Fighting quests?

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So I was thinking - what's the HP bar for? 

The health-points bar increases whenever you level up, but the problem is, I don't really see the point of it. I can stride around on my dragon shooting random people for fun, but our HP bar never decreases or anything. 

Anyway, having the HP bar and not being able to do anything with it really frustrates me. I thought there'd be quests like fighting Outcasts or Alvin or Dagur - something more adventurous and fun - instead of just wandering around the School, Berk or the Wilderness. I find it hilarious being used as a tool by the main characters (e.g. Astrid, Stoick) with collecting crops and fish etc. Why not take part in fighting enemies from other islands? 

Although this is supposed to be a non-violent game, I thought that maybe some fighting quests would bring back the inactive players. Perhaps you can set up some age limitations so that some really young fellows can't access the fighting parts - but we teenagers will definitely love it. I want more excitement in the game and not just keeping Berk properous. 

I hope that you will take this into consideration. Thank you!





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Reply :p

I was wondering that too.If there's a healt bar why aren't we using. But I noticed when ever u go Thunder run racing and if someone shoots you, when you exit the lobby, your hp bar is regenerating. I'm level 11 so i got 550 i think and it goes from 545 to 550 in 5 seconds ( i know what a difference XD). my point is, it would be great if we use hp bar :D p.s.: i see u are a hiccstrid shipper 



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Oh yea... I totally agree.

Oh yea... I totally agree. The fighting quests shouldn't be bloody or gory but still fun. I agree with the fact that the young players should not have access to these quests but the teenagers will enjoy kicking some outcast rear end!!!     XD



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Well, technically, there

Well, technically, there aren't any outcasts anymore. They're all part of Dagur's fleet. But yeah, that would be pretty cool. SoD is starting to get a little bit boring with all of the same things over and over. It would be nice to have something different to do for a change.