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So I was watching the RoB episode with Thawfest and that got me to thinking. All the tricks they do in the show with their dragons, maybe we can do that with the dragons of the school. I'm sure it'd be hard to code, but I'm sure all the riders would enjoy a 'Nadder Wing Walk' or the other tricks they did in the show.

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that is a really good idea, i

that is a really good idea, i like doing dragon stunt acts but its really annoying because all i can do i go up and down, twirl around and fire, the only good things that happen when i do that is when i jump of a cliff and get my dragon to catch me right before i hit the water, so i think that it would be really cool if we coild do tricks as well.


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Here is my suggestion

i made this post quite some time ago: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/tricks


but i think the problem is that the game would crash if too many people did tricks at the same time or something like that :/

we could only do tricks in single player then :/ still more fun



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Sort of like Wild Skies?

Sort of like Wild Skies?

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Pulling of stunts on my dragon...Cool!!!

I think this idea is a great one! I would like to do alot of stunts on my dragon like:Flying upside down, Barrol roll, free falling and dragon surfing (just standing on your dragon while flying). As far as the lag... what about survers? I think I have heard it brought up befor and it could solve more than one problem.

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This is a good idea. Being

This is a good idea. Being able to perform varied stunts on our dragons would be awesome!


Hello!! I'll do my best to help <33