Final warning after just one message?

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I just got a final warning on the type chat in SoD... only trouble is, not only had I not said anything bad but I hadn't actually used the chat at all prior to that moment. I haven't used the chat at all for weeks, even.


Here's the screenshot to prove I got this warning - for full context, the only word I said was 'Hi', and yet it got censored and I got a final warning out of nowhere:


As ridiculous as it is that I got a warning for simply saying the word 'Hi', of all things, which is to be expected when you've visited a friend on the game, that is NOT my main problem. My main problem with it is that I got a final warning after uttering my first and ONLY word on Type Chat after weeks of having not used it at all anyway.


I really don't understand how someone could get a final warning for their first word uttered in the chat after weeks of silence like that. Again, to reiterate, my issue is not the entirely innocent nature of the word I got censored for (which is ridiculous given that it's a common greeting, yes, but that's besides the point), but instead my issue is why the warning could be a final one after I haven't used the chat in so long. Is it a glitch?



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yes, it is a glitch. chat is really messed up and the people are working on fixing it. I don't know why, but I've also been banned for saying hey as well. a lot of people are getting banned for saying hey and other words as well.  For me I don't get any warnings i just get a straight up 1-day ban. 

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So do I. And like Penelope said: the admins are working on it. I do hope this problem will be fixed soon though. ><


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Yeah same with me. I'm always

Yeah same with me. I'm always instantly banned.









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Eh, I'm to lazy to write a subject


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Same! I've received multiple warnings, and this has been going on for well over a week now... it's really annoying, especially when your friends visit and you can't even tell them anything!


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