Fishing Drag on PC?

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So I never post on the forums, I usually just read them. But I've noticed that with the advanced rod, the drag seems to be super ineffective on my laptop but allows me to always catch a salmon on my phone, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue? Of drag being next to useless on pc but absolutely amazing on mobile. Maybe it's just me, but it's kind of annoying to use my phone for fishing because of the glitchy mobile version.


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Is there a key

I haven’t been on PC version for a bit.  Is there a key to use while fishing for drag?


I was thinking it would be fairly easy to correct this issue if you didn’t have to scroll the mouse to switch between the two onscreen buttons.


On that note, the PC version doesn’t allow me to assign buttons for actions so I cannot fire while flying or switch targets.  The PC controller key assignments are unusable.   Android was the same, just different features that worked or not.  It seemed that the priority was given to opening the quest book, the options when the player is clicked, and the setting.


The iOS controllers don’t work at all.  Unfortunately I primarily connect through iOS but onscreen controls aren’t good for some game functions... except fishing.  iOS is awesome for fishing.


Was Gronckle fishing removed from the game?  It didn’t work on any of my devices.




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