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Sorry it took me so long to post this. This glitch happened a while ago...

When I opened the store in my farm I brought some food for all my farm animals using all the coins i had saved up over a month. Then I clicked buy on the last lot of feed and closed the store after it popped up saying 'Purchase succesful' and tried to feed my puffin. And I do mean TRIED. It said I don't have any puffin feed buy some from the store. I DID BUY PUFFIN FEED! It gave me all the feed I had brought as bunny feed! I HAVE 400 BUNNY FEED!

Pls help SoD I really need truffles, ostritch eggs, chicken eggs and honey so I can trade them in for coins and get the new hero skins!




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That... is unheard of, at

That... is unheard of, at least for me


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