First Digital Artwork! Critique appreciated!

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zero the ruthless
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 As the title says, I was finally able to find out how to get my talent for drawing digitized! Drawing is one of my hobbies and I really wanted to get my artwork up online without it looking poor quality due to the lighting issues, scrunched up paper etc.

Finally I found a way to do so, here it is!


It's an image of the main character from my favorite anime! Goku, from Dragon Ball Super!

I'm rather pleased with it, considering it was my first time (It took me roughly 30 minutes to get it off my paper drawing and onto an editing software). However, as the title suggests, I'm sure it's not perfect, so...

I'd like you guys (preferably fellow artists, though it can be anyone) to critique it. Give me some advice, tips, ideas etc.

I'll look forward to reading your suggestions! ^^





















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I think it looks amazing!!! If you ever think about doing digital art of vikings, let me know! I really don't see anything that needs changing in my opinion.


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zero the ruthless
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Thx! :D

...and sure thing, though if I do start doing request it won't be for quite some time. Since I got major exams coming up this year, so I need to focus on that first. This surprisingly took me quite long, and that's without the addition of colour (which I'm still experimenting on how to get the colours to blend, rather than being one solid block of colour). So ya.

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Navlyn Fury
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Nice job!

Heeyy not bad for a first try! I must say though, Goku's left bicep looks a bit too large. Can probably be fixed by making the muscle lines an inch or so shorter. Other than that, it looks amazing! The fold lines on the clothes are excellent and body proportions are spot on! The only reason I can genuinely comment this is that sequential art is my sister's major in college (not exactly, it's her secdon-ish major besides Japanese but that besides the point). 


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zero the ruthless
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Hmm, I see what you mean. His bicep do look a little large compared to his Tricep. Yes, It is an easy fix.

And thx! ^^



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Looks great

I can't rally give critique on the look because I can't draw humans and anime/manga styled characters.

I will give you a tip. I believe you used bucket tool to fill Goku's hair and eyebrows. If you adjust the bucket tool's settings it won't leave those white lines on the edges. Or if you can't do that then try to paint over them manually. It should make the drawing look better.


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zero the ruthless
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Thank you so much!

This tip actually helps me out a lot, I was beginning to wonder how to do that. Everytime I tried it kept thickening the outline of his face which made everything seem out of order. So I just had to leave it with a single bucket fill. Again thx for tip! ^^

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-insert subject here-

My very first tip is to use the terms properly.

Calling everything your own artwork is wrong. Everything you make from scratch is your artwork. If you get inspiration from somewhere it is your artwork but copying or tracing is hardly your artwork. Why? because there is no originality in it and you are basically redrawing something.


Now, tracing/copying itself is a good way to learn. You can get a feel of art and the style of the artist. You can practice anatomy and perspectives this way. But there is one catch. After a certain point, you will learn nothing from it and you will be stuck relying on existing works. There is nothing wrong with it as long as you keep it private. Or if you give proper credit (only if you are using public images).


However, it is wrong to call them yours. You need proper credit. Link back to the original image.


Your next step should be to try and make your own piece, perhaps using references but trying your own hand at something entirely new. Maybe try a different pose, using this image as a reference.


Well, this is all I can say. It is hard to write a full critique on a copy. Once we see what you really can do, then we can really help you and give our opinion about your skills.


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zero the ruthless
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I suppose your right, mb. I remember creating the pencil drawing for this quite a while ago when I was watching an episode. I paused it and copyed Goku's figure on the screen before keeping the sketch safe in a folder. It was only until today, I uploaded the image to my computer and digitized it (So would I have to link to the episode I got this pose for Goku of then in order to give credit? I'm genuinely asking btw, sorry if that sounds rude or sarcastic.). But yes, I apologize for my incorrect terminology.


Tbh, that's exactly what I was gonna do. I planned on making a bunch of these digitized artworks of characters from the anime to get a feel for the art style, once I was confident with that I planned on making my own custom character designs following that art style. As mentioned this is my first time, so the image wasn't an original character design since as previously mentioned I first wanted to get a feel for the character design.


