing lakes dried up, crops frazzled in the hot sun and people began to get frustrated. Raids started on the factions, not just from small communities outside of the Kingdom but from each other, too. One day the heir who had been given away followed a raiding party into the faction on their side of the river, only meaning to see what they were doing. Her curiosity got the better of her, though, and she crept her way into a stone built building. With everyone focusing on the raid outside no one saw her as she wandered through halls and corridors. Eventually, and just as she was about to turn back, she came across a locked wooden door. The lock was a quick job for her lock picks, given to her by a burglar before he made his way to the gallows, and she was through the door like a snake. On the other side was a dimly lit room, torches long ago extinguished and glass windows grimy. In the far corner, near a small window, stood a half rotten desk. Upon that desk lay a leather bound book, it's chestnut coloured cover cracked with age.

     What she found in there changed her. It changed what she thought she was and where she'd come from. She's been brought up to believe that she was the daughter of the king and queen, both of whom concealed their dragon side, just as she has been taught to do. Now she knew. It had all been lies.

     She only managed to read two pages before she was caught and sent home. For years she brooded on the little knowledge she'd found out, becoming sour to her supposed family and losing any friends she had. By time it was her turn to take the lead, after both queen and king has died of a mysterious illness, she had vowed to herself to find out the truth, no matter what it took.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the river, the twin also wanted to know the truth. She knew that some of her past was a lie and she desperately wanted to know what was true and what was false. She had heard, from many hours eavesdropping, that there was a book with her true past written inside it in the faction beside hers. She had tried many a time to find it, but all her attempts had been thwarted before they had even really begun. Just as if there was a connection between them she also became bitter, the need for knowledge overpowering her.

     Both sides people started to live in fear of the two heirs, their wrath at small things dramatic and often ending in dragon fire. When both were in power armies were formed, being sent out into the faction beside the Dragonbloods kingdom to raid for food and search for these books. 

     it just so happened that the royal who was adopted decided to check out the factions on the other side of the river on a particular day. She, with a small platoon of soldiers, made their way over there and entered the quiet, deserted streets. Scared faces peered from windows, drawing away when they saw who it was. Confident that she wouldn't be hindered she strode through the faction, walking into a circular plaza with tall buildings enclosing it. Only then did she realise the streets weren't as arid as she thought.

     That was when the twins met. They stared at each other for long minutes before they both raised their swords. Both knew a little of what their past held by now, mostly from terrified staff who had been there when they had hatched, and neither wanted to harm the other. Eventually they came to a truce; no harming eithers factions and when, if ever, they found the books they would impart the information to each other.

     The raids of these two Dragonbloods continued for a year. In desperation the people who's homes were being upturned began to search for the books, too. In triumph they found them, hidden away in the depths of an attic or a cellar, and bargained with the rulers to leave them alone in return for the books. The leaders agreed all too readily, eager for the information to be theirs.

     But, alas, all they found in there was little more than what they already knew. The adopted royal already knew of Dragonbloods and what they were, what she was, from scrolls recovered from a burned out library. The other one already knew most of her past that was written, the only part that was new to her was the tradition of one ruler.

     They swapped the books and found them more useful than the other had found. Together they decided to abolish the one ruler rule and reign over the four factions, peacefully, much to the surprise of the people. 

     The books became grails in the eyes of generations after. The words that had turned tyranny to fair and just ruling, handwritten in ink upon paper made from an oak tree. They were treasured long in the royal family, until the very last breath of the very last queen.


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Virtually in Reality

(Kinda fantasy horror thing done from a prompt)


You stare up at the elven statue, feeling the heat from the hot lava spilling from its mouth. Around you on the cobbled stone plaza were humans, elves, goblins and fey, all on their knees and throwing their hands in the air as if they were rejoicing or despairing. You find yourself also doing this without quite knowing why, your face now fixed upon the vaulted ceiling, unblinkingly staring at the snakelike supports winding into the shadows above. Moans of unrecognizable source echoes, long and wailing like trapped spirits caught deep in limbo. Your eyes turn back to the statue, its long elfish ears tipped with gold and gilded hair shining in the orange lights. Its obsidian eyes looked almost alive in its fair face, as if it would suddenly sweep its long arms out and declare war on all the nations and kingdoms, hamlets and cities, hovels and travellers.

