Fastest dragon?

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Hi everyone!  I've been really into thundering racing lately and I was wondering what the fastest dragon other then toothless is?  I have a tw level 30 sand wraith.  Is that good enough or should I get a faster dragon?




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I say the Titan scuttleclaw.

I say the Titan scuttleclaw. I win almost every race with that scuttleclaw. They're really fast, great turn rates, amazing speed, relatively easy to control. They're amazing.



Also they're cute. I mean look at it! (I forgot my scuttleclaw's gender. And it's name is Stormshadow. So now it has no gender.)

i took this photo at scuttleclaw island,where I found a scuttleclaw chasing a rabbit)

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Ghost Light the Flightmare froze my subject. Deal with it.

The Sand Wraith, Snow Wraith, Skrill and now the new Triple Stryke are very good racing dragons too (the TS is what somebody else said, I don't know if it really is true) And most Titan dragons are really fast too.

But you don't necessarily need a very fast dragon to win. If you're a good racer, you can even win from Toothless with a Gronkle! I always race with my Titan Flightmare and I often win from Toothlesses, Snow Wraiths, Skrills and Sand Wraiths (I don't just mean those newbies with Sand Wraiths but also the level 35 vikings with Titan Sand Wraiths and other fancy stuff)


Edit: Scuttleclaws are very fast too!


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Yeah I know.  I beaten plenty of toothless at lvl 30 with lvl 35 riders but it's never easy so I was wondering what would be faster

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I don't know if it's the fastest, but Shivertooths are some of the best racing dragons out there. Definitely faster than a Sand Wraith, at least. I'd put it up there with the Snow Wraith, Slithersong, and Scuttleclaw in terms of being a great racing dragon, and it has the same turn rate as the Sand Wraith. However, as stated above, skill matters just as much, if not more, than the type of dragon you ride.


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I am a skilled racer if I do

I am a skilled racer if I do say so myself. My average is 1:25 minutes each race. No matter what dragon. But I have defeated many a shivertooth due to the extreme speed of the scuttleclaw, shivertooths aren't as high on the charts as a scuttleclaw.


ok. So I have used my titan nightmare in races and won a lot too, but that is because Titan nightmares have the best turn rate. It's nuts how fast they turn, but that also makes them the hardest dragon to learn how to use. Luckily I've had five years to learn XD and now I'm a master of the nightmare.


but honestly, Scuttleclaws and Sandwraiths. I'd not recommend a dragon with a slow turn rate for beginners, you need a pretty good idea of when to turn for that. But then again, if you're a beginner don't use sonic speed dragons like the Snafflefang (trust me. Those guys are sanic. They're super hard to control.) Now, beginners should use Triple Strykes and deadly Nadders. But since you're asking for the best:


Scuttleclaws and sandwraiths. Both titan, even though non Titan scuttle can put up a pretty good fight too. Stormcutters are also nice, but then again I've been able to easily slip ahead of stormcutters with my scuttleclaw. I don't like snowwraiths because their turn rate drives me nuts, and I'm just not that fond of them. Same with razorwhips.

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Don't Discount the Shivertooth

I'd call myself a fairly skilled racer myself, and I've also beaten many a Scuttleclaw with my Shivertooth. I've tried most of the dragons in the game on the tracks, including my Titan Wing Scuttleclaw, and I race best with my Shivertooth. But I'd be hesitant to name a faster one out of the two. As I said, Shivertooths ARE right up there with Scutteclaws, Snow Wraiths, Slithersongs, and other such "fastest" dragons, and which is faster is more dependent on the rider's skill (and the rider's outfit and saddle) once you get up towards the very fastest dragons. Sand Wraiths are also great racers, but it seems to me that they've recently been just a bit slower...more matching with their in-game speed stat, so that's a good thing. They're good training and can beat faster dragons in the hands of a great racer, but they're not the fastest. Definitely doable against the fastest if you'd rather stick with them, though. I'd recommend fast gear and a Rider's Saddle if you go that route.

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I just really enjoy using my

I just really enjoy using my scuttleclaw and have grown used to it. It was my only dragon that could really live up to the name of a racer, and I'd never discount a shivertooth. I just honestly prefer the scuttleclaw... but I do have the saddle and the alpha toothless gear so that might be apart of it.

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Fast gear???

I'm certainly not a beginner.  I've been at this for a couple years, so I would consider myself a skilled rider as well.  I do want to know though what is the fast gear

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Fastest Clothing

Okay, so I don't know exact stats - because I bought all of the armor already - but, having looked at the store of one of my less used Vikings awhile back, this is the clothing I know has the fastest speed boosting. I don't know which has the best in turning or pitch or happiness (which can all also be boosted), but these are the best in just pure speed.



Alpha Toothless Helm



Screaming Death Chest



Night Fury Pants

Stormcutter Pants



Nadder Boots

Screaming Death Boots

Skrill Boots



Nadder Wristguards

Screaming Death Wristguards

Death Song Black Bracers

Death Song Bronze Bracers

Night Fury Bracers

Alpha Toothless Bracers

Stormcutter Bracers



Night Fury Mask


Shoulder Pads:

Night Fury Pauldrons

Alpha Toothless Pauldrons


And if you're racing a dragon that has a Rider's Saddle available to it, get that; that's the best speed-boosting saddle. And if there's no Rider's Saddle available, there's usually at least a Defender's Saddle, which is second best. (Biggest problem with the Snow Wraith and Slithersong - very fast dragons on their own - is that they don't have any saddles at all.)