Flightsuit × Weapon glitch

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What were you doing when the bug occurred?: I was flying around using my flightsuit and I landed. As I walked, the weapon... hit me? 

When did the error happen?: Actually, this has happened to me once before. So I don't think that is really important.


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Happened to me too

This happens to me too, when I glide, land, and the weapon reappears and swirl around like yours.

In fact, I noticed it happens with this pattern: going to glide while we are not yet wearing the flightsuit.

When we put on the flightsuit *while* on the dragon (with our armor and so weapon), the weapons appears floating at our side like this:


As this happens a lot for me, I think it's just how the animation is, maybe because the weapon animation with the flightsuit isn't perfect.

To "correct" this glitch, you just have to go in the "Avatar" window to put your flightsuit off. By the way, you'll notice that if you put your flightsuit on (no weapon visible), and then go to fly and glide, your weapon should not be appearing while you're gliding or when you land.


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The Glitch

Oh gosh, I HATE that glitch!! It's so annoying. It's the reason that I stopped wearing my sweet new Eret Thawfest Flight Suit ---- my sword repeatedly decapitating my viking got to be too annoying.


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Sword smacking(=A Creepy Little Villain)

My sword kept smacking me. It was so creepy.... when I changed to mace, it smacked me too.... my eret thawfest flightsuit was so colorful that I loved it! That glitch took it away.

EDIT : No, A smacking sword is not a creepy little villain. It is a scary creepy sharp little thief-villian(okay, maybe I'm exaggerating.)

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Saving people hunting things family business

My axe doesn't even show xD