     The lava gathers around the statue's shoeless feet, bubbling like a boiling brook. It began to spill down from the plinth it had been contained on and creep towards those gathered, hissing and snarling like a rabid dragon. Unable to move you watch those nearest to the plinth fall screaming and crying into the lava, their bodies dissolving into the liquid rock. It is like watching a horror film unfold, scene by scene, as the nightmare monster stalks ever closer to the protagonist. 

     Suddenly, as if you had been electrocuted, you stand, your face a mask. You reach into your pocket and pluck out an egg shaped, pine cone looking metal lump. You pull at the string on one end of the grenade and a spark ignites the fuse, fizzing like a sparkler on bonfire night. Mechanically your arm draws back and launches the handheld bomb at the statue, the air screaming as the projectile rips through it. You dive for cover and protect your head with your arms, hearing the expected explosion and feeling the heat of fire. Lava, rocks and chunks of masonarey rain down on you, hot and hard.

     As you look up words flash across your vision, green outlined with red and black. Victory! They say, flashing in triumph.


You pull off the VR headset and spin in your office chair, laughing. Finally! You had got past level thirteen! It had only taken you three weeks, unlike level seven, which had taken just over a month. This game was hard compared to most that you had bought.

     You plunk the headset on your desk and get up from your chair, stretching aching muscles and yawning loudly. With a glance at the clock on the wall you see it is early morning, eleven past two to be precise. You should be getting to bed, you had work in the morning.

     Already in your pyjamas you flop straight onto the mattress, the soft quilt and pillows welcoming you gladly. Within five minutes you were asleep, the many nights of staying up until the birds began singing taking its toll on you.

     If you had been conscious to the world just then, at two sixteen in the morning, you might have seen a glowing red trickle escape from the headset, burning the plastic and the wooden desk beneath it. Had you seen this and noticed the smell of smoke as it drifted on a draft, you may have been inclined to get out of there. Had you done that you would have seen flames flicker from your window while you watched your home burn from the safety of the cold street. Then you would have phoned the fire brigade, and they would have put out the fire and  referred you to somewhere you could live and get on with your life, albeit without the game you had worked so hard at. If you had done any of that then perhaps you would not be a ghost now, haunting the site of your burned out home and frightening the builders and architects who came to view the scorched plot of land. 

     Perhaps, virtual reality can virtually be reality.

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Ride of a Lifetime

After all that had happened in his life, from being attacked by a Bladebill (twice), losing his foot, finding out he was a prince being hunted down by a warlord king, finding his parents locked up and discovering they had no memory of him, defeating the king only to find it wasn't him who needed defeating, being unable to take down the true antagonist, to this, having to say goodbye to his brother for the last time, was something he didn't think he would ever have been able to handle. It had been hard, so hard to leave his beloved brother behind in the forest that he'd called home for so many years, knowing it would soon be a pinprick point of singularity in space. He'd flown up in his dragon form, meeting his friend and companion dragon, Stormbringer, hundreds of yards above the earth. Together they had flown higher until Thorn Quilinkey no longer had enough strength to continue. He Shifted had to his hybrid form, a human with wings, and landed on his dragon's back. He clung on as best he could as they flew higher, and higher, and higher, his heart breaking the further he was from his brother, Skaaw.

     Even though it should be impossible, they broke free from Neveren's atmosphere. This was something a Zyre Darrak, a Multiverse Dragon, and its companion could do. They could roam in space without the need of oxygen or warmth, even the vacuum had no effect on them. Thorn had only found this out recently, and he should have been enjoying it now, his first time out in space, but the loss of what he'd left behind gnawed away at him.

