Fernwish for Viking of the Week

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Joined: 03/23/2015

Viking Name: Fernwish

Dragon Name: Fern (Amber-colored Stormcutter)

Clan: None right now. I've got an application in the works though!

Hobbies/Interests: I like to educate people about SoD history, since I have played the game since the first ten minutes it's been out! I'm one of the oldest players out there, besides beta gangstas and staff! (Yes, of course I applied for beta! I didn't get in, though. It was a random draw.)



Right now, I'm working on creating lore for my dragons, and trying to get at least two dragons of every breed. Also trying to grind UDT, since I only have three silver stars. I can't believe how tedious the grinding is for a kids' game.


I'm not super into racing, or farming; I just play the game because it's enjoyable! I do a little of everything. How do you think I haven't gotten bored of the game after six years? Something I just thought of; I've been playing SoD longer than Minecraft, so this is REALLY one of the oldest games I'm still playing.. Woo. Time flies.





We all want to see changes to our chat.


Help us show the staff team that so that the chat can be more accessible, usable, and enjoyable for everyone.


Check out my thread on the current state of the chat.


Unreasonable Chatban Count: 9

By unreasonable, I mean a chatban for 24 hours that was completely undeserved. I was NOT being innapropriate or giving out any kind of hate or obnoxious language, and nobody was ever offended by me. This goes to show how horribly broken chat is, and how something needs to be done. 



About Me

An OG SoD player. Started playing the first day and was counting down to the release date since it was announced. So I've been with the game every step of the way and that's the only significant thing about me in the game.


So, got any questions about SoD history? Gimme a call.


If you see this, try letting a newbie win in Thunder Run Racing. It's nice, just sitting and waiting for them to finish. Show them the best way to fly and stuff. At the end of the day,


it's more rewarding than getting an extra 5 trophies.