Fireworm Queen not ageing

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Recently, I got a fireworm queen. I've levelled it up to level 10, and it's still a baby. I've had this game since 2014 and my dragons have never had a problem turning into adults.

Is this supposed to be happening? Should my fireworm queen still be a baby, or should it have turned into adult by now?

Please help!

- RubyKat44




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hey there so they made it to

hey there so they made it to where instead of talking to hiccup to age your dragon u just go to the hatchery and walk like in the lava pit it will ask if u wanna age your dragon click the green check mark and tada your done and ik that this works because yesterday i lvled up my baby fireworm to lvl 5 and then made it a teen anyways hope this helps :D


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