     ‘Think of it later,’ Stormbringer told him in Dragontongue. ‘There will be plenty of time later, but now, focus on the present.’

     Thorn growled. ‘It's easy for you to say, you haven't had to do what I've done.’

     The skullheaded, dark green dragon glanced back at his companion. ‘I have lost much, too. My father, my mother, my home. Almost you a few times. I, like you, am leaving all I've known behind and entering the unknown. I need a clear head now, to get out of here before this universe ends, and you do too. We both have time to mourn later, but not now.’

     The Dragonblood prince grunted. Storm was right that he needed a clear mind for this new, unknown place. It wouldn't do to misjudge something, or not see something. He had to get over his sorrow right now.

     He had been through a lot, yes, but he had come through it. And look where he was now, deep in space, flying with his friend into a new universe. This was something he had never imagined, let alone thought he'd do. He should be happy, and, through his dark feelings, a small ray of joy shone.

     ‘Thorn,’ Storm said quietly, his wingbeats hitching. ‘Look.’

     Thorn looked ahead and saw a white dragon, it's left wing shining in the starlight, heading in the same direction as they were. On its back was a person, a lanky, brown haired man who was waving excitedly.

     ‘Is that?...’ No, surely not. He squinted towards the waving person, his mind wanting so much to be who he thought it was but not quite believing it. ‘Skaaw?’

     As they got closer he could make out the man's smiling face, so familiar and so loved. His brother, coming along for the ride of a lifetime.

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My Star

As you gazed up at the white specks of light littering the night sky from your place under a tree, you thought of what it would be like to be among them, floating weightlessly in space. You knew, technically, you already were. The Earth was floating in an endless vacuum, with you and billions of other humans and living creatures clinging to the surface like a fly to a windscreen. Your world was just one of many in the universe, spread out throughout the fabric called space-time like twinkling sequins on a dark cloth.

    Your eyes followed a meteor, a shooting star, as it tracked across the heavens. So bright and beautiful from the ground, but a burning, fragmenting rock up there in the atmosphere. You smiled and made a wish to be able to travel into space someday, knowing it was probably impossible but still hoping. The meteor grew brighter as you watched, seeming to grow larger and closer. Surely it should be burning out now? Very few shooting stars made it to earth and this one hadn't looked big enough to survive.

    You frowned and tensed. This lump of rock was not going to burn up. Excitement began to build up inside you, bubbling like a water fountain. What you would give to own a space rock! Even more so one you had found!

    The meteor, by some miracle only the orbit and trajectory of it knew of, came to land with a crash of ferns and a splat of mud only two hundred yards away. You leapt up and stumbled towards it, half blinded by the bright light it had emanated just before it had crashed. Your feet were numb from sitting in one place for hours but you forced them to move, oh so slowly stepping towards your prize. It seemed to take lightyears, time slowing down the more you wanted it to move faster.

    Finally, after getting tangled and scratched in a bramble, you made it to the crash site. Breathing heavily you looked down for the rock, your eyes searching the wet soil and ferns for it. 


    How could there be nothing? You had seen it! It must be there somewhere. You crouched down and fumbled a torch from you pocket, flicking it on on the second try. Flattened ferns, mud, a small crater, something glinting at the bottom of it...

    You clenched the torch between your teeth and scraped the mud away from the faint glimmer, feeling something smooth under your touch. It didn't look, or feel, like a stone. It was too smooth and shiny, and it moved.

    You jumped back as a paw reached out, tiny claws digging into the dirt. Next came a silvery wing, then a reptilian head and another paw. This was no rock, it was a dragon.

    You stared at it as it panted, snorting mud from its nostrils. It was so small, so slim and weak. Almost like a baby crocodile. It still had its eyes shut and hadn't seen you, so you bent down and slipped your hands around it, trying to hold back fear because you knew animals could smell it. You lifted it up, mud sliding from its silver scales. It gave a quiet chirp and clung to your green coat as if it was a lifeline, small claws snagging the fabric. It still held something in its talons of its back foot and you teased it out gently. With the dragon hanging on to your left arm you examined the object. In the torch light it shone white, the edges jagged as if it had been smashed. To you, it looked like eggshell.

