Fireball Frenzy Glitch. Trophies lost

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This happened to me a few times already.
Made me lost some trophies but its just a small amount so whatever. However it starts bothering me as it happens more and more to me. Just want to point it out here.

When I'm playing head to head in FF, sometimes it says 
"Your opponent has left the game. You must complete the course to earn trophies."
When I finished the course it just stuck there. No score to show and not letting me win the trophies.
It just stuck there. I waited for 10 minutes and its still the same thing. So I quit and ended up not getting the trophy even I won. Also it costs my dragon's energy.
Since its just 15 trophies it really doesnt matter. However hen the time goes on i lost more and more trophies.
Please fix this.



Attachment is the printscreen.

FF_Bug.png2.01 MB
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This has happened to almost

This has happened to almost everyone who plays the game. It's been an issue for quite some time now.

I suggested to them that they only allow the person to quit once, they are forfeiting which means they automatically lose 15 trophies, and they have to click a button to confirm they agree so there's no "it was an accident" lies.

Hopefully they take the idea seriously because it would fix the need to find out what's causing the bug. :]

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Joined: 04/05/2014 still new to this still new to this game didnt know this is not a new bug :( sorry
Well it happened to me twice in a row today already which made me lost 30 trophies D:
Yeah i hope they 'll take this seriously too :( Thanks for the reply.