Fishleg's Back in the saddle quest Broken

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When i went on school of dragons today to see new updates there was a new quest and i accepted the quest, I Went into the wilderness when fishlegs said to get the saddle rings There was no rings in the wilderness and i kept looking around and saw nothing im not sure if this is a bug or something But i just dont see them anywhere 


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Same thing here! And with the other quest, it says click on Astrid and follow her, but whenever I click, she does her talking and doesn't move -.-



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I just wanted to say that. I don't know what's wrong.





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Yeah... -grunts-

Yep. Same issue here. I tapped on her many times and nothing happened (at Berk).

So I'm going to the training grounds or dragon's edge and i met her next to the thunder run racing statue or on the dragon hangar, then i tapped on her and she just said "HELP   ME   UP!", "HELP   ME   OUT!" (idklol)

this is a serious problem right here. :(


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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!

Sadly, it won't work. WHERE ARE THOSE FREAKING RINGS?!

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Yep, I'm having the same

Yep, I'm having the same problem with both quests. So are 5 other confused players in the chat at the Wilderness, and one in Berk who's angrily jumping on poor Astrid. XD


There have been issues with new quests before (Scrubbed Clean Part 1, specifically) and the admins/devs were on it pretty promptly. :)


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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!


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They've been fixed!

Just update the game, and voila!

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I Never knew this happened to everyone else so it was a bug