Flightsuit wings bug

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Hii !

So I still got that bug (it's been ~5years now, I think I already made a post about that the first time I saw the bug) my flightsuit keeps on showing its wings even if I'm not wearing it ... I tried everything and don't know how to get rid of these. Does anyone know the solution to this bug ? And, am I the only one experiencing this ?


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Nope, I've got it too, but I didn't get it very long ago. The game shows me wearing Hiccup's dragon armor flightsuit wings (not the whole thing) every time I change my outfit, even when I don't have a flightsuit on. When I play normally it doesn't show me with wings though, only if I glide without putting a flightsuit on first.

Don't know how to get rid of it though, sorry.


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Why would you want to get rid of it? You can still use the wings to fly without having to wear an ugly flightsuit. And every time you glide you don't have to take the flightsuit off. It is really annoying to have to do every time especially when you are trying to be fast about something. It's honestly my favourite glitch. 




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Cassian chased away my subject again...

Have you tried clicking the button on the avatar page right by the flight suit button to make its appearance hidden? And then click the button by your outfit to make that shown? I don't believe there is a way to get the brown wings under the arms to go away, but if you have an outfit with wings out the back then it hides it pretty well. I never notice it (:





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nananananan batman

5 years!? Might be a dumb question but have you tried contacting the support? :c

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I've had this glitch for several years too. The flightsuit fin and wings are stuck on my viking. I never bothered to contact customer support about it because this glitch has been reported for years and as far as I know, no one has ever had the SoD team to fix their viking. There's unfortunately nothing the players themselves can do to get rid of it. That's something the devs would have to do. I find it pretty annoying that the flightsuit fin and wings are stuck on my viking all the time but I try my best to pretend they're not there. The best I can suggest is to either pm Brynjolf or email customer support about it. You might get lucky and they'd fix it for you but I advise against getting your hopes up that it will be fixed. Also, just a little heads up, I don't know how badly the current situation with the coronavirus is affecting the SoD team's ability to get work done so it could be a while before your pm or email gets answered if you do choose to pm Brynjolf or email customer support.


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It's a SUPER annoying bug. Equipping shenanigans usually fix it for me. (re-)equipping the flight suit, actually using it, landing and de-equipping etc. Sometimes it takes me a few tries.


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