Feeding Chicken/Sheep

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Hello! My first suggestion here, so I'd love some kind comments and useful critiques! :)


This thread is to suggest on an alternative to the current feeding method of chicken/sheep.

Current method: Clicking on every individual chicken/sheep.

Pros - more farm interaction, yay!

Cons - Can be highly annoying when cursor calibration is wonky AND when chicken/sheep huddle so closely together as if it's the worst winter storm they're facing.


Alternative method #1 : Clicking on the chicken/sheep pen instead of individual chicken/sheep.

Pros - Animation of a full trough for sheep pen (to show you've fed sheep), and vice versa for chickens. It's empty right now, just a sad lonely cage for chicken/sheep.

       - Easy clicking and less popping of gray hairs for the less adept of mouse users. No need to ninja cursor skills to catch the chicken/sheep before they huddle together.

Cons - I can think of nothing here.



Post more suggestions! This isn't written in stone, I'd love more input! :)