    That must have been what the meteor was. An egg with the little reptile inside. But how? It had fallen from space, through the atmosphere and burned. Was it a space dragon?

    You looked at the baby dragon and pocketed the eggshell. With a start you saw it had opened its eyes and was gazing at you in adoration, it's blue irises bright. It climbed up to your shoulder, with difficulty for it was still weak, and huddled into your hood. It was small enough to curl up with room to spare, and the heat from its scales warmed your neck. You took the torch from between your teeth, your jaw aching, and turned it off. There wasn't really anything you could do now, not with a dragon in your coat hood. You turned and cautiously walked back to the tree you had been sitting under, trying to stride as smoothly as you could. 

    Now what were you going to do? You couldn't leave it here, but you couldn't take it home, either. You didn't know how it would react in human civilisation.

    But then... There was no one else in your cottage. You had neighbours, but they were used to weird noises coming from your house.

    You found that the dragon had poked its head up and was looking over your shoulder. It chirruped and tangled a foot in your hair, as if it was trying to get closer to you.

    There was only one real option.

    ‘Want to come home with me?’ You asked it.

    It hrrd happily and snuggled down in your hood again, its breaths slowing. You smiled and began your walk home, taking the long way around.

   Well, you may not be able to get into space, but you seemed to be taking a living, adorable part of it home with you.

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How have I not replied yet?!

These are amazing! Each of the most recent three was better than the last! I found it interesting that in Virtually Reality it was the thirteenth level that became real, because there’s a video game in a TV show I watched that when the player beat level thirteen, they would be drawn inside the game’s world.



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I am a flitting Flitt XD

Oooo, what show? And thx :) I think I had found my writing style a bit more when I wrote those.

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You’re welcome! The show is Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, specifically season 12.

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Maze of Luck

How the heck had you gotten here? Or had you already been here? Or had you sleepwalked here? Where even was here?!

    High walls towered above you, the rough stone a sandy colour with dull green vines climbing them. The shade of yellow seemed to change colour when you looked from the corner of your eye, almost as if you could only see a few hues when gazing at it directly. Above, the sky was grey, cloudy and thunderous. You could smell rain in the air, a breeze wafted it down to you from the cumulus clouds. The ground beneath you was sandy, the same yellow as the walls, and crunched under your boots as you began walking between two walls. It was like a roofless corridor, or an alley between houses. It was also eerily quiet.

    Cautiously you made your way down the alley, trying to step silently and failing. Soon, much too quickly to make sense, you had reached a fork in your path. You looked either way and saw to your right a person, also looking confused and lost. Without really thinking you walked over to them, their face not quite detailed enough to be real.

    ‘Hi,’ you greeted, stopping a few feet away.

    They turned to you, their features suggesting neither male nor female. Their face was half hidden in shadow from their hood, and it constantly shifted, much like someone in a dream whom your subconscious imagination had created.

    ‘Hello, Y/N,’ they said, their voice a strange mixture of every voice you'd ever heard and never heard. ‘Take a card.’

    ‘Sorry?’ You asked, confused. 

    They held out a fan of cards, your eyes finding it hard to distinguish what they truly looked like. ‘Pick a card, any card.’

    ‘Why?’ You asked. Against your will your hand moved to the cards and drew one, turning it over to find it was a king of hearts.

    ‘Ooh, lucky. Twelve years good luck,’ they said, whipping the cards out of sight. ‘Call me Lucky.’

    ‘Uh,’ you said.

    ‘Well, Uh,’ Lucky said, turning away. ‘Want to get out of this maze?’

    You had to run to catch up with them; they were already yards away even though it has only been a second. ‘This is a maze?’ You said. As soon as the words left your mouth you realised that you had known this was a maze all along. How had you thought otherwise?

