Flight suit for non-members?

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Ok, so I'm on mobile, and when I go to look at the flight suit  in the store, I can do this:




It only tells me I don't have enough gems. Does this mean that if I save up I can buy and use a flight suit as a regular non-member?


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Yes, even non-members can buy

Yes, even non-members can buy flight suit.



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That's cool, I thought only members could use the flight suit! Thanks for answering my question!

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Anytime. ;)

Anytime. ;)

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Members get a free flight suit. But non members have to buy their's.







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Yup, nonmembers can buy it for gems, but members get it for free.




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Oh, ok!

That makes much more sense, thanks for clarifying guys!

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What???? All this time I

What???? All this time I thought the flight suits were only usable for members, like the member only stable quest and fish trap on the farm. I hope it hasn't changed since, I know this thread is a bit older....


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There are loads of flightsuits for nnonmembers.


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There have always been flightsuits for non-members. There was a spesific flightsuit for members but there has been buyable ones for non-members for a long long time.



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