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I have been in the process of writing a new fanfiction related to my viking on School of Dragons. It follows her adventures at the school. The first chapter is when she gets enrolled at the school. It follow the early storyline (when Hiccup was still young. Yeah, I've had my account for more than a few years.). That's also when she's introduced to her first dragon: a Deadly Nadder called Crystaline.


But why am I here? Where is the chapter. Well, it is still in the process. I just wanted some input from you writers to help me lengthen the chapter. I think I need more details and better wording to help the story flow, and be less choppy. So go ahead and leave some of your tips below.


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Darkstryder-------Monstrous Nightmare



Garth-------------------------Triple Stryke

Boreas------------------------Snow Wraith




The Dragon Racers is a clan dedicated to the art of dragon racing in Berk. This community is very welcoming and very passionate about the traditions of the school and Berk's community. The Dragon Racers is one of the top clans on the leaderboard, and they are very deserving of their spot. So much has been put into this clan; the leaders and elders have worked very hard to create a welcoming and fun community that everyone can enjoy, even if you're not in the clan. They wanted to create a message; that if a fellow Viking sees the Dragon Racers logo, they can associate it with positive feelings. Happiness, friendship, and leadership. It means so much to see this logo, and it means so much to me to see this logo every time I open SoD. Thank you!




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