Thank you for your advice, I will take it into consideration! ^^

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-insert subject here-

According to the work I found online... I dont think you copied by hand from a screen. It looks like a full trace to me. Please be honest because people like me see right through it, thanks to evidence we find.


What you need to do when copying or tracing a public image is you need to link back to the exact picture you used. Not just to the episode. If you ever use the work of an individual artist, however, then you should not publish the work at all. Just advice for the future.

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zero the ruthless
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Sorry Ragkt, but I honestly did copy by hand from a screen. Here's the proof.


This is my hand drawn sketch of Goku. Again, honestly I swear it's not a trace. I am being honest, so I don't think you can see right through it since there's not much to see through apart from the official image of Goku my image was inspired by. :/


But again, thanks for the advice. I'll bare it in mind for the future!

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-insert subject here-

Just please dont lie. I ask you to be honest. This is all I ask.


This one is indeed a hand drawn copy of the image (btw copying does not make the work yours either, just pointing out for future reference). But it does not match the image you posted above in your first post. Which -clearly- is a trace of the original.


That one matches the official coloring page posted by the person below -which was my evidence from the beginning- 99%. Some tiny lines are different but otherwise, the entire thing matches.


The more you deny the obvious, the worse it gets. The less we believe what you are saying and the more I will believe that your second image is a trace too, you just used an image software to distort the original image's size properties. Because after a small adjustment of the image size, I could match up the lines again.

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This is a clear trace. Please do not claim traced work as your own. Thank you.


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zero the ruthless
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Actually, thank you for bringing this up. As I mentioned, I drew the pencil drawing quite a while ago. There must've been an image for Goku in that exact pose at the time (So perhaps it wasn't during the anime episode. I can't quite remember since it's been a really long time. It was quite possibly an official colored image or whatever u call those), I do remember copying the image that I had in front of me but I assure you that I did not copy anyone else's work. This person must also have drawn off of the same image I used. Also if you look, this person has also included the symbol on his Gi, which now that I look I have forgotten to include in mine since it wasn't on my drawing.

Look, I'm not here to fight, I honestly know I didn't copy anyone else's work (Instead I used an official image or shot from the anime, I cant quite remember)...But your free to think what you want, I cant stop you. If I have offended anyone, I'm sorry. :/

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zero the ruthless
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Alright, since It's seems you guys don't believe me and are telling me I traced it, here is proof.



This is the sketch I used, my hand drawn image of Goku in this position.

As I already mentioned earlier, seeing someone else have a near identical image to mine has made me believe that it must've of been one of the few official colored images of Goku that I copyed off of, which they also probably did (Before, I assumed it was at a point in the anime since that's where a majority of my DBZ/ DBS drawings came from. Everytime I'd see a cool shot of a character, I'd pause it and draw the character.)


Though I'll admit, as Ragkt pointed out some of my terminology was incorrect. Yes, the character design does not belong to me it belongs to Akira Toriyama. Therefore I cannot call Goku mine, though I didn't and quite clearly stated in the post that it's of my favorite character from my fav anime. Nor did I create the pose Goku is in and was quite likely taken from an offical image of Goku. The image in the opening post was created using software to adapt on my sketch (^above) and improve on it's aesthetics. Therefore I assure you the image in the opening post (except from the official image of Goku this was inspired by) was created solely on my own work, I didn't take anyone elses work to assist me. Of course though, feel free to believe that I traced the image off of someone else's work...If that's what makes you happy and feel proud, go right ahead, I cant stop you.


So no, honestly, I didn't trace it! >:(

Hopefully this will have cleared up any accusations/ misunderstandings...

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I don't see the point in trying to lie about it. There's nothing wrong with admitting the obvious. Saves you both time and effort.

Your digital version is traced from the art GreenFire posted to near pixel-perfection.




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