    Suddenly, just like in a dream, you and Lucky were high up in a tower, the kind that immediately had the word "lookout" spring to mind. Thousands of steps spiralled down below you, eventually reaching the sandy ground so far down.

    You gazed around you, despair entering your heart. It was huge, the maze was massive. As far as you could see were walls so high you couldn't see to the ground, shadow like a dark fog in the alleys obscuring your view. ‘How will we ever get out of this maze?’ You said. ‘It'll take years!

    Lucky only smiled. ‘How did we get in the maze? How did we get up here? Ask yourself those questions and you'll find the answers.’

    You turned a circle to see if you could find an end to the maze, but it was just the same every way you looked. ‘What do you mean?’ You asked Lucky. They didn't answer and you turned to look at them, finding they had gone, vanished as if they had never existed. 

    You huffed in frustration and started down the many stairs, wondering why you didn't remember climbing them. What had Lucky meant? Ask yourself those questions and you will find the answers? This place was so confusing. It seemed to be messing with your head.

    You reached the foot of the stairs much too quickly. What was this? The same thing had happened with the mysterious Lucky earlier, when he'd strode away and you'd had to run to catch up. Just after you had picked a card.

    You realised you were still holding the card, which apparently gave you twelve years good luck, and brought your hand up to look at it. It was plain red and white, with a simple line drawing of the king of hearts. In the top left corner, handwritten in pencil, was the word, "ask".

    ‘Ask??’ You muttered to yourself. ‘That won't help to get out of here...’ How did we get in this maze? How did we get up here? Lucky had said. Yes, how had they? The more you thought about it, the stranger it became. It was as if you were in a dream and scenes were playing out around you.

    Dream... Dream... Dream! That was it! You must be in a dream! That would explain everything. Now how could you get...? 

    Before you could even finish thinking your question you started awake, whacking your head on the headboard. By the shade of light streaming through your window it was early morning, probably around five. Birds were singing loudly and you were wide awake after the maze dream, so you decided to get up and prepare for the day. You looked at the time on your phone, sure enough, it was quarter past five am, and turned the alarm off before heading out of the room.

    You didn't notice the card on the floor, a plain red and white king of hearts with a handwritten word in the corner.

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It was hot. Too hot. It felt like desert heat you were in, not forest shade. As you wandered through the trees, damp air clinging to your clothes and hair, you wondered if there was anywhere to shelter from the heat. You had run out of water half an hour ago and the group you had been in had disappeared from your sight and earshot. It was your fault you had been left behind. You had been straggling at the back of the group, peering into all the badger sets along the edge of the overgrown path, and they had walked further on ahead until you noticed you couldn't see them. You had run after them, following their noisy chatter, and come to a fork in the path. You couldn't tell which way they had gone; their talk seemed to echo from both directions. You'd picked at random and took the path on the right, sprinting down it as fast as you could. The voices had risen at first, as if you had been getting closer, but then they had dropped away into silence.

    You had been wandering since then, probably for around two hours, judging by the now overhead sun. The panic had slipped away and now you just felt tired, hot and lost. The steamy rainforest conditions were getting on your nerves. Branches kept slapping you in the face. Forest creatures sounded as if they were laughing at you.

    In frustration you slammed your hand against the vine-hidden rock wall you had been following for the past ten minutes. You had thought it might be a good idea to have a fix on something to describe for if your radio ever had signal again. With a jolt of fear you realised your hand had not hit anything, but gone straight through the vines and now wavered in space. The rest of you followed it, your balance off and falling through the vines. It wasn't a long drop luckily, only two feet, but when it's a surprise it's quite hard to prepare for a hard landing.

    It was dark, so dark that for a moment you thought you had gone blind. But the coolness was such a relief! You sat up, wincing at the grazes on your hands and knees, and pulled your rucksack off your back. There was a torch in there somewhere... A small, powerful one... That was evidently tricky to find... Ah, there it was. You switched it on and squinted into the light it produced, letting your eyes adjust. You seemed to be in a kind of cave, the vines hanging over the entrance of it so thickly woven it was like a living wall, an extension of the chamber itself.

