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[Farming - Extended]



I was thinking about making this suggestion for a while now, and I have no idea how many have made it already, but it is all about farming. In the beginning of the start of early game, farming was introduced to the players to earn items and coin. But farming stays consistent for the the majority if not all of the game, plant the crops one by one and collect and water them individually. I've been farming recently and was wondering-

"Hold on, why exactly can't I just instant harvast all of these crops? It would be interesting if I was able to collect eggs with one click instead of a hundred."


It would be a really useful and neat mechanic to have a tool or a device that is unlocked once you reach a certain farming level, say around level 25 to 30, that will be unlocked to harvast all crops that are planted, all crop that are ready to be harvested that is. Not only would it make gathering the produce not as much of a chore, it could make it more useful in other ways, such as collecting produce from animals like chickens and sheep.


Say that someone has around 30 crop plots and want to harvest a specific crop like sunflowers, corn, dragon nip or beets, and need more of those resources over time than right then and there, it would take 90 clicks to plop them in the crop spots, water them and collect them when they are finished growing, it can be stressful on the hands and wrists to do so much clicking, especially if it is frequent, so I'd take it about 2 steps further. I'd have the device or tool or maybe not even a tool, just an option to hold down the left mouse button to plant a large amount of seeds, for example beet seeds, and they will be planted in the amount of crop plots available, then instead of watering each crop plot individually, clicking to water one plot should water the entire field or perhaps a row. And when all the seedlings are finished, the player could have an option to collect one or collect all the harvast available.


The same could be done for animals, and instead of clicking each individual animal like say a chicken or sheep or boars to feed them, clicking the holding pen would deposit the amount of feed needed to feed all of the animals in that pen (6 for sheep in a sturdy sheep pen, 4 for chicken in a chicken pen, etc). And to harvast all of the produce by these animals, the same option should be available to collect all ready materials to be harvasted. It makes it easier to farm up materials without it being too lengthy or boring. And of course, to do all of that instantly it would cost gems normally.


So that is just my suggestion, however lengthy it may be. But I'd say it would make the process of farming easier for players. I know there could be a problem with this sort of rundown of how I'd feel it could work.



[Suggestion Rundown]


Idea: Enhanced Farming


Suggestion: Improving Harvasting for all players


Key Points: Making planting, watering, feeding and harvasting less lengthy to do


Positives: Increased material gain


Negatives: Possible exploitation



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Since my idea hasn't received any real attention, going to be bumping it a bit.

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I shall take that cookie fr compensation and try to keep this thread alive for as long as I can since this is also something that Jy wants

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This idea is amazing

This idea is amazing


...alas, that will never be the case now.



not done


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Good idea I'm in :D



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This post needs dang attention, I'm sure many folks would enjoy any upgrades in planting, watering, harvesting seeds to plants. Gah, planting crops is tiresome yet a hobby for me in-game. Yesterday I managed to plant over 500 corn seeds on a single beach farm which took a little over 5 hours to plant, I had many errors, logouts, crashes, and such, hahahaha, but I managed, although the sheer terror of my game not syncing after each error frightened me.

Clicking each crop plot to plant, and feeding every single animal in farms takes a long while to complete. It would be useful if we can feed all animals in a pen and gather their goods to reduce the time, and harvest crops with a single button.

Also, once I enter a farm that needs to be harvested from crops, my Viking would move on its own and harvest without consent. It happened a few times and I had to re-plant some seeds. I love farming, being in the farms, and trying to rate them, but not even the Farm Ranking Leaderboard Feature no longer shows up for me atleast since 2020's Thawfest event! (TдT) (-̥̥̥_-̥̥̥ )

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Very much agreed! Although saying that, there's still a very low chance for it to come to the game. Suggestions like mine are easily overshadowed by other things. Perhaps we can only hope for change.

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Coming from someone who doesn't know diddly about coding...

I've had a thought about this too, mainly for chicken coops...


Basically it'd be a secondary menu on the chicken coops. Another thing to possibly lose gems to, but alas that's the way the farm works. Basically even with all the chickens possible in the pen to be placed it'd still be clickable. Depending on if all the chickens have laid there might be a gem charge attatched to the choice. (As in if all but one chicken is ready it'd be the same charge as if you want instant egg laying.) From there you'd click that option and all the eggs would be released instead of multiple clicks. Might cause a bit of lag considering how many entites would be generated, but it'd be the same damage as someone who's able to harvest their chickens quickly.

...Like, Make a gem only animal house item purchase with the option on it if you can't alter pre-existing items. Describe it as one of Hiccup's inventions during his off time, or even a creation of Tuffnut to help chickens along.

For the other creatures, I have no idea what to do with them but just...put them in. There's no legit explanation for automatic Yak milking and the like.

For plants it could be, yet again, a gem only item that needs to be purchased. With it, you either would get the option on the plant itself or it's a placeable farm item that needs to be in close proximity to farm plots for the game to recognzie and generate the effect. A Scythe item, if you will. Balanced daintly against a stump.


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Blitzkrieg, Don't Shock My Subject

Definitely quite the turn on this sort of idea, but I like it. Making group harvesting would be soo much easier than clicking each individual animal one at a time. Being the owner of a large chicken-only farm, this is one of the ideas that I want to see realized.

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I would like it if I could swap out and even put away individual farm animals without having to move the entire pen. Because moving a full pen has glitched a sheep out of one of mine. And while my farm looks fine with one sheep loose I don't want it to happen again because I know glitched animals will appear in the same spot and I don't want several sheep morphed into each other in a spot on my farm. I have not moved any pens after the inital figuring out where they will go phase since then.




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