Flight Club Hero Levels Glitches

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Joined: 09/06/2016

A few months ago, I managed to collect enough gems to purchase the Hero Dragons on the Flight Club. As I'm a non-member player, this took a while, but it was worth it as most of the dragons were very fun to play. However, there has been an issue with both the Stormfly and Meatlug Hero Levels - with Meatlug, all three levels seem to be missing rings or have too many, both of which are noticeable by either empty ring holders and/or random rings scatters where they shouldn't be. I watched video playthroughs of the Levels on YouTube to compare: in 'Gronkle 101' there are 20 rings as opposed to the playthrough's 21, in 'Boulder Call' there are 32 rings instead of the 31 the video says there should be, and in 'Moonlight Flight' there are 29 instead of 32, which makes getting A+ rank impossible. As for Stormfly's Hero Levels, Stormfly doesn't even appear on the screen and cannot be controlled, making it impossible to play her Hero Levels at all.


I usually play the game on Mobile App, however these issues also appear when I play it on the computer as well. I've not noticed any issues on the other Hero Levels for the rest of the dragons, and these issues only appear on Meatlug and Stormfly's Hero Levels, not on any of the flight lessons. Has anyone else had issues like this??