    You slung your rucksack over your shoulder and headed in deeper, to the colder part. Heck if you were going to go back out into that heat. The cave ceiling sloped down the further in you trod, as most caves do. It was still high enough for you to walk upright but low enough that you felt you had to duck even though you didn't need to. Water glistened on the rock, dripping from the small, slowly forming stalactites above you. You looked over your shoulder a couple of times to see how far you'd gone and found the faint light filtering through the vines almost completely gone. Maybe you should turn back and wait for the heat outside to lessen.

    Your curiosity got the better of you, like it always did. You kept on going further into the cave, the dank smell making you want to sneeze. This cave system seemed to go on forever. It most likely went on for miles under the forest; you had already found smaller tunnels branching off from the one you had been following.

    You stopped at a tunnel that looked as though it had been widened by hand. Tool marks were etched into the stone, making it look like the surface of a grey golf ball. You glanced back the way you had come and then to the way the main tunnel led. In the artificial light it looked as if it got smaller, and this new tunnel was intriguing. People had been here before, maybe cavemen or explorers, and chipped away at the natural tunnel for a reason. Perhaps it was a king's burial chamber! Now that would be quite something to find.

    With excitement tinting your movements you hurried into the tunnel, stooping a little so you didn't bang your head on stalactites. It is pretty much the right height for a caveman, you thought, ducking under a rather impressive stalactite. 

    The tunnel was quite long, at least a hundred yards, and its dimensions hardly changed as you made progress down its length. It was cold this far into the dank cave system, where sunlight and warmth never reached. You were beginning to miss the stuffy heat of the forest as goose bumps prickled your arms.

    Then the sight before you caused you to forget all that you had been thinking.

    Your torchlight flashed on tarnished gold and silver coins, cups, platters, bowls, plates, jugs and even chairs. They were piled haphazardly against the walls of the cavern you had just entered, shining enticingly. A lamp like those that genies were supposed to come out sat on a pedestal in the centre of the chamber, seeming to glow with a faint shine.

    With your eyes fixed on the lamp you moved across the rough stone floor, kicking small stones. It was so pretty, shining like a mysterious crystal in the darkness, the swirls on its surface catching the torchlight. You reached out and picked it up, half expecting the cave to implode or a blue genie to appear from the heavy lamp. Of course, nothing happened. Why would it?

    There was a spot of muck on the radiant metal, and you rubbed your thumb over it to get it off, forgetting all the films you'd seen where the protagonist did this and a helpful blue genie appeared. The spot annoyingly stayed put no matter how much you rubbed at it, darkly winking at you as if it was an eye. At first, so intent on cleaning this wonderful find were you, you didn't notice the green smoke trailing from the spout. It was only when the lamp trembled in your hands that you looked up and saw a face beginning to form in the mist.

    You yelped and dropped the lamp, which banged against the pedestal with a metallic clang. The smoke billowed angrily up from the spout and shaped itself into a human torso, arms and head, the expression on the face that materialised was one of the darkest mood you had ever seen.

    ‘Urgh,’ the thing that must have been a genie groaned. He seemed to glow with a greenish light, almost like an angry thunder cloud. ‘Great, a human. What d'you want?’

    You stared at him. ‘You're... You're a genie.’

    The genie crossed his arms. ‘Yes, well spotted. And I'm an understandably grouchy genie after being shut in a jug for years.’

    You continued to stare. He was like any genie in any film with a genie. Except... ‘You're green.’

    He rolled his eyes. ‘Yeah, I know. I don't need it pointing out to me. What d'you want? What's your "first wish"?’

    Now all the time spent watching films would come in useful. ‘I wish for more wishes.’

    ‘Perfect,’ the genie grunted. ‘You're one of those people. How many?’

    ‘Infinite,’ you said, rather pleased.

