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This discussion is to post dragons created by the forum users and receive a vote from the other users.
Just post original dragons and have fun

These are my own dragons:
Name: bladescale
Class: sharp
Features: sharp golden scales, sword-like horn on nose, four missile-like wings
Dimension: medium (15-20 meters)
Physical appearance:
this dragon has a feline body structure and is recovered of sharp golden scales. It has a big horn on nose, it's eyes are red and have vertical pupils, and it's head resembles that of a crocodile. His tail is long and whip-like. It has four finless wings, shaped as spines, that are retracted on the body when they aren't used.
Sharp scales: this dragon uses its razor scales for both attack and protection, cutting other dragon's skin when it attacks or is attacked. This is because when it is fighting erects its scales that make a sharp defense from physical attacks
Sword fighting: using its horn this dragon is able to fight the opponent and cut it in pieces. It is even able to disarm a viking fighting him in a duel
Firepower: this dragon cannot shoot fire, instead it shoots its scales
Speed and agility: thanks to its powerful legs and body structure this dragon can run fast and do sharp turns as big jumps, making it one of the few dragons that can fight speed stingers on ground
Jet flying: using its wings this dragon can fly as a jet, indeed its wings shoot a powerful fire blast based on kerosene. This type of flight is very manouverable other than fast: moving in different direction the wings allows the bladescale to do sharp turns, fly back and stay on air without move. This ability can also be useful in battle, for example to dash against other dragons
Tail whip: the long tail of the bladescale can be used as a whip to smack opponents
Behavior and personality:
The bladescale is the alpha Predator of its territory, and it will hunt everything able to fight. Indeed it is ferocious and recentless, but it will never fight against wounded opponents. This is because it has a great sense of honor and glory, the most important ideals of the bladescale.
This dragon is also vain, as the other sharp class dragons, and takes cure of its physical appearance
More than blue oleander, dragon root and eels, the main weakness of the bladescale is its honor. Indeed it will never use bad tricks to win, and espects the same from the opponent. This makes it vulnerable at traps or hidden abilities like poison or paralyzing substances
Train this dragon is hard but not impossible. First of all you have to approach harmless or it will fight you. Then you need to prove your honor doing true actions and fighting with it against its enemies. A thing that would help is give the dragon a mirror or a reflecting surface, it will make the bladescale very happy and ferociusless

Name: Slenderwing
Class: both Stoker and Strike
Dimensions: big (20-30 meters)
Features: total dark scales, long snake-like neck, slender wings double longer than body, four red-glowing eyes
Physical appearance:
This big dragon is totally black, except for its red-glowing eyes and white teeth and talons. Its chest is slender as its tail, but its four legs are muscled and strong. It's wings are slender and are double longer than the body. Its neck is as long as the tail and its head resembles that of an anaconda with a horn on nose and two gazelle-like horns behind eyes
Firepower: the Slenderwing shoots a powerful concentrated blast of fire similar to a laser blast. This blast is so hot that it can melt rocks, and can knock away enemies while it hits them. Also this blast can be used from great distance (100 meters) thanks to its precision
Flying: thanks to its particular wings this dragon can fly at extremely high speed (it's faster than a night fury) and make sharp turns and pitches. In small spaces this dragon can fold its wings and fly slower, but can still manoveur as normal
Speed and agility: thanks to its powerful legs this dragon can run and climb as jump and swim. Actually the Slenderwing prefers flying, so it's hard to see it walking unless it is hunting
Strength and combat: this dragon is one of the most powerful in ground fighting. It can use all the parts of its body to knock its opponent. Its main attack is biting the opponent and then smash them on the ground, but it can also hit them with tail, wings and the old teeth and talons
Eye vision: thanks to its four eyes the Slenderwing can see everywhere all the moments, and a single look of them can immobilize dragons as the red death ones
Behavior and personality:
The Slenderwing is the reaper and hitman of the dragon world. Killing is its profession and passion, and the only way to get a partner. Indeed a female Slenderwing chooses a male one just if it killed more than 5 dragons.
The Slenderwing doesn't attack if it isn't called. Indeed dragons that want other dragons died can contact them and ask for help in change of food. This is because this dragon doesn't profane its victims body eating them, even if it is a possible prey. It thinks that death is holy and buries its victims after killing them. The Slenderwing is highly intelligent, indeed it understands importance of death and funeral
Weacknesses: eels, dragon root, it is highly sensible at blue oleander
Training: train this dragon is difficult because it requires a lot of time. First you have to approach it with food and feed it, then just hunt and give it preys every day. After a week it will trust and follow you, and even defend you. After a moth the bond is completely created and the Slenderwing considers you as a partner for life. It will always take care and defend you and even it will kill to give you its preys for food. It will also want to play and fight you for training, and if you teach it new useful skills you will make it over the sky
Tell me your opinions guys


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