Fixing the Night Fury

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Shiny the Night Fury plasma blasted my subject. Sorry!

Word count: ~1000


DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in zoology, physics, or aerodynamics.


So, since this has been a hot topic, I will be going over the flight mechanics of my version of this dragon and how they impact other parts of it in greater detail. I actually sketched a revised version of this dragon, so I might post that.


Flight Mechanics:


Wings:  So, it takes a lot of energy to fly. The wings of this dragon will be a mix of a falcon’s, a bat’s, and a jet plane’s. The NF has five wing joints, but I’m debating on whether or not to remove one to make the wings shorter and to have the dragon require less energy to move them. Plus, the NF’s wings look heavy.


NFs supposedly cannot fly for very long, and I agree, even though the shows show Toothless displaying more flight stamina than the other dragons.They won’t be able to flap for long because of how much energy it takes to flap their wings, so they’d be able to soar for extended periods of time thanks to the size of their wings in comparison to their bodies. Their wings are designed for high flight, thanks to their dive-bombing ability. Their wings, however, are still extremely powerful, and they allow the NF to accelerate quickly.


Tail: This has been circling my mind since I came up with this idea. Toothless is able to fully fold his secondary wings but not his tail fins, even though his tail fins have been shown fully extended and less extended in different shots. 


Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


The NF would have greater controls over the movement of their tail fins to help with stability and steering. They’d even be able to make them move up or down. 


As for the secondary wings, these would be used the most for steering. They would be granted better mobility and be slightly bigger than the fins. 


Overall, the tail would be shorter to allow the tail fins a greater role in steering, to shave off some weight and prevent the tail from hanging, and to decrease the drag the tail produces. That way the fins are in the “wake” of the dragon.


I feel like the fins are too far away to really do anything other than keep the dragon stable, so if they’re so crucial to movement, then they’ll be able to move in more flexible ways and be closer to the body. Their main role, however, would still be stability, but the secondary wings and the tail fins would work in tandem.


The spikes on the sides of the tail would be gone. I have no earthly idea what their purpose is other than lift, maybe?


Like a bat’s wings, the skin of the tail can grow back, but if the joints are completely detached, then the NF would be at a serious disadvantage in flight. They might resort to keeping the other fin folded at all times to keep the stability more even or just try and manage with just one. Since the NF has four fins on their tails, I don’t think it’d be too life-altering to lose just one, or part of one, like how if birds lose a feather on their tails, they aren’t in mortal danger.


Honestly, when I was younger, I always wondered what would happen if both of Toothless’ fins came off. I was like, “Why can’t they just tear the other one off? Other dragons fly just fine without them.” 


Spines: NO. SPLIT. SPINES. They’re not going to do anything for this dragon other than slow it down. The single row of dorsal shaped spines is just fine for this kind of dragon. Even planes have a “spine,” but it’s on their tail instead of the back. Some jets do have two “spines” though, but they’re way farther apart and much larger. 


Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


For the shape of the secondary wings, I’m not entirely sure if they should be more rounded like this:


Or straight like this:


Because last time I checked, bones couldn’t change shape unless they were broken.


Scales: This dragon does not look scaly, and that’s fine. Their inside seems to be very resistant to heat thanks to how hot their fire can get, but their skin? Since this dragon can fly so fast, they’re going to experience a ton of friction. I don’t think they can go supersonic, but if they did they’d probably from overheating because of the insane amount of energy they’ll have to exert to achieve and to maintain that speed, and the amount they’ll experience from friction. Their scales would be designed to handle external heat better than the cold, so this could be a biological reason for their supposed intolerance to cold. 


Legs: I think their legs are pretty aerodynamic. I don’t really see why this dragon was designed to have four legs when two would make them more aerodynamic, but oh well. What I don’t really understand is why they have spines on the backs of their legs. Those would be unnecessary, and I would remove them.


Btw this is my favorite picture of an NF ever.


Head: The NF has spines on their head and I don’t know why. I don’t understand how they help this dragon. If the NF turned their head, the spines would create drag. It’d be only a little, but it’d still make it.


When someone see this board created with face like thiis...grumble grumblee....


I mean, they show the age of the dragon, but are they really all that necessary? Same with those extra frills on their chin. 


Here’s the stat charts again:














SPEED 11/18 (when dive-bombing)


FIRE POWER 9/17 (for stronger blasts)

SHOT LIMIT 4/8 (for weaker blasts)



STEALTH 3/18 (at night/in the clouds)


I might revise the stat categories to incorporate more aspects. To me, attack is too vague.


ATTACK (attack effectiveness)

STRENGTH (physical strength)

SPEED (flight)

RUNNING SPEED (self explanatory)

ARMOR (skin durability)

FIRE POWER (heat of blast)

FIRE STRENGTH (strength of blast)

SHOT LIMIT (number of shots)

VENOM (self explanatory)

JAW STRENGTH (self explanatory)

STEALTH (camouflage)




SPEED 11/18 (when dive-bombing)








STEALTH 3/18 (at night/in the clouds)