    The genie sighed. ‘Well, make this entertaining. We're going to be here for a while.’ He slouched back into the pedestal, the glow illuminating the many years worth of dust collected on there.

    ‘I wish for a bag of gold,’ was your next wish.

    ‘I said entertaining, not boring,’ he said. ‘There.’ He threw a heavy, clinking bag at you.

    You caught it and pulled it open. Inside were gold coins that shone with a brilliance you had only seen from twenty-four carrot gold. You grinned and nearly wished for three more bags when you saw the genie's face. He looked so lost, so dejected. He must have been inside the lamp for a long time, alone,  if there was so much dust around. Come to think of it, how did he even fit inside the lamp?

    Instead of asking for gold, you plunked the bag on the ground and said, ‘I wish to know who you are.’

    The genie looked up, surprised. ‘What?’

    ‘I wish to know who you are,’ you said again.

    ‘I'm Mizaj,’ the genie said.

    You looked at him as if to say, "go on".

    ‘I'm not telling you any more, human,’ Mizaj huffed, looking away.

    ‘Fine,’ you said. ‘I wish to know if you want to get out of here.’

    ‘What do you think I want to do? Go back into that stuffy lamp for another three hundred years?’

    In answer you picked the said lamp up and began walking towards the tunnel, with Mizaj protesting and waving his arms.

    ‘Well, you didn't want to stay here, did you?’

    The green genie growled but stopped protesting, instead floating along like a cloud on a string. His face gave away that he was curious and glad to be getting out, even if it was with the help of a human.

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To War

On fragile yellow and black wings you drift, allowing the air currents to take you where they wish. Over a meadow of long grass and flowers you fly, the sight of the bright petals and the scent of nectar enticing your butterfly senses. The gentle breeze lifts you higher, though, and in the bright sunshine you could see yellow canvas tents positioned only a little further on. Milling around them were people, some tall with horns, others apparently human and dressed in military attire. 

     As the wind blew you towards them you heard voices murmer, some deep, some high, some inbetween the two. A group of two horned people and a human catches your attention. They are deep in conversation, their voices gradually growing louder as you near.

    ‘We need your help,’ one of the horned people says, fingering her chestnut brown horn agitatedly. ‘We don't want it, but we need it. If we are to ever strike back against those who did this to us we need an army, and you are the best army we could find.’

    The human shifts from foot to foot, as if nervous in the presence of something not so human. ‘You Hymen, why would you do that to your own kind? If you're that cruel then my soldiers and I are leaving this place right now.’

    You drift closer, angling your wings so you fly slower. To you, this sounds like a rebellion. 

    ‘How should I know?’ The hyman challenges. ‘They, that order of uptight Hymen, punished us for a small action that occurs everyday on the Earthers side. They cut our freedom away, our wings, for going in strike for moon's worth! What kind of order does that for any good reason unless they are corrupted?’

    The human male tries not to take a step back from the almost tangible wrath. ‘I feel it is unwise to go against you,’ he says dryly.

    ‘Too right,’ the other horned person mutters. ‘Eræn can be a right badger when it comes to sides.’

    Eræn shushes her with a glare. ‘If you're just going to come out with remarks like, Remæil, then go and bother the butterflies with them. I'm sure they'd listen.’

    You flick your wings with laughter. She didn't know how right she was.

    ‘Nah, I'm fine here,’ Remæil says, a barely disguised grin on her long face. 

    The Hyman with the chestnut horns sighs and looks back to the human with her storm cloud grey eyes. ‘In or out? With or not? Help or wrath?’ She asks him.

    ‘I...’ He stutters, then coughs to clear his throat. ‘On the behalf of my soldiers I will assume—’

    ‘Oh, get on with it.’

    The human looks taken aback for a moment. ‘Right, erm. Yes.’

    ‘Yes what?’ Those grey eyes bore into him, not helping matters. ‘Yes you want to aid us? Yes you want to feel our wrath?’

