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okay so i rarely, like rarely post on here anymore, but like i literally had to today.


because um














okay, i know that the last jedi was a bit disappointing (like, flying leia


whatt??) but come one star wars fans lets do thiss




december 20, babies, december 20.




move along

hey hey hey if you can figure out my other account good luck

only here for the drama

I enjoy reading it

hey look at these gradually-decreasing-in-size arrows!


so big



so smol









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AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I just watched it on! It was so cool! That laugh at the end was really creepy. My sister said it sounded like Palpatine. With the title "Rise of Skywalker" I'm pretty confident that Rey is related in some way to the Skywalker family. I still think she's Han and Leia's daughter. I can't wait until December! I wish they would release it sooner!


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yeah yeah yeah the laugh at the end is palpatine!! which is super sketchy because i personally think he is still alive 


and rian johnson said he's okay with jj abrams retconning the "rey's parents are nobodies" thing so it could totally happen




frickin hyped



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Subject Name Here

Just saw the trailer having hard time typing to excited. Whose is laughing at the end the emporer is he alive if so how. Or is it Snoke. Maybe a new kind of force user will arise called Skywalkers. The is desert planet Tatoine (know that was horrible spelled  to excited), Jakku, Jedda, some new place.


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That's how I was, I was so excited it was hard for me to get my thoughts together so I could actually post something. lol.


I'm thinking that the laugh at the end is Palpatine. I read an article called "7 Highlights  of the Trailer"(or something like that, can't remember the actual title of the article) on and one of the highlights was about that laugh. It said that it was the unmistakable laugh of Palpatine. If it is him, how it's him remains to be seen. Maybe he's alive somehow, somehow became a Force ghost, or maybe it's just a Force vision. That's a good question about where Rey is. It could be Tatooine or Jakuu but it could also be a new planet. Every Star Wars movie introduces new planets so it's possible that she's somewhere we haven't seen before.

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okay so the laugh is almost certainly palpatine who is totally still alive for a while there i though snoke was palpatine but no so he can just move on to the "palpatine's just still alive" thing


i think its tatooine because jakku doesn't have much mountain type-thing


idk it could be jedha

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okay but the name????



rise of skywalker???


when i watched the trailer (in computer class, no less, when i wasn't supposed to, but the teacher was being more lenient than usual so it was okay) with my friend, we were like so pumped up. we were literally counting down the minutes before the trailer dropped.





and then it came. in all its wonderful glory.


but RISE OF SKYWALKER??? i had been reading theories and one of them was that it would be called "skywalker". i was like, "yo that's the lamest thing i ever heard of". 


 "rise of skywalker" is no better dude.



i like "the force awakens" and "the last jedi" 





i mean sorry but like,,,, i can't




i was like saying pretty loudly that woahhhh dude this is LITTT when watching it in computer class


the only thing my teacher had to say was "who still says lit these days" lol










but the rey flippy-thing over the kylo-ren-or-knight-of-ren tie fighter was dope as heck

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okay but when i saw the title i was about the chuck a chair across the room with how my emotions were going














im sorry i am literally spamming my own thread that's so weird

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Star wars

         Okay just rewatched the trailer for like the tenth time (Can I be to much of a Star wars fan) and remembered that in a comic it was revealed that the death star even though it was one the lowest setting about 1/3 of Jeddah was destroyed so Rey's probably not there. Also Rey sense to have talked to the Force ghost because Luke say "We've pasted on all we know." There was one other use of we by Luke but I can't remember what it was. Also that shot where Kylo was in the forest does anyone else find that very beautiful or just me? Also what planet is the Death Star one and which Death Star was it. 

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Yes! I watched it this morning. Amazing! Hey, and did anyone notice in the last jedi that the boy who had the ring of the rebels on, he used the force in the most subtle way..? He actually used it to bring the broom to his hand..



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I noticed that too! I've been wondering if they'll go more into that in Episode IX or if it will just be one of those things that we don't get to find out anymore about since they switched back to JJ Abrams writing and directing. Although while typing this I just had a new thought. It might not really need anymore explaining. Luke told Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi that he wasn't the last jedi. Of course, he was obviously talking about Rey but what if that boy was shown using the Force to show that there are other Force sensitive people out there and the jedi order could still be rebuilt?

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Raptors Assemble!!

Seems like a lot of movies are going in for 'the big one'. Like Endgame, Starwars and a few others.