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I was thinking that you should incorporate a new fishing, maybe at sea, why not tuna,marlin why not shark lol (bigger) faster to feed all of our dragons because when you do stable and race energy go down fast and now the only thing I'm doing it's racing and chiken. So you could do it more difficult for the advance level Instead of back and forth reeling play two finger -first keep the one we have reeling in and out, the other one: right, left ,up ,down depending on where the fish go. Just saying because chiken is good but fishing would be better and more fun.




Don't ask me I don't know.

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I like your ideas, and previously before the Dragon Island expansion we were able to fish at sea on a Gronckle. I like the new fish ideas too, maybe we can fish more !!!


However when you think about ,it a salmon gives your dragon 15 energy along with an arctic char but how much energy will a shark give ? I am not sure if our fishing rods can catch a shark. Sure there are smaller shark species but I am pretty sure that to catch a shark you will need a net, like the one Bucket and Mulch use.  

I don't understand what you are trying to say in the second part though.


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