    ‘Yes, that,’ he says, flustered. The he realises what she'd said when she frowns at him. ‘I mean, yes I want to aid you. We all do, don't we?’ He calls to his troops, who are wandering around chatting to Hymen. A half hearted and confused cheer arose; none of them had heard the conversation, apparently.

    ‘Great!’ She grins broadly, pushing past him and heading to a yellow tent. ‘Get ready, we're going to war tomorrow.’

    It takes a second for that to sink in. ‘What?!’ He exclaims, running after her and leaving Remæil in the middle of a patch of open ground. ‘We hadn't had time to prepare! We can't just turn up and go to war right away! What are you th...’ The tent flap slapped down, muffling the rest of his words from your hearing.

    You continue to drift on your way with your newfound knowledge, flapping up higher now and again so you wouldn't sink onto the green-blue grass. You knew where you had to go next, but you would have to find another form to take on if you wanted to get there in time.

    Perhaps that sparrowhawk watching you would do...

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Seven Heads are Worse Than One

Deep in the ocean, below hundreds of feet of water, lay a creature only heard of in myths. It's many heads writhed like the snakes on a gorgon's head, eager for the ship floating precariously on the surface of the vast sea. It did not attack, however. It clung to the seabed floor as if it was trying to stop itself from rising to the surface, claws embedded deep into the seafloor.

    ‘We. Are. Not. Attacking. The. Boat.’ One of the hydra's heads said. (Let's call her Head 1). ‘There are humans on there who are trying to survive.’

    ‘So are we!’ Head 2 yelled from above. He was straining to reach the surface, eyes on the underside of the vessel.

    ‘Yes, but we have sharks and whales and fish and seals we can catch any time with ease,’ Head 1 said. She was the one in charge of the claws, which she had dug even deeper into the rocky seabed. ‘They have only what they can catch with those string catchy things.’

    Head 3, who had her eyes shut, moaned, ‘Oh, do shut up. It's hard enough sleeping with seven heads as it is.’

    ‘It's daytime,’ Head 2 moaned. ‘Why are you sleeping in the day?’

    ‘Because I'm tired.’

    Head 2 growled and tried to take control of the claws. Head one, with a sigh that sent small fishes swirling away, grimly hung on. ‘Let go, will you!’

    Head 4, who just so happened to be the one with the longest neck, reached down through the spaghettification of hydra heads and nipped at the claws. Head 5 and 6 joined in, while Head 7 tried to stop them. With all the long necks twisting around they soon got tangled.

    ‘Watch my horns!—’

    ‘Get out of the—’

    ‘Move, you great—’

    ‘Can we not just talk?—’


    ‘Look! It's getting away!’

    In all the confusion Head 1 lost her battle with Head 2, her claws slipping from the rock and her legs flailing in the water. Wings powered the hydra towards the surface, racing after the retreating boat.

    ‘Ohh, can't you all just sleep...’ Head 3 grunted.

    All seven heads burst out of the water like a breaching whale, towering and writhing over the small humans in the boat. The small, pale creatures screamed and began paddling away as fast as they could, bailing water out with one hand while pulling on the oars with the other. Head 2 struck forwards at them but was intercepted by Head 3, who has just so happened to flop in the way. Head 4 snaked underneath the boat, only to be pulled back by Head 1, who had just got control of the wings. She flapped them, h.ard, and created a tidal wave that sent the small wooden vessel spinning away. Heads 5 and 6 wailed in dismay, both were unable to move because of the fact that their horns were entangled. 

    ‘Now look what you've done!’ Head 2 howled, trying to paddle after the humans. Head 1 countered him by flapping even harder.

    Head 5 suddenly dove into the water, dragging the others heads with her. Head 6, who was still tangled, yelled, ‘Shark!’

    As the hydra sped down into the depth again, Head 1 thought, At least they're not chasing the boat. 

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That's hilarious! I've never thought about a Hydra that way!

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I've always wondered what it would be like for a Zippleback... Then the prompt came to do something with a hydra so... THAT happened XD