First picture edit/recolor

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obviously for everyone's first edit you need to do toothless hehe

it's transparent

and ye there's mistakes

I was just trying to expirement and see how to recolor edit, so basically:

I did overlay and pure white (on a new layer)

Then a grain layer

Same thing for eyes

that's probably not the right way to recolor stuff but I loaf it anyway


Art by scoubidous.


Scarlet the Victorious

-First dragon is a Skrill called Star stricken, I think. (Not sure-- the name was really weird) Often called lovingly by her as Star

-She finds Berk a loud place to be

-She LOVES fishing

-She thinks Gronckles are cute


-Her name is mispelled. (It's supposed to be Alejandra)

-First dragon is a Deadly Nadder called Snowflake

-She likes to race... and is rather... hmm, competitive

-She has 3 stables

-Currently full on stable spaces...