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I thought of a few things recently that I'd love to see added in game at some point.


1. Clickable names in the chat.

You could click on someone's name and be brought to their profile page. This would help in sending friend requests to someone you're talking to that's on a different server and help with reporting people which is the reason I thought of it. Yesterday at the Training Grounds I saw someone with a gold Toothless flying very fast and glitching around. I tried to follow them so I could click on them and report them but I could never catch them. They figured out what I was doing and started taunting me saying that they knew I wanted to report them and then laughed and said they expected that from someone. I ignored them because I knew they wanted a fight and I wasn't about to play their game. If I had been able to click on their name in the chat I still could've reported them. This brings me to my next suggestion....


2. There needs to be a "suspected hacker" option under the reasons for reporting someone when you click on the in game report button. Currently there's only "bad words", "mean", or "personal information". The closest someone could get to reporting a hacker with those options is "mean". I have used this option in the past but a "suspected hacker" option is very much needed.


3. When you click on the join requests for your clan I think you should be able to click on the person's picture and be taken to their profile page. You could then see if they have any tropies. This would help the clan leader and elders in deciding who they want to let into their clan.


4. The offline friends list needs to be fixed. When the browser version of the game existed I had no trouble accessing my offlines friends list. It did take a while to load but the game never crashed. For this reason, I know the offline friends list could be made accessible in the versions of the game we have now. Another reason I know it would be possible to fix this is because when I click on the "invite friends" button on my clan page that shows my clan members, my whole friends list comes up and the game never crashes. In fact, it loads better and faster than my offline friends list did on the browser version of the game. If my whole friends list can load just fine then my offline friends list should be able to as well.


5. I got this idea from a game that my sister used to play. She could look at someone's profile and it would tell the last time they were seen on the game. I think it would be useful to have something like this added if the offline friends list ever got fixed. There could be a spot on each person's profile page that says when they were last on the game. For people like me who want to delete inactive people to make room for active people this would greatly help in determing if someone should be deleted or not. Although, as I said before, this one is really only useful if the offline friends list is fixed.



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Korthanak stole my subject...

Wow! Great ideas! I love them!! They are so useful and helpful!! Hope SoD team will add them soon, since they would really help players.


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Thanks! :D

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Being able to (shift) click names in chat should really be a thing. It is in most other games with similar chat systems. Click to send them a message/whisper and shift-click (or some alternative that works for mobile) to instantly visit their profiles?


Rather than a 'suspected hacker' button I think it'd be cool if they added a general 'report for cheating' button. It soudns less specific and it covers more types of cheats, I suppose. 


The offline friends thing also happens to me. I think it's the game that tries to load ALL the info at once and it cannot handle that. Heck, even my online friends list has issues because I have way too many friends, lol. It's why there's a 100 friends limit (which isn't counted if others add you, so I have over 200 friends, oops). Maybe they could add 'pages' of friends that only show say, 20 friends per page so the game doesn't almost crash when it loads all the info.


I don't have anything to add to your 5th point. I'd like to remove inactives from my list but there's no way to know whether someone is active or not.


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I like the idea of the general "report for cheating" button. You're right, it would cover more types of cheating and there wouldn't be a need to keep adding buttons for different cheats that needed to be reported.


I also like the idea of pages of friends. That might help the offline friends list to actually load instead of making the game crash when people try to access it.